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801JG3WND1981JA3SO HP ALL1,2983022  
802JA3BCT1978JA3SO HP ALL1,2962424  
803JH3AKD1975JA3SO HP 10M1,2763429  
804JG3SVP1986JA3SO HP 15M1,2752925  
805JR3KAH2014JA3SO LP 15M1,24225235.2 
806JL3SBE2011JA3SO QRP 15M1,24224231.9 
807JA3WFQ1999JA3SO LP ALL1,2352119  
808JR3KAH1993JA3SO LP 15M1,2192723  
809JR3KAH2003JA3SO LP 15M1,2102322  
810JI3FLA2011JA3SO LP 15M1,15225245.7 
811JI3PBP1997JA3SO LP ALL1,1282724  
812JF3GFH2015JA3SA LP ALL1,12222223.1 
813JG3EHD1999JA3SO LP 20M1,1212119  
814JA3FZI1989JA3SO HP 10M1,0922221  
815JA3BCT1977JA3SO HP 20M1,0832619  
816JG3EHD1991JA3SO HP 15M1,0712121  
817JN1ENK/31985JA3SO HP ALL1,0712117  
818JG3LGD2016JA3SO HP ALL1,02619181.0 
819JO3RCK2009JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,02626196.6 
820JA3PYH2016JA3SO LP 15M1,00721191.0 
821JE1GZB/31997JA3SO LP 20M9902622  
822JG3EHD1990JA3SO HP 15M9872121  
823JQ3UDL2000JA3SO LP 10M9721818  
824JA3PFY2015JA3SO LP 15M90222224.2 
825JG3WCZ1999JA3SO HP ALL9001715  
826JI3KXB2009JA3SA LP ALL88024224.4 
827JM3QIS2014JA3SA LP 10M86717172.6 
828JG3WCZ2000JA3SO HP ALL8671717  
829JA3KDJ2009JA3SO LP 15M86422184.3 
830JA3CE1994JA3SO HP 20M8502910  
831JI3OGI2010JA3SO LP ALL85017171.7 
832JG3GOM2014JA3SO LP ALL (T)84618181.7 
833JG3WCZ1995JA3SO LP 20M8331717  
834JH3GMI2014JA3SO LP ALL81721192.3 
835JA3MXP1997JA3SO LP 40M8061513  
836JR3NDM2014JA3SO LP ALL79222180.8 
837JG2CNS/32009JA3SO LP 20M (T)78022203.9 
838JN3MUC2002JA3SO HP ALL (R)7702014  
839JA2VSU/32008JA3SO LP 15M (T)76519171.7 
840JG3EHD1992JA3SO LP 15M7481817  
841JL3RDC2009JA3SO LP 40M (T)732131212.7 
842JR3JRI1979JA3SO HP 20M7262211  
843JI3OGI2013JA3SO LP ALL72018151.6 
844JJ3WPX2014JA3SO LP ALL71417174.8 
845JA3CE1999JA3SO HP 20M704168  
846JA3HKR2014JA3SO LP ALL70417165.1 
847JA3FZI1988JA3SO HP 15M6803010  
848JA3FZI1994JA3SO LP 15M6752115  
849JA3MXP1991JA3SO HP 10M6722121  
850JJ3WPX/32013JA3SO LP ALL66020204.4 
851JR3JRI1986JA3SO HP ALL6581914  
852JR3PFH1975JA3SO HP 20M6562416  
853JH3GMI2012JA3SO LP ALL65617163.0 
854JE3KXT/M2005JA3SO LP 20M62719192.0  
855JA3HPD1996JA3SO LP 20M6001715  
856JL1MYP/32013JA3SO LP 15M59517172.9 
857JL3SBE1994JA3SO HP 20M5851815  
858JM3HYL2003JA3SO LP ALL585161536.0  
859JG3LLS1980JA3SO HP 15M5591513  
860JH3XCU1975JA3SO HP ALL5441917  
861JR3NDM1999JA3SO LP 20M5401615  
862JR3JRI1985JA3SO HP ALL531239  
863JG3WND1980JA3SO HP ALL5202013  
864JA3BCT1976JA3SO HP ALL5072213  
865JG2CNS/32017JA3SO LP ALL50415143.4 
866JO3XCK2011JA3SO QRP 15M49515152.9 
867JG3EHD1993JA3SO LP 15M4761414  
868JE3EVI2017JA3SO LP 20M47619173.1 
869JR3SZZ/32009JA3SO LP ALL (T)47316111.5 
870JM3HYL2000JA3SO LP 15M4621814  
871JM3HYL2004JA3SO LP ALL4581414  
872JA4AOR/31976JA3SO HP 20M4421813  
873JA3AVO2004JA3SO LP 15M435151526.6  
874JN3QVM1990JA3SO HP 10M4201312  
875JA4AQR/31975JA3SO HP 20M4031513  
876JK3AHS2009JA3SO QRP 20M40314133.3 
877JI3OGI2011JA3SO LP ALL40012100.7 
878JA3BCT1980JA3SO HP ALL3961211  
879JI3FSI2013JA3SA LP 15M37212122.7 
880JA3RBC1986JA3SO HP 15M3701310  
881JA3RBC1987JA3SO HP 15M3601412  
882JR3NDM2009JA3SO LP 20M35015141.5 
883JA3EOE2008JA3SO LP ALL34113112.1 
884JF3VUA2009JA3SO LP ALL34013102.2 
885JP3KPJ/32015JA3SO LP 15M33612123.4 
886JR3KAH1997JA3SO LP 15M3241312  
887JA3CE1996JA3SO HP 40M310115  
888JJ3RDH1984JA3SO HP 10M2701110  
889JA3ARM1975JA3SO HP 20M2701110  
890JL3SBE1999JA3SO QRP 20M2531111  
891JE3FOR2016JA3SO LP 15M24010100.5 
892JR3KAH1995JA3SO LP 15M234109  
893JH3DMQ2015JA3SA QRP 15M23111110.8 
894JM3HYL2001JA3SO LP ALL22012010  
895JR3MTJ1977JA3SO HP ALL21688  
896JA3HKR2017JA3SO LP ALL2161092.2 
897JA3EGE2016JA3SO HP 10M2101170.4 
898JM3HYL2012JA3SO LP ALL21017143.9 
899JH3TXR1983JA3SO HP ALL20898  
900JR3NDM2005JA3SO HP ALL1989925.6  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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