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501K6III2011W6SA HP 15M32,5421211064.0 [Cert]
502VE7TG2012VE7SA HP 15M32,33011610615.9 [Cert]
503G3YBY2008GSA HP 15M32,1901181117.9 [Cert]
504JA0GCY2014JA0SA HP 15M32,15511610911.5 [Cert]
505SP1RKT2009SPSA HP 15M31,08813111611.3 [Cert]
506RA0AM2010RA0SA HP 15M30,9561251095.1 [Cert]
507DL1TC2016DLSA HP 15M (T)30,6031021017.7 [Cert]
508NK6A2010W6SA HP 15M (T)30,3241281143.6 [Cert]
509KA5M2014W5SA HP 15M29,8001031004.9 [Cert]
510PY3APY2016PYSA HP 15M (T)29,70011610814.5 [Cert]
511VU2AE2016VUSA HP 15M (T)29,29511910521.1 [Cert]
512UR6IJ2017URSA HP 15M27,3001229118.4 [Cert]
513LU1BJW2013LUSA HP 15M26,978110946.1 [Cert]
514CT3KY2016CT3SA HP 15M26,48197973.8 [Cert]
515DL3LAB2010DLSA HP 15M26,384100972.1 [Cert]
516JA0BMS/11996JA1SA HP 15M25,864122106  
517N4DXI2013W4SA HP 15M (T)25,245107995.1 [Cert]
518BD4TS2012BYSA HP 15M24,1001081007.8 [Cert]
519K3RWN2011W3SA HP 15M24,10010310011.4 [Cert]
520DL2AMD2012DLSA HP 15M23,46095924.4 [Cert]
521DL4SVA2010DLSA HP 15M22,25089897.7 [Cert]
522SP3A2016SPSA HP 15M22,03296813.8 [Cert]
523EA5HT2016EASA HP 15M21,930104850.7 [Cert]
524UT2AB2013URSA HP 15M (T)21,538958918.8 [Cert]
525W9ILY2017W9SA HP 15M21,360101803.1 [Cert]
526UD0W2016RA0SA HP 15M21,05696947.6 [Cert]
527SE2T2014SMSA HP 15M21,0121091022.2 [Cert]
528EA7KI2015EASA HP 15M20,9041061045.1 [Cert]
529RM5P2012UA-3SA HP 15M20,40210710115.1 [Cert]
530ED5J2014EASA HP 15M (T)20,3581341172.2EA5DM 
531W6OUL1998W6SA HP 15M20,3369782  
532YY7OMF2011YVSA HP 15M19,68386818.1 [Cert]
533CE3WYZ2017CESA HP 15M (T)18,9901019014.3 [Cert]
534JH1EIG2013JA1SA HP 15M18,48681785.0 [Cert]
535K7MY2016W7SA HP 15M (T)18,01894914.3 [Cert]
536PA0M2009PASA HP 15M (T)17,73989738.5 [Cert]
537K7MY2017W7SA HP 15M (T)16,96896848.3 [Cert]
538PW2W2016PYSA HP 15M (T)16,08084806.3PY2ZA[Cert]
539RK9LWA2017RA9SA HP 15M16,055118959.1  
540F4FEP2016FSA HP 15M15,96076761.3 [Cert]
541YO4RDN2010YOSA HP 15M15,8621037711.1 [Cert]
542W4LT2016W4SA HP 15M (T)15,76877731.5 [Cert]
543PS7DX2017PYSA HP 15M14,430937411.6 [Cert]
544PP5EJ2014PYSA HP 15M13,98482764.5 [Cert]
545BD4AGK2014BYSA HP 15M13,43088792.7 [Cert]
5469A4VV20069ASA HP 15M13,26069685.09A4VV 
547BW/JG1WBB2016BVSA HP 15M12,580163741.2 [Cert]
548SV1ELI2017SVSA HP 15M (T)12,33173599.9 [Cert]
549K1JB2010W1SA HP 15M12,31288721.6 [Cert]
