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1001WD8MOV1979W8SO HP ALL11,8427262  
1002AF8O1982W8SO HP ALL11,7009578  
1003K8VUS2011W8SO LP ALL11,68076734.5 
1004WD8JYM1981W8SO HP 40M11,6648272  
1005W8TK2007W8SO HP ALL11,50281713.6  
1006W7JI/82012W8SO QRP 20M11,47076749.2 
1007KJ8I1981W8SO HP ALL11,43914893  
1008N8AGU2010W8SO HP ALL (T)11,42457563.6 
1009K8ZT2011W8SO QRP ALL11,36078713.3 
1010W8EAO1979W8SO HP 20M11,13610187  
1011W8IMZ1987W8SO HP 80M11,05018385WB8MRU 
1012W8WTS2012W8SO LP 40M (T)11,03363592.1 
1013W8EAO1989W8SO QRP ALL10,8808080  
1014K7DR/82014W8SO LP ALL (T)10,79276713.1 
1015KA8UOT1995W8SO LP ALL10,7878167  
1016AB8OU2016W8SA LP ALL10,33672687.8 
1017N8BHL2013W8SO HP ALL (T)10,30546453.1 
1018AF8C1995W8SO LP 20M10,2968578  
1019W8ILC1982W8SO QRP 40M10,2409080  
1020K8AO2009W8SO LP ALL10,03393796.8 
1021K8WW1980W8SO HP 10M10,01010277  
1022WD8MOV1982W8SO HP ALL9,8917263  
1023W8IDM1999W8SO LP ALL9,8585353  
1024KB8X2009W8SO LP ALL9,758988210.6 
1025KN8J2005W8SO LP ALL9,66470645.4  
1026W8OHT2015W8SO HP ALL9,62580775.4 
1027W8NNC2016W8SO QRP 40M9,45386696.7 
1028NS8O2015W8SA HP ALL9,29565651.5 
1029W8TK2009W8SA LP ALL9,12956512.0 
1030K8LJG1979W8SO HP 20M8,7926056  
1031AI8S1986W8SO HP 20M8,7236161  
1032K8MJZ2013W8SO LP ALL8,43280624.3 
1033W8PN2000W8SO LP ALL (T)8,4006260  
1034KD8W2005W8SO LP 20M8,296706835.2  
1035W8NNC2014W8SO QRP 40M8,25064555.2 
1036AF8C1998W8SO LP 20M8,0247968  
1037N8MK1980W8SO HP 40M7,6166056  
1038KV8S1994W8SO QRP ALL7,4467973  
1039W8KH2012W8SO HP ALL7,395605119.5 
1040NV8N2017W8SA HP ALL7,30391672.9 
1041AF8C1994W8SO LP ALL7,08411892  
1042W8IMZ1979W8SO HP ALL7,0396449  
1043N8CQA1996W8SO QRP 20M7,0085048  
1044KT8X2010W8SA LP ALL7,00056561.2 
1045WQ8RP2017W8SO QRP 20M (T)6,95878717.6N8XX
1046N8GU2013W8SO HP ALL6,93062553.1 
1047K8HF1984W8SO HP 20M6,6815651  
1048W8PN1993W8SO LP ALL6,6274947  
1049K8MR1988W8SO HP 20M6,6005744  
1050W8NNC2015W8SO QRP 40M6,51077626.2 
1051WB2DFC/82010W8SO LP ALL6,48087727.8 
1052K8AJS2012W8SO LP ALL6,43249481.1 
1053KT8D2014W8SA LP ALL (T)6,40139376.9 
1054AA8LL2010W8SA HP ALL6,30049452.8 
1055NX2PX/82010W8SA HP ALL6,09651485.0 
1056KG8DH2015W8SA LP 20M6,00048486.0 
1057AA8R2014W8SA QRP 40M5,98051464.1 
1058NO8C2011W8SA LP 40M5,94067543.8 
1059AF8C1991W8SO HP ALL5,8424846  
1060WY8DX2009W8SA LP ALL5,80844442.4K8GT
1061AD8Y2016W8SO LP ALL5,72370594.7 
1062W8TM2004W8SO QRP 40M5,67157532.4  
1063AA8R2012W8SA HP 10M (T)5,61652485.5 
1064NF8U2014W8SA LP ALL5,59047436.1  
1065W8NNC2017W8SO QRP 40M5,52966573.6 
1066W8EH2014W8SO QRP 20M5,46057523.9 
1067NF8M2009W8SO LP ALL5,39059551.5 
1068W8DO1999W8SO LP 10M5,3105045  
1069NF8M2007W8SO QRP 20M5,30767613.1  
1070KZ8E2004W8SO LP ALL5,289454310.3  
1071K8MJZ2014W8SO LP ALL5,20254511.7 
1072NF8M2010W8SO QRP ALL5,18765573.6 
1073K8GT2003W8SO LP ALL5,074454326.3  
1074W8IMZ1984W8SO HP 80M5,04010772WB8MRU 
1075W8IDM1998W8SO LP ALL4,8916767  
1076W8UVZ1981W8SO HP 40M4,8244436  
1077K8MR1982W8SO HP ALL4,7604640  
1078N8CQA1990W8SO QRP ALL4,5967168  
1079AB8DF1999W8SO QRP ALL4,4463938  
1080N8EKS1984W8SO HP ALL4,3874541  
1081W8WTS2010W8SO LP ALL4,38659433.7 
1082KF8TM1998W8SO HP 10M4,3685148  
1083W8EX1983W8SO HP 20M4,2184038  
1084AA8UP1997W8SO QRP 20M4,1045554  
1085K8MR1994W8SO HP ALL4,0954239  
1086KD8GOX2009W8SO LP ALL3,99556475.2 
1087K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL3,72458497.6 
1088NF8M2016W8SO QRP 20M3,52548472.9 
1089AF8C1993W8SO LP 20M3,4413837  
1090KC8UR2006W8SO LP ALL (R)3,440454026.4  
1091W8EH2011W8SO QRP 20M (T)3,36048486.2 
1092N8EKS1986W8SO HP 20M3,1683612  
1093N8WS2013W8SO LP ALL3,07142374.8 
1094N8CQA1981W8SO QRP ALL2,8803432  
1095KC8SQC2007W8SO QRP ALL (T)2,829474111.8  
1096W8CAR1980W8SO HP ALL2,7843629  
1097N8NOE2009W8SO LP ALL2,67951472.1 
1098KN8D2011W8SO LP 15M (T)2,628393611.9 
1099WA8UMT2013W8SO LP ALL2,58435343.0  
1100AA8U2000W8SO HP 80M2,4363129  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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