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401EA1DR2009EASA HP 15M117,00825720614.9 [Cert]
402LY1R2016LYSA HP 15M114,2112391818.4 [Cert]
403IZ5ASZ2008ISA HP 15M114,06324519712.7 [Cert]
404M0PLX2016GSA HP 15M112,91823920219.5 [Cert]
405PY5ZHP2017PYSA HP 15M112,4872351976.3 [Cert]
406EA6XQ2017EA6SA HP 15M (T)109,33523218518.8 [Cert]
407ON1DX2013ONSA HP 15M (T)107,42023720513.7 [Cert]
408EC4TA2015EASA HP 15M103,9652872396.4 [Cert]
409DM0Y2017DLSA HP 15M102,43222917622.0DL3BQA[Cert]
410RM4I2013UA-4SA HP 15M101,4932561895.6UA4HOX 
411RU4HU2012UA-4SA HP 15M101,28023821110.7 [Cert]
412PA0M2010PASA HP 15M (T)100,26022318014.3 [Cert]
413SN5X2017SPSA HP 15M99,52023916015.3SP5GRM[Cert]
414WA5ZUP2012W5SA HP 15M97,8122511984.7 [Cert]
415EA3EJI1997EASA HP 15M97,125260185  
416IU2D1997ISA HP 15M96,624285198I2TZK 
417N6YG2015W6SA HP 15M (T)96,60031621027.7 [Cert]
418JQ1NGT1997JA1SA HP 15M96,564319156  
419K9UQN2003W9SA HP 15M96,4182251948.2  
420PX2E2016PYSA HP 15M94,8642171543.9  
421K6CTA2011W6SA HP 15M93,4501971789.4 [Cert]
422K8MEG2015W8SA HP 15M93,05519718519.5 [Cert]
423KE1B2017W6SA HP 15M (T)90,4002541604.0 [Cert]
424DJ1AA2007DLSA HP 15M88,45221418219.5  
425BH6IA2015BYSA HP 15M88,27024319419.1 [Cert]
426IZ5ASZ2007ISA HP 15M88,1461981779.7  
427YO3JW2007YOSA HP 15M87,03922117118.71 
428LY2IC2004LYSA HP 15M86,67322316714.2  
429NQ5K2009W5SA HP 15M86,19021217010.9W5ASP[Cert]
430JA1BPA2013JA1SA HP 15M (T)85,6361991589.9 [Cert]
431OH2KW2010OHSA HP 15M83,27719617110.8 [Cert]
432KC1ME2015W1SA HP 15M82,9802131804.0K1JB[Cert]
433RW4NY2013UA-4SA HP 15M82,77526221513.9 [Cert]
434LY1R2017LYSA HP 15M81,58820715618.6 [Cert]
435N2NS/62012W6SA HP 15M81,3561891728.0 [Cert]
436TF3AO2012TFSA HP 15M81,0393022279.5 [Cert]
437PY2DZ2016PYSA HP 15M (T)80,3601991647.9 [Cert]
438JA0GCY2015JA0SA HP 15M79,69219117416.9 [Cert]
439VR2XLN2011VRSA HP 15M76,9082541748.7 [Cert]
440UR6IJ2013URSA HP 15M76,62221018213.6 [Cert]
441UA4S2017UA-4SA HP 15M75,3501921378.4RU4SO 
442UN2G2015UNSA HP 15M75,16819217411.3 [Cert]
443F5BEG1998FSA HP 15M74,412191156  
444DH0GDS2010DLSA HP 15M73,93120514320.2 [Cert]
445UA6LCN2017UA-6SA HP 15M73,80520114516.1 [Cert]
446DH0GDS2011DLSA HP 15M73,16018715516.9 [Cert]
447PY2NZ2016PYSA HP 15M70,4161791444.0 [Cert]
448F5IN2004FSA HP 15M70,2241901546.5  
449OM7PY2015OMSA HP 15M69,55419216611.5 [Cert]
450JO3DDD2017JA3SA HP 15M66,95021113017.2 [Cert]
