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1201CT4DX1994CTSO HP 80M3,4803030  
1202UA3TBM1984UA-3SO HP 80M3,4724231  
1203UA4WEU1986UA-4SO HP 80M3,4168656  
1204JA1QZC1985JA1SO HP 80M3,3063329  
1205UK2GAT1982YLSO HP 80M3,3007544S_Pankov 
1206UA6ALV1980UA-6SO HP 80M3,2685038  
1207JA1CMD1985JA1SO HP 80M3,2483629  
1208OK2BRE1980OKOMSO HP 80M3,2344933  
1209AC4G2015W4SO HP 80M3,21624241.5 
1210SM5CSS1980SMSO HP 80M3,1824037  
1211OK3CSA1979OKOMSO HP 80M3,1754337  
1212YO7CEG1990YOSO HP 80M3,1084337  
1213JA7MJ2005JA7SO HP 80M (T)3,10527273.3  
1214EA1JO1985EASO HP 80M3,0964136  
1215YO4DCF1984YOSO HP 80M3,0783127  
1216KJ0I1982W0SO HP 80M3,0728264  
1217YO8KGH1982YOSO HP 80M3,0505925A_Zoctum 
1218YO6BTY1983YOSO HP 80M2,9244834  
1219UR2RIC1984ESSO HP 80M2,9046444  
1220LY3BS2003LYSO HP 80M2,888413826.3  
1221UQ2PP1981YLSO HP 80M2,8564034  
1222PY5XH2015PYSO HP 80M2,83225243.5 
1223W4MGX1984W4SO HP 80M2,7204340  
1224ZS6BCR1984ZSSO HP 80M2,6402423  
1225LS7DX1990LUSO HP 80M2,6043228LU7DW 
1226AY7D1997LUSO HP 80M2,5962522LU7DW 
1227YO8BGD2000YOSO HP 80M2,5743333  
1228UA9OS2002RA9SO HP 80M2,508222226.0  
1229UB5FDL1989URSO HP 80M2,4963332  
1230CX8DT1981CXSO HP 80M2,4803120  
1231DJ2YE1988DLSO HP 80M2,4483534  
1232AA8U2000W8SO HP 80M2,4363129  
1233UR2RIC1980ESSO HP 80M2,4364229  
1234WB5DDI1982W5SO HP 80M2,4306545  
1235YO6DBA1984YOSO HP 80M2,3684032  
1236WB4FOT1986W4SO HP 80M2,3563331  
1237NV6O/21985W2SO HP 80M2,1844742  
1238OK3COK1982OKOMSO HP 80M2,1764332  
1239PP5BK2010PYSO HP 80M2,16223234.1 
1240JO1QZI2005JA1SO HP 80M2,1502525  
1241OK1DDO1979OKOMSO HP 80M2,1003630  
1242WA5VGI/61995W6SO HP 80M2,0804340  
1243OH7NW1979OHSO HP 80M2,0523527  
1244UH8EAA1981EZSO HP 80M1,8702017  
1245WA4SSB1988W4SO HP 80M1,8484942  
1246JG1RVR1983JA1SO HP 80M1,8402923  
1247JT1DA2011JTSO HP 80M1,82525252.8 
1248WA6VNR1989W6SO HP 80M1,7944939  
1249UP2BJA1987LYSO HP 80M1,7683026  
1250JA7JWF1981JA7SO HP 80M1,6402520  
1251HA3GE1981HASO HP 80M1,6124428  
1252UB5XBD1986URSO HP 80M1,6104635  
1253YO4FM1981YOSO HP 80M1,6103623  
1254Y23OH1982DMSO HP 80M1,6003325  
1255JA4ESR1986JA4SO HP 80M1,5641917  
1256UB5XBD1985URSO HP 80M1,4563626  
1257Z35M2000Z3SO HP 80M1,4002825  
1258OK2LN1987OKOMSO HP 80M1,4003125  
1259UP3BM1986LYSO HP 80M1,3002825  
1260YO6BTY1984YOSO HP 80M1,2763322  
1261JM4WUZ2008JA4SO HP 80M1,26024202.8 
1262OK3CEI1980OKOMSO HP 80M1,2482626  
1263UB5QAE1982URSO HP 80M1,2422623  
1264JA9YAP1980JA9SO HP 80M1,2422423JF3HKY 
1265OK1FGM1987OKOMSO HP 80M1,1442522  
1266OK2BTC1982OKOMSO HP 80M1,1342721  
1267UA9FXJ1985RA9SO HP 80M1,1164312  
1268Y21HI/P1985DMSO HP 80M1,1002422  
1269JA9FHB2015JA9SO HP 80M1,06414142.7 
1270OK1MNV1979OKOMSO HP 80M1,0122522  
1271WA6VNR1995W6SO HP 80M9861917  
1272DK0AE2010DLSO HP 80M96823220.6DJ1AA
1273JA1BBC2014JA1SO HP 80M92427213.6 
1274PA0DIN1985PASO HP 80M9202120  
1275OK1FJD1992OKOMSO HP 80M8822521  
1276YO6BTY1989YOSO HP 80M8802420  
1277OK1FAB1990OKOMSO HP 80M8402121  
1278PR7AR2010PYSO HP 80M78015152.9 
1279OH8MJ2009OHSO HP 80M76020200.4 
1280JA6AZH1984JA6SO HP 80M7202118  
1281DL1KAV1980DLSO HP 80M7002725  
1282UV9AAA1986RA9SO HP 80M6513121  
1283YO7KFR1990YOSO HP 80M6121917YO7CKQ 
1284DJ2YE1986DLSO HP 80M5761616  
1285OK1MNV1984OKOMSO HP 80M5761818  
1286Y22UO1984DMSO HP 80M5701715  
1287W7DPW2004W7SO HP 80M52718172.5  
1288YO6BTY1987YOSO HP 80M5041814  
1289JA1AIU1990JA1SO HP 80M4801716  
1290JA1BBC2015JA1SO HP 80M45016151.9 
1291SP5IUY1979SPSO HP 80M4481614  
1292YO4CSL1981YOSO HP 80M4421413  
1293YT1WA1996YUSO HP 80M4161313  
1294LA4YW1987LASO HP 80M4081412  
1295KH7T2013KH6SO HP 80M (T)405992.0 
1296W7DRA2017W7SO HP 80M37819181.4 
1297PY2RN2014PYSO HP 80M333995.0 
1298LU5OM2012LUSO HP 80M288881.1 
1299SM4ATE1984SMSO HP 80M2881212  
1300EA3ALV2002EASO HP 80M28011102.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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