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5601SP3KPN2011SPSA HP ALL56723212.0 [Cert]
5602YT3H2016YUSA HP ALL56014140.9 [Cert]
5603DG2UA2010DLSA HP ALL54417170.7 [Cert]
5604LU6QI2012LUSA HP ALL (T)52811111.3 [Cert]
5605N0IAI2016W0SA HP ALL52515150.5 [Cert]
5606KM9M2013W9SA HP ALL (T)52021200.7 [Cert]
5607UA3DJY2015UA-3SA HP ALL51011100.6 [Cert]
5608W0GJ2014W0SA HP ALL50713130.2  
5609W6PK2014W6SA HP ALL50713132.2 [Cert]
5610W4GHD2011W4SA HP ALL50414140.5 [Cert]
5611NU0C2016W0SA HP ALL50012102.2 [Cert]
5612IZ8HUJ2017ISA HP ALL46812120.3 [Cert]
5613JA7KY2015JA7SA HP ALL4591091.2 [Cert]
5614K8YC/42008W4SA HP ALL45015150.3 [Cert]
5615KD4FMW2010W4SA HP ALL44214133.6 [Cert]
5616YL1XN2014YLSA HP ALL43213121.9YL2HB[Cert]
5617WX2S2015W2SA HP ALL42010100.4 [Cert]
5618LZ2ZG2009LZSA HP ALL42014140.8 [Cert]
5619DL0EAM2009DLSA HP ALL41813110.1DG3FK[Cert]
5620GI5I2016GISA HP ALL41418180.9GI4DOH[Cert]
5621K3YG2012W3SA HP ALL40711110.4 [Cert]
5622DR1H2009DLSA HP ALL40315130.6DG3FK[Cert]
5623W1RM2016W1SA HP ALL39612120.1 [Cert]
5624DL3AMI2015DLSA HP ALL39612120.7 [Cert]
5625W7VS2009W7SA HP ALL (T)38512112.3 [Cert]
5626AA5AU2012W5SA HP ALL38412120.6 [Cert]
5627Z61DX2015Z6SA HP ALL37516150.3 [Cert]
5628DK0TZ2008DLSA HP ALL36414141.8DL1SBF[Cert]
5629RU9F2016RA9SA HP ALL360992.4 [Cert]
5630K4XZ2013W4SA HP ALL35113131.5 [Cert]
5631N2HO2013W2SA HP ALL34812121.2 [Cert]
5632W2BSN2013W2SA HP ALL336981.4 [Cert]
5633R6KA2016UA-6SA HP ALL33015150.3 [Cert]
5634DL0JK2009DLSA HP ALL33013110.3DG3FK[Cert]
5635UN5J2013UNSA HP ALL (T)31911112.1 [Cert]
5636XT2VVO2011XTSA HP ALL31010101.8 [Cert]
5637AF0W2016W0SA HP ALL (T)29913131.1  
5638OH6TN2010OHSA HP ALL29711110.7 [Cert]
5639K0ALT2013W0SA HP ALL29010100.2 [Cert]
5640N9IO2003W9SA HP ALL29011101.4  
5641NN7SS2017W7SA HP ALL2881290.2K6UFO[Cert]
5642K4KRK2017W4SA HP ALL28611110.6  
5643RT0L2013RA0SA HP ALL28519150.9 [Cert]
5644AB8NO2015W8SA HP ALL28010102.0 [Cert]
5645YO2MSP2013YOSA HP ALL28010101.5 [Cert]
5646OZ0TE2009OZSA HP ALL2791093.2 [Cert]
5647PV8AAS2017PYSA HP ALL27314131.4 [Cert]
5648IZ2CSX2015ISA HP ALL2701091.7 [Cert]
5649F5PHW2013FSA HP ALL26412120.5 [Cert]
5650SP8HXN2008SPSA HP ALL26412120.8 [Cert]
5651DL2AMD2007DLSA HP ALL2641211  
5652WR9K2004W9SA HP ALL26013131.4  
5653W0YK2017W6SA HP ALL2521361.3  
5654RN9CM2014RA9SA HP ALL2481080.8 [Cert]
5655VE2FXL2012VE2SA HP ALL (T)243991.0 [Cert]
5656DK6AH2007DLSA HP ALL24013121.8  
5657BH7PFH2017BYSA HP ALL232881.7 [Cert]
5658YT3H2017YUSA HP ALL225990.4  
5659KA8ODP2014W8SA HP ALL225991.3 [Cert]
5660JR1BAS2007JA1SA HP ALL220101024.9  
5661JA6CDC2017JA6SA HP ALL217771.3 [Cert]
5662K5VIP/42014W4SA HP ALL (T)210770.3 [Cert]
5663R7AY2014UA-6SA HP ALL21010100.6 [Cert]
5664SN5W2015SPSA HP ALL20911110.6SP5-73-002[Cert]
5665BD1KM2014BYSA HP ALL20911111.6 [Cert]
5666DN4NER2007DLSA HP ALL209111125.7DL4NER 
5667UA9QCQ/92011RA9SA HP ALL200880.6 [Cert]
5668AB3FL2008W3SA HP ALL200880.3 [Cert]
5669PY2WDD2013PYSA HP ALL19616142.6 [Cert]
5670DL8AAM2006DLSA HP ALL1899925.4  
5671N1IBM/22015W2SA HP ALL1801090.8 [Cert]
5672JG3WCZ2003JA3SA HP ALL180660.8  
5673RX1CQ2017UA-1SA HP ALL176880.6  
5674DL8UAT2016DLSA HP ALL (T)175770.7 [Cert]
5675SP9WAN2009SPSA HP ALL162990.5 [Cert]
5676SQ5M2007SPSA HP ALL1629924.6  
5677KC5HWB2017W5SA HP ALL1601110 [Cert]
5678S53DIJ2009S5SA HP ALL1601080.5 [Cert]
5679HS6VW2017HSSA HP ALL15612122.9 [Cert]
5680LU6QI2014LUSA HP ALL154871.1 [Cert]
5681SP73VOT2015SPSA HP ALL153990.4SP5ELW[Cert]
5682IZ1MHS2008ISA HP ALL152880.6 [Cert]
5683DL9NDV2015DLSA HP ALL14077 [Cert]
5684NA3M2015W3SA HP ALL140770.2 [Cert]
5685N2SAB2014W2SA HP ALL126993.1 [Cert]
5686AE5FD2008W5SA HP ALL (R)12111112.2 [Cert]
5687KI7DG2013W7SA HP ALL102660.5 [Cert]
5688LZ1BJ2016LZSA HP ALL96880.1 [Cert]
5689PY2LW2016PYSA HP ALL96880.7 [Cert]
5690N8AGU2015W8SA HP ALL96660.4  
5691YB3RVE2016YBSA HP ALL95550.7 [Cert]
5692K3IXD2003W3SA HP ALL919725.1K3IXD + PACKET 
5693BA3MC2017BYSA HP ALL81991.8 [Cert]
5694RV9UP2007RA9SA HP ALL7266  
5695PV2C2016PYSA HP ALL70770.7 [Cert]
5696K0FYI2013W0SA HP ALL6844 [Cert]
5697K2HAT2016W2SA HP ALL5433 [Cert]
5698N3LY2017W3SA HP ALL52441.1 [Cert]
5699XR6EUH2013CESA HP ALL (T)50550.1XQ6BQ 
5700W0SHL2015W0SA HP ALL48440.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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