451R8LA2016RA9SA HP 15M66,4111721413.0 [Cert]
452NF8J2013W8SA HP 15M65,8881581424.8 [Cert]
453IT9IMJ2014IT9SA HP 15M64,84822319312.3 [Cert]
454OI6X2006OHSA HP 15M64,74023616612.9OH6NJ 
455W6RKC2003W6SA HP 15M64,4002041758.3  
456RU6YJ2016UA-6SA HP 15M63,07215914613.0 [Cert]
457DL4NN2005DLSA HP 15M62,23816313811.0  
458LY1R2009LYSA HP 15M59,03219515711.1 [Cert]
459LY8O2006LYSA HP 15M58,40018516014.3  
460M7P2013GSA HP 15M (T)58,1941971599.3G6NHU[Cert]
461RU9AZ2011RA9SA HP 15M57,91515514315.6 [Cert]
462KP4JFR2016KP4SA HP 15M (T)57,36816414210.1 [Cert]
463IZ5FDJ2011ISA HP 15M54,6481481389.1 [Cert]
464OM3DX2006OMSA HP 15M54,3841501329.2  
465MM0AMW2013GMSA HP 15M53,9401771453.9 [Cert]
466BD7LMD2011BYSA HP 15M53,3521721529.9 [Cert]
467IT9IMJ2013IT9SA HP 15M53,10019617714.9 [Cert]
468K7OX2010W7SA HP 15M51,1001601404.8 [Cert]
469YO7FB2015YOSA HP 15M49,8761901487.7 [Cert]
470K7EIQ2011W7SA HP 15M (T)49,77614813612.2 [Cert]
471IZ5ASZ2009ISA HP 15M49,7501511256.9 [Cert]
472LY2NY2017LYSA HP 15M48,19515711917.4 [Cert]
473DP9Z2009DLSA HP 15M48,16017114010.3DF9ZP[Cert]
474HA0HW2015HASA HP 15M (T)46,5121551366.7 [Cert]
475W9IIX2013W9SA HP 15M45,9361431329.8 [Cert]
476TF3AO2015TFSA HP 15M45,4862121713.6 [Cert]
477JA1BPA2017JA1SA HP 15M (T)44,39015211510.3 [Cert]
478OM7PY2007OMSA HP 15M44,03013811915.5  
479DP3D2015DLSA HP 15M43,5661521374.1 [Cert]
480K3IU/12015W1SA HP 15M42,8751271252.8 [Cert]
481UT7CR2016URSA HP 15M42,4831451197.9 [Cert]
482SP1RKT2008SPSA HP 15M42,2941561338.6 [Cert]
483RA0APW2014RA0SA HP 15M42,29113112718.8 [Cert]
484YB3MM2016YBSA HP 15M40,3651321175.4 [Cert]
485RA9UN2013RA9SA HP 15M (T)40,2171561317.7  
486SP1GZF2007SPSA HP 15M39,5561411248.7  
487RM5P2011UA-3SA HP 15M (T)38,38314213110.3 [Cert]
488NS0M2011W0SA HP 15M37,9501221159.3 [Cert]
489RA3DNC2005UA-3SA HP 15M37,7611371239.4  
490DL5YM2015DLSA HP 15M37,1071491335.2 [Cert]
491IZ5ASZ2005ISA HP 15M36,8221251144.1  
492RZ3VA2010UA-3SA HP 15M36,6521281194.7 [Cert]
493UR5EPG2016URSA HP 15M36,1381331145.2  
494DH7LF2013DLSA HP 15M35,7651241155.4 [Cert]
495SP1RKT2010SPSA HP 15M35,2821271184.7 [Cert]
496N4DU2014W4SA HP 15M (T)33,8241171123.6 [Cert]
497EY8DD2007EYSA HP 15M (R)33,562130973.4  
498YL2IP2015YLSA HP 15M33,4111361295.7  
499R5FU2016UA-3SA HP 15M33,2101371237.5 [Cert]
500AT5M2017VUSA HP 15M (T)33,1521231129.5VU2MUD[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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