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14801Y33TB1984DMSO HP ALL7022726  
14802JA1UOA2013JA1SO HP ALL69321212.7 
14803DL5ANS2004DLSO HP ALL693212126.2  
14804YL8M2005YLSO HP ALL690242325.0YL2GM 
14805K0TLM1981W0SO HP ALL6881616  
14806YO6ADW1981YOSO HP ALL6823122  
14807RV6LN2015UA-6SO HP ALL67515150.7 
14808UW6OE1983UA-6SO HP ALL6722421  
14809NY6Y2004W6SO HP ALL66619188.5  
14810JE1HRC2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)66317171.9 
148118S0W2010SMSO HP ALL66021201.3SM0NJO
14812VE3INQ1988VE3SO HP ALL6602222  
14813JL1LNC2011JA1SO HP ALL (T)65123211.5 
14814UQ2GBJ1981YLSO HP ALL6512321  
148154Z5PJ20164XSO HP ALL65014135.6 
14816NJ5DX2010W5SO HP ALL64017160.6W5OV
14817JA0AXA1993JASO HP ALL6301514  
14818SP6EQZ1984SPSO HP ALL6151515  
14819UZ4L2009URSO HP ALL60819162.2 
14820DL7YS1991DLSO HP ALL6081313  
14821OH3MYL1990OHSO HP ALL6081917  
14822YL6W2005YLSO HP ALL589191924.5YL2GD 
14823JI1DSU2015JA1SO HP ALL (T)57817173.0 
14824NR4C2017W4SO HP ALL57620181.9 
14825WD8DKJ/51979W5SO HP ALL5701919  
14826OZ2NU1985OZSO HP ALL5602520  
14827PY2CMS1983PYSO HP ALL5601414  
14828SP9DTH1981SPSO HP ALL5601414  
14829OK3CQR1986OKOMSO HP ALL5591413  
14830W7JKA1982W7SO HP ALL5591513  
14831JF2FIU2010JA2SO HP ALL55819180.8 
14832UC2LBE1981EUSO HP ALL5501311  
14833UC2LBE1983EUSO HP ALL5461614  
14834OK1US1982OKOMSO HP ALL5441816  
14835NJ8J/42000W4SO HP ALL5401515  
14836Z37FCA1999Z3SO HP ALL5401615  
14837W0AJ1998W0SO HP ALL5401818  
14838OH3BX1979OHSO HP ALL5401512  
14839JA7FMZ1980JA7SO HP ALL5321414  
14840JA1HGY2009JA1SO HP ALL52010101.6 
14841AJ9U1983W9SO HP ALL5202020  
14842RT3I2014UA-3SO HP ALL50414141.0 
14843DL5ZBA1986DLSO HP ALL5002020  
14844JA1ISJ2005JA1SO HP ALL (T)49517153.9  
14845N0ZA1989W0SO HP ALL4941413  
14846SM7TV1979SMSO HP ALL4931717  
14847WA9MRU1982W9SO HP ALL4861818  
14848Y23ZF1981DMSO HP ALL4801612  
14849JG1LUD1990JA1SO HP ALL4752625  
14850Y33VL1983DMSO HP ALL4681212  
14851NL7DU1990KLSO HP ALL4621614  
14852KC5CP1982W5SO HP ALL4622522  
14853VE3PYA1989VE3SO HP ALL4551313  
14854DL1AM/A1980DLSO HP ALL4481616  
14855OK1TW1981OKOMSO HP ALL4431413  
14856SP7AW1980SPSO HP ALL4421413  
14857JA1AAV1984JA1SO HP ALL4401010  
14858W9ILY1995W9SO HP ALL4291111  
14859SP3KPN2005SPSO HP ALL4051915SP3GXU 
14860Y64ZF1984DMSO HP ALL3961818  
14861UA6ABG1985UA-6SO HP ALL390109  
14862JA6FYM1980JA6SO HP ALL3902715  
14863PY2TN1987PYSO HP ALL3841412  
14864LZ66P2011LZSO HP ALL37814140.3LZ1ZF
14865SP9ADU1979SPSO HP ALL3781414  
14866RW0AB2015RA0SO HP ALL37713131.9 
14867JA1DM2013JA1SO HP ALL37212121.9 
14868SP1KCJ2010SPSO HP ALL37231318.4SP1MVW
14869PA3ACC1984PASO HP ALL3721312  
14870KB4FB2012W4SO HP ALL36012120.9 
14871UU5AB2003URSO HP ALL352121125.8  
14872AI8W1982W8SO HP ALL3521616  
14873ER2CQ2005ERSO HP ALL351131325.6  
14874Y26LG1987DMSO HP ALL3511313  
14875KS6Q1982W6SO HP ALL3513127  
14876OY7ML1979OYSO HP ALL3441614  
14877UK6AJN1982UA-6SO HP ALL3411111RA6AMH 
14878SM5DUT1984SMSO HP ALL3361212  
14879OK2SWD1979OKOMSO HP ALL3361212  
14880N2HO2012W2SO HP ALL3331091.4 
14881JA1XZF2014JA1SO HP ALL33011112.5 
14882JG3LGD2013JA3SO HP ALL33011111.1 
14883JH1ADR1988JA1SO HP ALL3301211  
14884OH5UX2000OHSO HP ALL32888  
14885OZ6KS1979OZSO HP ALL3251313  
14886N8BTT1980W8SO HP ALL3241212  
14887JA7ETU2017JA7SO HP ALL32317172.4 
14888UU2JQ2008URSO HP ALL31010100.2 
14889SP9RQH/P1993SPSO HP ALL3021111  
14890OK1IAR1981OKOMSO HP ALL3001110  
14891DM4SDA1979DMSO HP ALL2991313  
14892KA8MHL1981W8SO HP ALL2972827  
14893N4CU2015W4SO HP ALL28818189.4 
14894UA6JFG2009UA-6SO HP ALL27612123.8 
14895UA3DAM2010UA-3SO HP ALL27313130.6 
14896W2FTY1981W2SO HP ALL273440267  
14897S59T2009S5SO HP ALL26015102.0 
14898UX3IA2012URSO HP ALL252991.7 
14899UA0BA2012RA0SO HP ALL243991.2 
14900PY2KP2016PYSO HP ALL240881.8 

Page 149 of 150

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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