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701VE2GT2017VE2SO LP 80M (T)3,379323118.8 [Cert]
702DG2BTE2008DLSO LP 80M3,36043425.2 [Cert]
703JM4WUZ2003JA1SO LP 80M3,348323129.0  
704JF3LOP2010JA3SO LP 80M3,33032302.6 [Cert]
705PU2MTS1994PYSO LP 80M3,3303937  
706SQ9JKS2008SPSO LP 80M3,32041402.3 [Cert]
707YB0A2006YBSO LP 80M3,25027255.4  
708UA1OMS1998UA-1SO LP 80M3,2003332  
709N8LIQ1997W8SO LP 80M3,1726661  
710CT2GPT1999CTSO LP 80M3,0963936  
711EW8DX2015EUSO LP 80M (T)3,09436341.3 [Cert]
712IZ5OQX2012ISO LP 80M3,066424217.4 [Cert]
713UR5QW2015URSO LP 80M3,00026256.0 [Cert]
714SM0DZH1996SMSO LP 80M2,9644038  
715W1AAD2003W1SO LP 80M2,916413626.9  
716JE1SPY1998JA1SO LP 80M2,8523731  
717DO7KMH2016DLSO LP 80M (R)2,84938378.0 [Cert]
718N4OO2013W4SO LP 80M2,80050405.0 [Cert]
719IZ5OQX2014ISO LP 80M2,78434326.8 [Cert]
720JM1LPN/11997JA1SO LP 80M2,7063733  
721YB9KA2017YBSO LP 80M2,58041307.1 [Cert]
722WF5E1994W5SO LP 80M2,5604340  
723ER3ZZ1995ERSO LP 80M2,4965548  
724OM4ASI2015OMSO LP 80M (R)2,43234321.8 [Cert]
725JE1SPY2016JA1SO LP 80M2,43034275.9 [Cert]
726PS8NF2006PYSO LP 80M2,39823222.8  
727SP5ELA2011SPSO LP 80M2,35224245.3 [Cert]
728JE1SPY1994JA1SO LP 80M2,3522724  
729SP4JON2006SPSO LP 80M2,3325522  
730OK9PET2016OKSO LP 80M2,24035323.7 [Cert]
731JE1SPY2003JA1SO LP 80M2,23227245.7  
732SO7O2010SPSO LP 80M2,20833321.9SP7DQR[Cert]
733JE1SPY2002JA1SO LP 80M2,20825244.6  
734DO1TOM2017DLSO LP 80M1,98034332.6 [Cert]
735SK4UW1995SMSO LP 80M1,9803330SM4JHK 
736JE1SPY2000JA1SO LP 80M (T)1,9752525  
737HB9AWS2011HBSO LP 80M1,97230298.6 [Cert]
738SP6PAX1995SPSO LP 80M1,9723029  
739SQ7SAX2015SPSO LP 80M1,88135335.6 [Cert]
740JA1QZC1997JA1SO LP 80M1,8003925  
741N7MAL2008W7SO LP 80M1,76429284.4 [Cert]
742RA0FA1993RA0SO LP 80M1,7222521  
743R2EL2017UA-3SO LP 80M1,68029284.2 [Cert]
744JH9URT2007JA9SO LP 80M1,60623224.2  
745CE1AT2017CESO LP 80M1,59817172.0 [Cert]
746XE2AC1995XESO LP 80M1,5962121  
747IZ1DGG2006ISO LP 80M1,56628272.5  
748AB5HD1995W5SO LP 80M1,5584138  
749AB1U2017W6SO LP 80M (T)1,45025251.5W6RKC[Cert]
750KJ4VTH2016W4SO LP 80M1,40428274.6 [Cert]
751E77AR2008E7SO LP 80M1,40428270.9 [Cert]
752JE1SPY1996JA1SO LP 80M1,3862421  
753VE5GC2016VE5SO LP 80M1,36820192.1 [Cert]
754N2AET2010W2SO LP 80M (T)1,34425243.1 [Cert]
755EA5AVD2001EASO LP 80M1,334232326.3  
756IN3EME2016ISO LP 80M1,26927272.5 [Cert]
757YO8SMI1993YOSO LP 80M1,2482624  
758KE7BWN2008W7SO LP 80M1,17529252.5 [Cert]
759VE3OIL2013VE3SO LP 80M1,17321172.9 [Cert]
760PY6KY2010PYSO LP 80M1,15617171.1 [Cert]
761HP1RIS2017HPSO LP 80M1,14015153.5 [Cert]
762PU7IRR2016PYSO LP 80M1,12515151.0 [Cert]
763JE1SPY1995JA1SO LP 80M1,1161818  
764SA6BET2010SMSO LP 80M1,05622221.1 [Cert]
765SP9P2005SPSO LP 80M1,032242424.6  
766YU0A2015YUSO LP 80M (T)1,02020201.6YU1RA[Cert]
767DL0VS2017DLSO LP 80M94522210.7DL8RB[Cert]
768UA3XGM1999UA-3SO LP 80M9242121  
769A41OO2015A4SO LP 80M86815141.1 [Cert]
770SQ8MXJ2009SPSO LP 80M82825232.7 [Cert]
771JE1SPY2010JA1SO LP 80M78015152.0 [Cert]
772JA6WFM1996JA6SO LP 80M7801515  
773SP2DKI2004SPSO LP 80M777212126.3  
774JE1SPY2001JA1SO LP 80M7201816  
775LY11BY2010LYSO LP 80M70020200.9 [Cert]
776OK1DDV1997OKSO LP 80M6841918  
777HA7MS2016HASO LP 80M61614140.9 [Cert]
778SQ9LOJ2008SPSO LP 80M61219182.9 [Cert]
779F5CT2015FSO LP 80M60010100.5 [Cert]
780EA1JJ2009EASO LP 80M59419181.6 [Cert]
781OK1ZY2012OKSO LP 80M57618180.9 [Cert]
782KC0RQH2008W0SO LP 80M (T)57616161.3 [Cert]
783KP4JRS2017KP4SO LP 80M (T)54010102.4 [Cert]
784EC1CSC2005EASO LP 80M49618164.1  
785PU1MKZ2010PYSO LP 80M46010102.3 [Cert]
786OK2ABU2017OKSO LP 80M45015150.3 [Cert]
787JQ1UKK/71998JA7SO LP 80M4201010  
788TA4AJY2016TASO LP 80M378990.8 [Cert]
789IK5BOH/22015ISO LP 80M36010100.9  
790N6TPT1997W6SO LP 80M3602120  
791M0DEG2010GSO LP 80M32513131.1 [Cert]
792IZ1DGG2007ISO LP 80M312141324.6  
793LU5FCI1999LUSO LP 80M3121412  
794W9LYA2006W9SO LP 80M (T)275111124.8  
795G0FPU2016GSO LP 80M26412112.0 [Cert]
796R3AAA2011UA-3SO LP 80M26010100.6 [Cert]
797VE2PIJ2014VE2SO LP 80M (T)2529926.1 [Cert]
798SM4FYX2006SMSO LP 80M242111124.6  
799LW8EXF1995LUSO LP 80M2401312  
800AA4LR2007W4SO LP 80M2178724.5  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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