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F1UVNSA LP 15MJust to tested the new 155CA
F4GFTSA LP ALLPoor propagation on sunday
F5PHW/QRPAQ 20MStarting very late on sunday. Incredible to have poor propagation only to EU and suddenly you hear VK6LW and you make a QSO with him with only 5 watts. HF is still magic.... I used F5PHW/QRP as c:s because I have a LoTW&#039;s account with F5PHW/QRP. Most of stations replied with /QRP but some did not. It should be great that all stations replied with /QRP. I don&#039;t know how will be the correction : with /QRP or not ? Best 73. For correction : I made a QSO with HG7T but erase serial number, so I erase the QSO, but the QSO was ok
F6HHRSO QRP ALLFT817 5 watts Trap Dipole
G0MTNSA HP ALLGiving a few points away. Tough conditions
G0VQRSO LP 80MHard going missed lots of multipliers, they could not hear me, still lots of fun
G1MSO LP 15M15m band conditions very bad SD logging very good
G3LHJSO QRP 10MNot very many openings but good sigs when it was open
G3LIKSO LP ALLSome very strange conditions both days one minute 599 next faded out. Lot of QRN on 80m and had to close early because of thunder storms approaching. Difficult getting the DX stations due to QRO Europe gang. Good to have SD for logging
G3YMCSO QRP ALLSolar event on Sunday made this a struggle
G3ZGCSO HP 40MPoor conditions Sunday morning
G4DBWSO LP 20MSolar Storm made this contest hard going
G4DDLSO LP ALLConditions on Saturday quite good but Sunday was very poor
G4IUFSO LP ALLLousy Conditions, no US/VE Enjoyed using SD
G6NSO LP 80MBand quiet for 1st 2 hrs, much QRN on Saturday &amp; Sunday night
G7TSA HP ALLFirst licensed as M6ESV in September 2014
GM0LIRSA LP 20Mfrist run ts990s and 20 mtr loop in doors !! tnx all heard me 73
GM4UYZSA LP ALLWell that was a struggle when I managed to get on. A challenge though
GW4BVJSO LP ALLGreat To see 10m and 15m open, Enjoyed using my new copy of SD, and newly built WinkeyerUSB3
HA1BCSO LP ALL... very hard conditions this year! Best greetings, Alex
HA1TNXSO LP ALLThanks for the contacts! Best 73
HA3FMRSA LP 80MRig: FT-847 Ant: W3DZZ
HA3OUSA HP ALLRIG, YAESU FT-2000, AMERITRON AL-811 AMP [PWR 4-500W OUT] ANT, H/M 5Band HF6V VERTICAL (single feed line from the transmitter)
HA5NBSO QRP 160MIC 756 PRO III, 5 W inv.V., beverages
HA6NLSA LP ALLK3 * 100w 3el yagi GP-s, Dipoles
HA8IEChecklogStarting with computer crash. Working paper log and sending hand made
HB9ARFSO LP ALLElecraft K3 100 Watts Force 12 C-4s (2 elements on 28/21/14 MHz and shortened Dipole on 7 MHz) Dipole on 3.5 MHz
HB9AYZSO QRP ALLthis year very difficult to work with QRP more or less frustrating
HB9BUNSA HP 15MRig: Flex-5000A, Yaesu FL-7000 (500W). Ant: Spiderbeam at 12m
HB9LFSO HP ALLBad conditions
HG35XASA HP ALLDifficult to work with a special callsign, nearly everybody came back to HG3HXA and it took a bit to make people copy the HG35 prefix. My plan was a 40m SOSB entry, but by Sunday evening it became a bit boring (low number of QSOs) so I peeped into other bands, on 80m I even enjoyed some good runs. Tech issue: For a short period my software logged different numbers for some QSOs than what it showed me and actually sent on CW. So I tried to re-transmit serials by hand, which then turned out to be wrong as well. The problem affects QSOs between serial 249-255. Please do not penalise those who logged a serial that does not match this log in this series, it is my fault
HG5OSO QRP 80MRIG: FT991A (5W) ANT: 9 band, homemade trap dipole
HS8JKYSO LP ALLFirst licensed on 21 july 2016
HZ1BWSO LP 20MP.O.Box 54729 Riyadh 11524 Saudi Arabia
I2IFTSA HP 80MGreat result for me with my inverted dipole at 6 m high.Ciao
I2WIJSA HP ALLNo time for the right day. Operated mostly on sunday. 73. Bob, I2WIJ
I4JEESO LP 80MAlways good contest but no so good propagatio
I5YKQSO LP ALLrig...kenwood ts590 ant....vert ant....mag.loop
IF9ASO LP 20Mnon good propagation,tnx momobeam fer vy good monoband see you in iota contest. Pippo IT9PPG
IK2AITSO LP 40MParva sed apta mihi said our Latin ancestors. Very few qso but time for the contest was limited. One day I was on duty as grand father and the next day I had to celebrate the 80th anniversay of a friend. 73 gio
IK5OJBSO LP 40M73 Mario
IN3HUUSO QRP 20Mft817 + end fed antenna
IO3ASO LP ALLic7300 100 watt 13 meter long wire antenna 73 Mauro
IT9CKASA LP 20MTutti presenti ottimo contest, sono arrivato con ritardo ma mi sono divertito - solo 100watt GP E TS2000
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