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1301K5WW2008W5SO LP ALL7,68077649.8 
1302W1LAW2017W5SO QRP ALL7,62066606.1 
1303KM5WR2001W5SO LP ALL7,60052507.2  
1304NO5W1987W5SO QRP ALL7,46910797  
1305N5TIT2012W5SO LP ALL7,28063567.5 
1306KE5OG2016W5SO LP ALL7,20064604.4 
1307W1DY2006W5SO LP ALL7,13067625.8  
1308K5OI2001W5SO QRP ALL7,040675530.6  
1309W5GZ2012W5SA LP ALL7,00851485.0 
1310K5WL2013W5SO LP ALL (R)6,91661525.7 
1311NJ5DX2008W5SA LP ALL6,75064541.9W5OV
1312W5QLF2013W5SO LP ALL6,73272666.5 
1313N5NMX1994W5SO LP 10M6,58610474  
1314WB5K2016W5SO LP ALL6,58084707.9 
1315AC5R1982W5SO HP 15M6,5568667  
1316N5KB1998W5SO LP ALL6,4617971  
1317AD5TT2017W5SA HP ALL6,44874625.2 
1318AA5HV1989W5SO HP ALL6,4266051  
1319W5EIJ1984W5SO HP ALL6,2087064  
1320WA8GHZ/51999W5SO QRP 15M6,2066158  
1321K5IX2017W5SO HP ALL6,11076654.4 
1322W5AG2009W5SO LP ALL (R)6,003946919.3 
1323K5UR1986W5SO HP 160M6,0009360  
1324W5WZ2009W5SO LP ALL5,95266623.4 
1325WA5J2010W5SO LP ALL5,94084607.2 
1326KG5RM1999W5SO LP 10M (T)5,9165951  
1327KB5VTB2005W5SO LP 20M5,8315249  
1328K5ER2007W5SO HP ALL5,768605629.2  
1329W0ZW/52010W5SO HP ALL5,76359513.3 
1330KE5CV1985W5SO HP 10M5,54418299  
1331NE5D2002W5SO QRP 10M5,47449465.1  
1332WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP ALL (T)5,45251473.7 
1333AB5HD1995W5SO HP ALL5,4005850  
1334N5NMX1996W5SO LP 10M5,39412993  
1335K5OI1999W5SO QRP ALL5,1305954  
1336K7ZYV/52015W5SO LP ALL5,04950513.4 
1337N5UA1987W5SO HP ALL5,0165144  
1338K5DHY2015W5SO LP ALL4,95642421.5 
1339W5QLF2009W5SO LP ALL4,83081698.0 
1340K5TMT2017W5SA LP ALL (R)4,75254487.8 
1341K5YM2016W5SO LP ALL4,70453495.5 
1342N5TV1983W5SO HP 80M4,6628663  
1343KE5PWL2009W5SO LP ALL (R)4,56059482.6 
1344NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL4,46455483.8W5OV
1345AE5KM2010W5SO LP ALL4,42951435.5 
1346KY5N1997W5SO QRP 10M4,4256659  
1347NX5M1997W5SO HP 10M4,4086158  
1348NE0P/52004W5SO LP ALL3,96046442.1  
1349N5DTT2017W5SO LP 15M3,85056506.6 
1350W5AP2014W5SA LP ALL (R)3,81847462.5 
1351WD0GTY/52012W5SO QRP ALL3,80047404.4 
1352W5WZ2011W5SO QRP ALL3,74451482.6 
1353NX5M1998W5SO QRP 10M3,6194947  
1354K7ZYV/52016W5SA LP ALL3,60846444.6 
1355K5WW2006W5SO LP ALL (T)3,567464128.3  
1356W4JHC/52013W5SA LP ALL3,528494211.2 
1357N5MOA2013W5SA HP ALL3,45635322.3 
1358AD5QB2008W5SO QRP ALL3,42058454.9 
1359K5OI2000W5SO QRP ALL3,4006150  
1360NV5M2012W5SO HP 15M (T)3,35440394.3 
1361AF5DM2013W5SO LP ALL3,20037325.5 
1362W0ZW/52007W5SO HP ALL (T)3,07234323.2  
1363N5UA1986W5SO HP ALL3,0723532  
1364AF5Z2009W5SO LP 40M (T)3,05228280.9 
1365K5XN1997W5SO LP 20M3,0006450  
1366KD5J2008W5SO LP ALL2,96750434.0 
1367K5ND2009W5SO QRP ALL2,94850447.0 
1368KI5EE2017W5SO LP ALL2,92050402.4 
1369NT5I2016W5SA LP ALL2,85248464.6 
1370KE1R/52011W5SO HP ALL2,77541375.8 
1371W4JHC/52011W5SA LP ALL2,769473912.4 
1372K5IB2005W5SO LP ALL2,747434127.0  
1373KN5H1987W5SO HP 20M2,7445249  
1374W5THT2015W5SO HP ALL2,65633321.2 
1375W5EIJ1982W5SO HP ALL2,6554845  
1376N5XUS1995W5SO LP 80M2,6324847  
1377W5QLF2016W5SO LP ALL2,47042382.8  
1378W5EIJ1979W5SO HP ALL2,4483734  
1379WB5DDI1982W5SO HP 80M2,4306545  
1380N5NMX1995W5SO LP 10M2,3975751  
1381N5BQQ1982W5SO QRP 15M2,2104034  
1382AC5AA1995W5SO LP 15M2,2084948  
1383WA5SOG1979W5SO HP ALL2,1843028  
1384WB5NOQ2016W5SA LP ALL2,17036354.8 
1385W4HVH/52016W5SA LP ALL2,10836345.8 
1386W5QLF2011W5SO LP ALL1,98035332.5 
1387AA5TB2008W5SO QRP ALL1,92538354.3 
1388KC5ALW1996W5SO LP 10M1,8768967  
1389N5NMX1993W5SO QRP 10M1,8203835  
1390KG5VK1991W5MULTI-ONE HP1,6243028KG5VK KF5XV 
1391WB0RUR/52013W5SO LP ALL1,59534292.4 
1392W0ZW/52006W5SO LP ALL1,58724233.0  
1393WM5Q2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,56027263.4 
1394K1QW/52012W5SO LP ALL1,44032302.8 
1395N5NA2011W5SO QRP 80M1,42837341.9 
1396AD5MN2011W5SO LP 10M1,38024239.4 
1397KF5HIQ2017W5SO LP ALL1,37635329.7 
1398W5AG2013W5SO LP ALL (T)1,36523213.6 
1399N5NK2013W5SO LP ALL (T)1,32024202.8 
1400K5FUV1980W5SO HP 10M1,2692727  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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