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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsWPXHoursOperator(s) Cert
1OG7AOH2020SA LOW ALL3,253,6682,02394233.3OH6MW
2OH3WWOH2001SO LOW ALL2,219,8861,61063936.0  
3OH9WOH2001SO LOW ALL2,076,5361,632616OH4YR 
4OH4ROH2004SO LOW ALL1,999,4041,76961236.0OH4YR 
5OI4PMOH2003SO LOW ALL1,865,7601,78459836.0OH4JFN 
6OH8CWOH2000SO LOW ALL1,644,3001,413567  
7OH8ROH2011SA LOW ALL (R)1,604,6651,35965935.8OH8FKU
8OH9AOH1999SO LOW ALL1,559,6081,290548OH3WW 
9OH4AOH2018SO LOW ALL1,384,6641,12258420.0OH6LI
10OH3LIMOH1993SO LOW ALL1,340,6121,367508  
11OH8BQTOH1999SO LOW ALL1,185,2751,095521  
12OH6LIOH2017SA LOW ALL1,113,8211,01761322.5 
13OG6NOH2010SA LOW ALL1,101,8701,29258319.9 
14OI6AYOH2002SO LOW ALL (T)1,048,8401,14352032.7OH4II 
15OH6OSOH2003SO LOW ALL1,046,3421,25647834.4  
16OH2LYPOH2001SO LOW ALL (T)900,7241,01548434.5  
17OH4YROH1998SO LOW ALL876,9601,067420  
18OH2CIOH2012SA LOW ALL840,59290649125.8 
19OH8BQTOH1998SO LOW ALL801,801996429  
20OH2BSQOH1993SO LOW ALL739,845952401  
21OG3LIMOH1992SO LOW ALL722,7501,033413  
22OH3LBOH2011SO LOW ALL709,5001,02847329.8 
23OH8MBNOH2019SO LOW ALL (T)687,18478246429.7 
24OF50RROH2010SA LOW ALL (R)686,07088146236.0OH8FKU
25OH4YROH1995SO LOW ALL654,944937388  
26OH2CVOH2000SO LOW ALL639,515804415  
27OH1NOAOH2019SO LOW ALL (T)636,56079443628.5 
28OH2HENOH2001SO LOW ALL619,36068039535.9  
29OH3KQOH2015SO LOW ALL616,35684146833.6 
30OH2NNOH1999SO LOW ALL611,770607467  
31OH8MBNOH2018SO LOW ALL (T)599,09077443129.6 
32OH3KQOH2016SO LOW ALL591,75092245035.0 
33OH2LNHOH2012SA LOW ALL (T)572,46878643629.5 
34OH3WWOH2004SO LOW ALL560,02876541319.0  
35OH7FKVOH2010SO LOW ALL (R)558,9991,01139926.7 
36OH8MBNOH2015SO LOW ALL (T)554,47263345326.5 
37OH1NAOH2022SO LOW ALL (T)550,33876440230.2OH1NOA
38OH2LUOH2012SO LOW ALL543,92268043116.6 
39OH7GGXOH2021SO LOW ALL543,87272144829.8 
40OH8BQTOH1995SO LOW ALL534,276486291  
41OH2BF/1OH1998SO LOW ALL529,408724376  
42OH2LNHOH2009SA LOW ALL527,01373239329.7 
43OH3RMOH2023SO LOW ALL (T)515,01573241528.0 
44OH2LYPOH2000SO LOW ALL488,235734363  
45OH8MBNOH2017SO LOW ALL (T)451,26064741430.4 
46OH1SICOH2012SO LOW ALL (T)433,57665337931.1SM5SIC
47OH3YMOH2000SO LOW ALL407,508610348  
48OH8MBNOH2020SO LOW ALL (T)406,21565840525.5 
49OH2FSOH2002SO LOW ALL405,916448436  
50OH6GDXOH2016SA LOW ALL389,12863438325.4 
51OH2FSOH2003SO LOW ALL370,94641838621.6  
52OH2FSOH2001SO LOW ALL358,050411341  
53OH1SICOH2021SO LOW ALL (C)338,44555834515.8SM5SIC
54OH2FSOH2006SA LOW ALL335,43841836721.9  
55OH2KMOH2018SA LOW ALL (T)320,1254883259.6 
56OH2BNT/1OH1993SO LOW ALL312,879460317  
57OH5YUOH2011SO LOW ALL289,57259935418.1 
58OH6KULOH1995SO LOW ALL288,496561304  
59OH2LNHOH2010SA LOW ALL286,44058430829.9 
60OH1SICOH2018SA LOW ALL (T)281,73647031212.6SM5SIC
61OH3KCBOH1997SO LOW ALL275,576500259  
62OH6GAWOH2004SO LOW ALL265,91451230622.8  
63OH2BLIOH2002SO LOW ALL264,43549830515.2  
64OH2KWCOH1994SO LOW ALL263,646537291  
65OH2LUOH2014SO LOW ALL263,05653532815.6 
66OH3LBOH2012SO LOW ALL256,88850332614.3 
67OH1SICOH2020SO LOW ALL (C)252,84047729411.0SM5SIC
68OH2LNHOH2018SA LOW ALL239,63043031015.9 
69OH2VZOH2000SO LOW ALL (T)237,987431279  
70OH2KMOH2014SA LOW ALL236,0264473229.3 
71OH1NOAOH2020SO LOW ALL (C)235,62047130819.8 
72OH2KMOH2016SA LOW ALL217,75651730812.4 
73OH6RCOH1999SO LOW ALL217,061349283  
74OH1ZEOH2007SO LOW ALL (T)213,86046328925.1  
75OH2LNHOH2011SA LOW ALL211,83744028919.0 
76OH1SICOH2023SO LOW ALL (C)209,7604082769.4SM5SIC
77OH1TNOH1993SO LOW ALL202,797408259  
78OH1SICOH2022SO LOW ALL (C)200,54945325111.7SM5SIC
79OH6RCOH2002SO LOW ALL198,596375262  
80OH4ODOH2012SO LOW ALL197,25143928326.6 
81OH8FKUOH2009SO LOW ALL (R)194,18436127923.9 
82OH6LBWOH1993SO LOW ALL192,156420239  
83OH5YUOH2003SO LOW ALL (T)191,97042727013.5  
84OH5DHOH1992SO LOW ALL189,288469239  
85OH3ACOH2018SA LOW ALL187,19834125420.8OH3OQ
86OH6LNIOH1992SO LOW ALL185,500452250  
87OH7KCOH2021SO LOW ALL185,35041327516.6 
88OH1SICOH2019SO LOW ALL (T)182,77638024814.7SM5SIC
89OH2EVOH2001SO LOW ALL170,56541224914.1  
90OH7LOH2021SO LOW ALL (T)169,29032928525.0OH8TV
91OH1TSOH2020SO LOW ALL163,29651532420.6 
92OH8MBNOH2016SO LOW ALL (T)162,38440327215.2 
93OH1TSOH2017SO LOW ALL160,93740427717.0 
94OH3IROH1999SO LOW ALL159,012356252  
95OH5YUOH2015SO LOW ALL (T)154,78532825511.7 
96OH7GGXOH2022SO LOW ALL152,96437125221.8 
97OH2LNHOH2015SA LOW ALL150,61634126813.5 
98OH2MGAOH2015SO LOW ALL149,34032026211.1 
99OG2BNTOH1992SO LOW ALL147,854340244  
100OH1BOH2013SO LOW ALL (T)143,33536226310.2OH1BOI
231 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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