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14701RR2RU1986ESSO HP ALL1,2422323  
14702VK3GDM2015VKSO HP ALL (T)1,24021201.8 
14703SP2DKI2001SPSO HP ALL1,24022203.1  
14704DF2RG1984DLSO HP ALL1,2252625  
14705UT5UCM1985URSO HP ALL1,2222626  
14706AA6EE1979W6SO HP ALL1,2192623  
14707Y54ZA1981DMSO HP ALL1,2102322  
14708KJ4IXG2016W4SO HP ALL1,20031304.2 
14709RA3XO2003UA-3SO HP ALL1,197211926.6  
14710YO2MFC2013YOSO HP ALL1,19626262.1 
14711OK2BJU1979OKOMSO HP ALL1,1882422  
14712K0AP2013W0SO HP ALL1,18021201.9 
14713LY3DA2014LYSO HP ALL1,17831312.5 
14714Y21DH1983DMSO HP ALL1,1762121  
14715Y24UB/A1989DMSO HP ALL1,1752625  
14716FD1NLX1990FSO HP ALL1,1664522  
14717RA3NC2007UA-3SO HP ALL1,160342925.2  
14718UA3DSN2016UA-3SO HP ALL1,15025252.3  
14719PY5KC2012PYSO HP ALL (T)1,14422221.7 
14720JR2IGV1991JA2SO HP ALL1,1442222  
14721JG3KMT2017JA3SO HP ALL1,14020204.0 
14722VE3OBU2004VE3SO HP ALL1,14020201.5  
14723PA3BNH1990PASO HP ALL1,1403630  
14724DK9IP2007DLSO HP ALL1,139201726.7  
14725SD3A2014SMSO HP ALL1,12824242.5SM3FJF
14726SP5OXJ2000SPSO HP ALL1,1282524  
147277J1ABD2008JA1SO HP ALL1,12533251.7 
14728JH8COB1998JA8SO HP ALL1,1221717  
14729LA5KW1979LASO HP ALL1,1202320  
14730Y66ZF1987DMSO HP ALL1,1182626  
14731Y64YG1984DMSO HP ALL1,1183626  
14732OZ6EI1987OZSO HP ALL1,1002825  
14733OK1ATP2014OKSO HP ALL1,09215131.3 
14734AA5PA1990W5SO HP ALL1,0924139  
14735N5BFM1980W5SO HP ALL1,0893833  
14736UB5RCA1984URSO HP ALL1,0881717  
14737JF2FIU2003JA2SO HP ALL1,08020200.8  
14738LA3UG1981LASO HP ALL1,0782322  
14739JA1KPK/11991JA1SO HP ALL1,0712321  
14740UA6LFQ1990UA-6SO HP ALL1,0712121  
14741LZ1BG1985LZSO HP ALL1,0582423  
14742JG1RDV1991JA1SO HP ALL1,0533025  
14743OM3DX2002OMSO HP ALL1,04521191.9  
14744SP9LAS1998SPSO HP ALL1,0452119  
14745UA4NC2009UA-4SO HP ALL1,03628284.8 
14746OZ0TE2007OZSO HP ALL1,029222126.3  
14747F3VV1992FSO HP ALL1,0262018  
14748JH6GHZ1979JA6SO HP ALL1,0262019  
14749N0FFZ1987W0SO HP ALL1,0123411  
14750UA9FDW1979RA9SO HP ALL1,0031817  
14751UA3AJR1981UA-3SO HP ALL1,0002120  
14752Y23IL1981DMSO HP ALL9901918  
14753Y38ZB1984DMSO HP ALL9882020  
14754W5SOD1980W5SO HP ALL9863029  
14755PY1WG2010PYSO HP ALL96919191.8 
14756WP4KOE1997KP4SO HP ALL9682222  
14757W2IUC2008W2SO HP ALL96625232.7 
14758SM0BDS1979SMSO HP ALL9662323  
14759OZ8E1980OZSO HP ALL9524426  
14760Y49OF1986DMSO HP ALL9432523  
14761EA2DDE2017EASO HP ALL93518172.4 
14762JA1AAT1983JA1SO HP ALL9261514  
14763DM4TDA1979DMSO HP ALL9202623  
14764PA0WRS1979PASO HP ALL9181717  
14765UA4LY2003UA-4SO HP ALL901171725.6  
14766JF1OPL2017JA1SO HP ALL89724232.4 
14767RZ9IR2003RA9SO HP ALL893191924.7  
14768Y22DD1986DMSO HP ALL8842826  
14769N4MM1989W4SO HP ALL8831817  
14770OM6AEH1990OKOMSO HP ALL8822121  
14771EF4YT1982EASO HP ALL8752725  
14772SP6BYF1981SPSO HP ALL8671817  
14773RN4NF2015UA-4SO HP ALL86417162.6 
14774Y21NM/A1989DMSO HP ALL8501817  
14775UV3TQ1984UA-3SO HP ALL8501817  
14776N2GT1983W2SO HP ALL8503534  
14777US1ITU2017URSO HP ALL83619190.3 
14778JA1XZF2016JA1SO HP ALL83317173.5 
14779PA3CNI1989PASO HP ALL8331717  
14780PA0INA1986PASO HP ALL8331717  
14781UA6ALL1981UA-6SO HP ALL8331817  
14782OH3HTR2016OHSO HP ALL81616162.2 
14783UA3AQP1983UA-3SO HP ALL8143022  
14784Y68WG1987DMSO HP ALL8101918  
14785UX4IXZ2017URSO HP ALL80020200.6 
14786Y21UD1984DMSO HP ALL7982319  
14787R3LB2017UA-3SO HP ALL79222222.7 
14788UA3LAR1986UA-3SO HP ALL7821717  
14789JH1NHY1990JA1SO HP ALL7802512  
14790JA1WWO2015JA1SO HP ALL76817162.4 
14791WO8S1989W8SO HP ALL7681816  
14792UR5LBM2012URSO HP ALL75218162.6 
14793BH4SYG2012BYSO HP ALL74817173.9 
14794VE1CAN1980VE1SO HP ALL7412019  
14795Y25DA1988DMSO HP ALL7311817  
14796OZ1HHF1982OZSO HP ALL7311817  
14797JE1KDM1988JA1SO HP ALL7201716  
14798UA6ALA1981UA-6SO HP ALL7051615  
14799JF1KIG2013JA1SO HP ALL70418167.8 
14800JA1CCN2017JA1SO HP ALL70219181.0 

Page 148 of 150

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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