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401F8VNU2014FSA LP 10M6,67855531.3 [Cert]
402PY5TJ2006PYSA LP 10M6,51959531.8  
403PY9MT2016PYSA LP 10M6,48984639.1 [Cert]
404SV4FFL2014SVSA LP 10M (T)6,40568615.6 [Cert]
405BD6IF2014BYSA LP 10M6,37556518.8 [Cert]
406PY5NF2015PYSA LP 10M6,17152516.3 [Cert]
407PU8YAB2017PYSA LP 10M (R)6,0001195011.5 [Cert]
408PU8WZT2013PYSA LP 10M5,93692538.7 [Cert]
409UU8JW2012URSA LP 10M5,76250436.3 [Cert]
410PY1CMT2014PYSA LP 10M5,70051507.8 [Cert]
411OK1PX2014OKSA LP 10M5,508535112.1 [Cert]
412DO1RTO2011DLSA LP 10M5,480474019.3 [Cert]
413N2FF2015W2SA LP 10M5,41844432.8 [Cert]
414AA4FU2014W4SA LP 10M5,41246441.8 [Cert]
415SP2WGB2015SPSA LP 10M (T)5,355504513.1 [Cert]
416PY2TDX2013PYSA LP 10M5,23249483.4  
417LZ7J2016LZSA LP 10M5,18746393.0LZ1CL[Cert]
418LU3JVO2009LUSA LP 10M5,17057473.2 [Cert]
419SP6IHE2012SPSA LP 10M5,12543418.6 [Cert]
420W6KY2014W6SA LP 10M4,91449423.0 [Cert]
4219W2MZY20159M2SA LP 10M4,78456528.2  
422N1VVV2011W1SA LP 10M4,77051458.2 [Cert]
423BI7MCK2013BYSA LP 10M4,53247447.4 [Cert]
424N2OO2011W2SA LP 10M4,52045401.2 [Cert]
425LA3BPA2013LASA LP 10M4,47741379.2 [Cert]
4264L1UN20134LSA LP 10M4,31247448.4 [Cert]
4273Z3Z2005SPSA LP 10M4,15842336.8SQ3ET 
428JH2MYN2016JA2SA LP 10M4,14250387.5 [Cert]
429PY2QT2017PYSA LP 10M4,13654478.6 [Cert]
430PA3GNZ2014PASA LP 10M3,93942396.0 [Cert]
431OK4DZ2013OKSA LP 10M3,92437366.3 [Cert]
432PY2XC2007PYSA LP 10M3,854464128.4  
433G4JFS2014GSA LP 10M (T)3,74436368.6 [Cert]
434PY4XX2012PYSA LP 10M3,66337373.1 [Cert]
435PU1TMU2016PYSA LP 10M3,47648447.3 [Cert]
436JH6WHN2015JA6SA LP 10M3,46535353.2 [Cert]
437HA3JO2015HASA LP 10M3,45839382.6 [Cert]
438PU1KVA2017PYSA LP 10M3,36243414.9  
439CT1EXR2016CTSA LP 10M3,26434325.6 [Cert]
440UR2VA2011URSA LP 10M3,16236317.2 [Cert]
441BD4TZ2014BYSA LP 10M (T)2,88038366.4 [Cert]
442SP7TEX2013SPSA LP 10M2,79032314.7 [Cert]
443JA3VUI2013JA3SA LP 10M (T)2,68636344.2 [Cert]
444PU1LBL2016PYSA LP 10M (R)2,66439377.9 [Cert]
445PU4HUD2017PYSA LP 10M2,55639366.1 [Cert]
446PU4ENY2017PYSA LP 10M (R)2,55341374.2  
447PT2BAT2013PYSA LP 10M2,48032312.9 [Cert]
448PP5AMP2015PYSA LP 10M2,46434323.8 [Cert]
449I0BJV2013ISA LP 10M (T)2,43629284.9  
450AH7G2008KH6SA LP 10M2,37636336.1 [Cert]
