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1301K1YM2008W1SO LP ALL7,254646212.3 
1302N1COG1983W1SO QRP ALL7,1556245  
1303KB1OIQ2014W1SO LP ALL7,12040404.4 
1304WA1DRQ2016W1SA HP ALL7,10050504.2 
1305K1KU2016W1SA LP ALL7,04055554.6 
1306N1MD1997W1SA LP ALL7,0385046  
1307KA1CZF1982W1SO QRP ALL7,0358367  
1308W1MAW2011W1SA LP ALL6,94464625.6 
1309K1MC2016W1SO LP ALL6,92348438.3 
1310W1OHM2011W1SO HP 20M6,90363597.4 
1311W1OPJ1981W1SO HP ALL6,8605149  
1312N1MD2015W1SA HP ALL6,81150495.1 
1313K1EP2003W1SO LP ALL (T)6,808504626.4  
1314W1OPJ1980W1SO HP ALL6,7286158  
1315KU1N2017W1SO QRP ALL6,65571555.7 
1316K2MK/12016W1SA HP 20M6,34549470.8 
1317N1MGO2012W1SA HP ALL6,31860542.9 
1318NF1A2004W1SA HP ALL6,200565025.3  
1319AA2Z/11982W1SO HP ALL6,1256149  
1320W1OPJ1985W1SO HP ALL6,0956253  
1321W1EBI2010W1SA HP 20M6,03253520.7 
1322WA1N2011W1SA LP ALL (R)5,93658534.4 
1323NV1W2015W1SO QRP ALL5,83259545.2 
1324WA1ESO2010W1SO LP ALL5,83058553.3 
1325KE6BER/11996W1SO LP ALL5,7206355  
1326NF1O2012W1SA LP ALL5,68749472.2 
1327N1AFC1984W1SO QRP 15M5,6565856  
1328KA1CZF1990W1SO QRP 20M5,6106966  
1329KN1H2015W1SO QRP ALL5,50055554.0 
1330W1MAW2010W1SO LP ALL5,47239382.9 
1331WB1HIH1980W1SO HP 20M5,4005045  
1332W1BET1984W1SO HP ALL5,3766156  
1333W1CNU1986W1SO HP ALL5,2977872  
1334K1EEE2014W1SO LP 10M5,19453495.1 
1335AD1L2015W1SA LP ALL (T)5,11744431.9 
1336KE1CY2012W1SO LP ALL5,04042422.5 
1337W1OHM2010W1SO LP ALL4,92869565.3 
1338N4XR/11999W1SO HP ALL4,8754139  
1339K1ZM1990W1SO HP 160M4,7846346  
1340N1MD2016W1SA HP ALL4,73846462.2 
1341KA1SOL2016W1SO LP ALL4,65550496.3 
1342W1WY1981W1SO HP 20M4,6404040  
1343W1BJ2015W1SO LP ALL4,60652475.5 
1344KB1GKN2012W1SO LP ALL4,54547453.6 
1345W1WEF2005W1SO LP ALL4,06641382.2  
1346N1YX2010W1SO LP ALL (T)3,96957494.4 
1347K1VSJ2005W1SO LP ALL (T)3,9004139  
1348AA9DY/12015W1SO LP ALL3,73842425.8 
1349K1ZM2000W1SO HP 160M3,4654035  
1350AD1DX2012W1SA HP ALL3,42038362.9 
1351WW1M2010W1SO LP 80M (T)3,39541353.1 
1352KV1W1996W1SO LP ALL3,3304037  
1353W1OPJ1987W1SO HP ALL3,3114443  
1354W2HDI/12012W1SO HP 15M3,26733332.5 
1355KM1P2006W1SO LP ALL3,255323125.6  
1356W1OHM2012W1SO LP ALL3,16043405.4 
1357KI1U2014W1SO LP 20M3,11640382.8 
1358W1BET1985W1SO HP ALL2,9895949  
1359W1AF2008W1SO LP ALL2,95253411.4NF1R
1360N1VVV2013W1SA QRP 10M2,92435346.0 
1361W1OPJ1984W1SO HP ALL2,9103630  
1362KE1R2014W1SO LP ALL2,88638374.2 
1363N1OPZ1995W1SA HP 20M2,8443636  
1364AE1D1992W1SO HP 20M2,7604946  
1365AB1XB2016W1SA LP ALL2,75529293.4 
1366KB1NHV2011W1SO LP ALL2,66440379.1 
1367N1JI2016W1SO QRP ALL2,61029292.0 
1368KA1RI2010W1SO LP ALL2,55639361.7W1XX
1369W1MJ2009W1SO LP ALL2,54235310.5 
1370N1IMW2013W1SO HP ALL2,53540392.7 
1371N1NQD1995W1SA HP ALL2,5204545  
1372AE1X2002W1SO LP ALL (R)2,325333128.0  
1373KQ1V1992W1SO HP 10M2,2723532  
1374W1BK1994W1SA HP ALL2,2502625  
1375KA1GQ1981W1SO HP 20M2,2503125  
1376AJ1X1997W1SO HP ALL2,1457765  
1377K1XM1986W1SO HP 40M1,9381919  
1378KQ1F1987W1SO HP 20M1,9204040  
1379NF1O2011W1SA LP ALL1,89030301.8 
1380KE1J2015W1SA LP ALL (T)1,86023200.6 
1381KG1V2003W1SO LP 10M1,79427261.1  
1382N1MGO2017W1SA LP 40M1,76737312.9 
1383AE1D2003W1SO HP ALL1,740353025.4  
1384N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M1,71130295.4 
1385W1BET1981W1SO HP ALL1,6792823  
1386W1OPJ1982W1SO HP ALL1,6562724  
1387W1WBB2013W1SA LP ALL (T)1,63823213.2 
1388W1BET1982W1SO HP ALL1,6083024  
1389K2MN1993W1SO HP 20M1,5303230  
1390KJ1J2014W1SO LP ALL1,36435318.6  
1391KH6CP/11986W1SO QRP ALL1,3443028  
1392AA2Z/11986W1SO HP 20M1,3263634  
1393W1HFF2016W1SO LP ALL1,20030254.7 
1394KB1NRB2009W1SO LP ALL (R)1,18827275.6 
1395KA1QYP2017W1SO LP ALL1,17626244.8 
1396N1JI2017W1SO QRP ALL1,15522211.2 
1397AD1G1993W1SO HP 160M1,1002222  
1398W3IZ/12009W1SO LP 20M1,05021210.8 
1399AA1CA2015W1SO QRP 80M (T)1,04028263.3 
1400KB1NHV2012W1SO LP ALL1,01223223.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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