550G4A2013GSA HP 15M12,05499822.3G4TSH[Cert]
551YO5OED2014YOSA HP 15M11,92983793.6  
552RA9KM2005RA9SA HP 15M11,35268664.6RA9KM 
553LY4OO2010LYSA HP 15M10,20363574.3 [Cert]
554HL5YI2014HLSA HP 15M (T)9,98465644.5 [Cert]
555ES5QX2008ESSA HP 15M9,34864575.6 [Cert]
556RW0UU2011RA0SA HP 15M9,14563592.8 [Cert]
557E21IZC2017HSSA HP 15M8,08570557.1 [Cert]
558NA2U/72016W7SA HP 15M (T)7,92061602.6 [Cert]
559RX3MA2010UA-3SA HP 15M7,85255526.4 [Cert]
560DL6AG2016DLSA HP 15M7,84056493.9  
561JH1APK2014JA1SA HP 15M (T)7,80052524.4 [Cert]
562LZ73TRC2017LZSA HP 15M7,68259462.7LZ1YE[Cert]
563EB1EWE2010EASA HP 15M7,67259563.3 [Cert]
564W3SFG2013W3SA HP 15M7,59056552.2 [Cert]
5659M2RDX20169M2SA HP 15M7,55281594.8  
566IK2XYI2008ISA HP 15M7,100505010.5 [Cert]
567N6XI2011W6SA HP 15M7,07661581.5 [Cert]
568R3MA2011UA-3SA HP 15M6,93652514.4 [Cert]
569W6RKC2002W6SA HP 15M6,860514926.0  
570IR1SP2012ISA HP 15M6,81552475.2IK1NEG[Cert]
571JE2WLD2016JA2SA HP 15M6,811554911.0 [Cert]
572M0PLX2017GSA HP 15M (R)6,768514724.2 [Cert]
573UA9HR2008RA9SA HP 15M6,32562554.5 [Cert]
574EA3CEC2017EASA HP 15M (T)6,25150474.2 [Cert]
575DJ9ZB2017DLSA HP 15M6,24850446.9 [Cert]
576RN4ACX2012UA-4SA HP 15M5,76857565.7 [Cert]
577W7CT2013W7SA HP 15M5,76045451.0 [Cert]
578BD7LMD2016BYSA HP 15M4,32655422.0 [Cert]
579DU1EG2017DUSA HP 15M4,21646340.6  
580BU2AU2017BVSA HP 15M3,15748411.1  
581RW3DU2017UA-3SA HP 15M (T)2,88437285.7 [Cert]
582RZ4AG2003UA-4SA HP 15M2,64034336.8  
583NE6I2012W6SA HP 15M (T)2,23329294.1 [Cert]
584HA3UU2017HASA HP 15M2,21029261.3 [Cert]
585RA9ST2011RA9SA HP 15M1,87228260.6 [Cert]
586SM5D2011SMSA HP 15M (T)1,82525255.6SM5DJZ[Cert]
587R9VA2017RA9SA HP 15M1,77031301.1 [Cert]
588EW8GL2016EUSA HP 15M (T)1,74227264.1 [Cert]
589ED4M2017EASA HP 15M1,65625241.2 [Cert]
590YO3BL2011YOSA HP 15M1,48824240.7 [Cert]
591OK1DBE2011OKSA HP 15M1,36424220.8 [Cert]
592JE1CWQ2015JA1SA HP 15M1,13422213.8 [Cert]
593YC3BLJ2017YBSA HP 15M84618182.2 [Cert]
594YT1ML2013YUSA HP 15M75620183.0 [Cert]
595PA3GVI2016PASA HP 15M72016151.5 [Cert]
596VK7GM2014VKSA HP 15M72016164.8  
597SP1APZ2010SPSA HP 15M57616164.7 [Cert]
598F1AGR2017FSA HP 15M46813132.1 [Cert]
599W9CTJ/42015W4SA HP 15M44213131.6 [Cert]
600TA3GO2015TASA HP 15M43212120.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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