451EA1DAX2014EASA LP 10M (T)2,34333331.6 [Cert]
452N1VVV2012W1SA LP 10M (T)2,30433323.8 [Cert]
453PY5TJ2009PYSA LP 10M2,17638346.7 [Cert]
454F8AKC2008FSA LP 10M2,13632244.9 [Cert]
455EA4AA2017EASA LP 10M2,13234263.8 [Cert]
456JR0BUL2011JA0SA LP 10M2,05931297.9 [Cert]
457JE2HXL2012JA2SA LP 10M2,04632314.6 [Cert]
458KA2DIV/42005W4SA LP 10M2,01628282.4N4GM 
459PU4GOD2017PYSA LP 10M1,82733294.3 [Cert]
460PU8YPL2017PYSA LP 10M1,76746314.2 [Cert]
461PU2UAF2017PYSA LP 10M1,74035303.6 [Cert]
462PY1SGT2015PYSA LP 10M1,73629282.1 [Cert]
463PU8WMM2015PYSA LP 10M (R)1,69645328.0  
464UY2ZA2014URSA LP 10M1,63224242.2 [Cert]
465UN6T2013UNSA LP 10M1,58628262.4 [Cert]
466PU2MMP2016PYSA LP 10M1,54033285.7 [Cert]
467YB9WAN2015YBSA LP 10M1,41626242.7 [Cert]
468NA4W2017W4SA LP 10M1,40823221.7K4WI[Cert]
4699W6ZUL20159M6SA LP 10M1,40323231.0 [Cert]
470PU7CRL2016PYSA LP 10M1,32640345.5 [Cert]
471PU8TAS2017PYSA LP 10M (R)1,32535251.8 [Cert]
472JR0BUL2010JA0SA LP 10M1,25429225.5 [Cert]
473PU2LHA2017PYSA LP 10M1,17835316.7 [Cert]
474JH6WHN2013JA6SA LP 10M1,10220191.1 [Cert]
475UT5ERP2010URSA LP 10M1,08020183.4 [Cert]
476PU2LEK2015PYSA LP 10M (R)1,02921214.5 [Cert]
477KD8WBD2014W8SA LP 10M (R)1,02619192.8 [Cert]
478EA8BUE2010EA8SA LP 10M98021201.5 [Cert]
479UR5FCD2001URSA LP 10M931191928.6  
480PU2KAG2015PYSA LP 10M (R)92020204.5 [Cert]
481PY3PC2016PYSA LP 10M88022203.2  
482JM3QIS2014JA3SA LP 10M86717172.6 [Cert]
483TA4AJY2015TASA LP 10M (R)86418181.1 [Cert]
4849W2MWZ20159M2SA LP 10M85124233.8 [Cert]
485JE2VYM2013JA2SA LP 10M82820181.5 [Cert]
486YC1BET2016YBSA LP 10M76816163.4 [Cert]
487PU2TSE2015PYSA LP 10M (R)76019194.4 [Cert]
488VE2EVN2014VE2SA LP 10M74817172.8 [Cert]
489PU1SSH2016PYSA LP 10M725272512.4  
490KJ6ZNQ2013W6SA LP 10M (R)72017152.1  
491F8AKC2007FSA LP 10M720161525.3  
492EU3AA2013EUSA LP 10M (T)71417143.0 [Cert]
493PU7EDR2016PYSA LP 10M66035224.6 [Cert]
494UA9LAO2011RA9SA LP 10M65618165.1 [Cert]
495PR7AF2013PYSA LP 10M62723191.4 [Cert]
496PY5KC2013PYSA LP 10M (T)62719190.9 [Cert]
497LU3JVO2008LUSA LP 10M60816160.9 [Cert]
498LU7CAW2011LUSA LP 10M58515152.6 [Cert]
499PU5YSV2015PYSA LP 10M40821175.5 [Cert]
500IT9AUH2010IT9SA LP 10M40616143.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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