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5601SP3KPN2011SPSA HP ALL56723212.0 
5602YT3H2016YUSA HP ALL56014140.9 
5603DG2UA2010DLSA HP ALL54417170.7 
5604LU6QI2012LUSA HP ALL (T)52811111.3 
5605N0IAI2016W0SA HP ALL52515150.5 
5606KM9M2013W9SA HP ALL (T)52021200.7 
5607UA3DJY2015UA-3SA HP ALL51011100.6 
5608W0GJ2014W0SA HP ALL50713130.2  
5609W6PK2014W6SA HP ALL50713132.2 
5610W4GHD2011W4SA HP ALL50414140.5 
5611NU0C2016W0SA HP ALL50012102.2 
5612IZ8HUJ2017ISA HP ALL46812120.3 
5613JA7KY2015JA7SA HP ALL4591091.2 
5614K8YC/42008W4SA HP ALL45015150.3 
5615KD4FMW2010W4SA HP ALL44214133.6 
5616YL1XN2014YLSA HP ALL43213121.9YL2HB
5617WX2S2015W2SA HP ALL42010100.4 
5618LZ2ZG2009LZSA HP ALL42014140.8 
5619DL0EAM2009DLSA HP ALL41813110.1DG3FK
5620GI5I2016GISA HP ALL41418180.9GI4DOH
5621K3YG2012W3SA HP ALL40711110.4 
5622DR1H2009DLSA HP ALL40315130.6DG3FK
5623W1RM2016W1SA HP ALL39612120.1 
5624DL3AMI2015DLSA HP ALL39612120.7 
5625W7VS2009W7SA HP ALL (T)38512112.3 
5626AA5AU2012W5SA HP ALL38412120.6 
5627Z61DX2015Z6SA HP ALL37516150.3 
5628DK0TZ2008DLSA HP ALL36414141.8DL1SBF
5629RU9F2016RA9SA HP ALL360992.4 
5630K4XZ2013W4SA HP ALL35113131.5 
5631N2HO2013W2SA HP ALL34812121.2 
5632W2BSN2013W2SA HP ALL336981.4 
5633R6KA2016UA-6SA HP ALL33015150.3 
5634DL0JK2009DLSA HP ALL33013110.3DG3FK
5635UN5J2013UNSA HP ALL (T)31911112.1 
5636XT2VVO2011XTSA HP ALL31010101.8 
5637AF0W2016W0SA HP ALL (T)29913131.1  
5638OH6TN2010OHSA HP ALL29711110.7 
5639K0ALT2013W0SA HP ALL29010100.2 
5640N9IO2003W9SA HP ALL29011101.4  
5641NN7SS2017W7SA HP ALL2881290.2K6UFO
5642K4KRK2017W4SA HP ALL28611110.6  
5643RT0L2013RA0SA HP ALL28519150.9 
5644AB8NO2015W8SA HP ALL28010102.0 
5645YO2MSP2013YOSA HP ALL28010101.5 
5646OZ0TE2009OZSA HP ALL2791093.2 
5647PV8AAS2017PYSA HP ALL27314131.4 
5648IZ2CSX2015ISA HP ALL2701091.7 
5649F5PHW2013FSA HP ALL26412120.5 
5650SP8HXN2008SPSA HP ALL26412120.8 
5651DL2AMD2007DLSA HP ALL2641211  
5652WR9K2004W9SA HP ALL26013131.4  
5653W0YK2017W6SA HP ALL2521361.3  
5654RN9CM2014RA9SA HP ALL2481080.8 
5655VE2FXL2012VE2SA HP ALL (T)243991.0 
5656DK6AH2007DLSA HP ALL24013121.8  
5657BH7PFH2017BYSA HP ALL232881.7 
5658YT3H2017YUSA HP ALL225990.4  
5659KA8ODP2014W8SA HP ALL225991.3 
5660JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL220101024.9  
5661JA6CDC2017JA6SA HP ALL217771.3 
5662K5VIP/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)210770.3 
5663R7AY2014UA-6SA HP ALL21010100.6 
5664SN5W2015SPSA HP ALL20911110.6SP5-73-002
5665BD1KM2014BYSA HP ALL20911111.6 
5666DN4NER2007DLSA HP ALL209111125.7DL4NER 
5667UA9QCQ/92011RA9SA HP ALL200880.6 
5668AB3FL2008W3SA HP ALL200880.3 
5669PY2WDD2013PYSA HP ALL19616142.6 
5670DL8AAM2006DLSA HP ALL1899925.4  
5671N1IBM/22015W2SA HP ALL1801090.8 
5672JG3WCZ2003JA3SA HP ALL180660.8  
5673RX1CQ2017UA-1SA HP ALL176880.6  
5674DL8UAT2016DLSA HP ALL (T)175770.7 
5675SP9WAN2009SPSA HP ALL162990.5 
5676SQ5M2007SPSA HP ALL1629924.6  
5677KC5HWB2017W5SA HP ALL1601110 
5678S53DIJ2009S5SA HP ALL1601080.5 
5679HS6VW2017HSSA HP ALL15612122.9 
5680LU6QI2014LUSA HP ALL154871.1 
5681SP73VOT2015SPSA HP ALL153990.4SP5ELW
5682IZ1MHS2008ISA HP ALL152880.6 
5683DL9NDV2015DLSA HP ALL14077 
5684NA3M2015W3SA HP ALL140770.2 
5685N2SAB2014W2SA HP ALL126993.1 
5686AE5FD2008W5SA HP ALL (R)12111112.2 
5687KI7DG2013W7SA HP ALL102660.5 
5688LZ1BJ2016LZSA HP ALL96880.1 
5689PY2LW2016PYSA HP ALL96880.7 
5690N8AGU2015W8SA HP ALL96660.4  
5691YB3RVE2016YBSA HP ALL95550.7 
5692K3IXD2003W3SA HP ALL919725.1K3IXD + PACKET 
5693BA3MC2017BYSA HP ALL81991.8 
5694RV9UP2007RA9SA HP ALL7266  
5695PV2C2016PYSA HP ALL70770.7 
5696K0FYI2013W0SA HP ALL6844 
5697K2HAT2016W2SA HP ALL5433 
5698N3LY2017W3SA HP ALL52441.1 
5699XR6EUH2013CESA HP ALL (T)50550.1XQ6BQ 
5700W0SHL2015W0SA HP ALL48440.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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