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4801BH7PRMBYSO LP ALL31516153.5 [Cert]
4802XT2VVOXTSA HP ALL31010101.8 [Cert]
4803N3QEHW3SO LP 20M30812112.5 [Cert]
4804RK4YJUA-4SA LP ALL30010100.4 [Cert]
4805ES1BAESSO LP ALL30010102.0 [Cert]
4806IV3KIDISO LP 20M29415142.4 [Cert]
4807K3YGW3SA HP 15M29010100.8 [Cert]
4808K4NDHW4SO LP 20M28812121.4 [Cert]
4809RM4RUA-4SA HP 20M28613130.7 [Cert]
4810W9KVRW9SO LP 10M28012106.9 [Cert]
4811VE3IAEVE3SO LP 40M (T)2807720.7 [Cert]
4812F4FWNFSO LP ALL (R)27313132.6 [Cert]
4813F4GFTFSO LP ALL26614140.6 [Cert]
4814AC0PBW0SO LP 40M26010101.5 [Cert]
4815R3AAAUA-3SO LP 80M26010100.6 [Cert]
4816R2WWUA-3SO QRP 20M25515152.0 [Cert]
4817N0AGL/1W1SO LP ALL25215141.8 [Cert]
4818PD9FERPASO LP ALL (T)252992.0 [Cert]
4819TK/F8DZYTKSO LP ALL25219181.1 [Cert]
4820W0DNW0SA LP 20M24715131.0 [Cert]
4821PJ2OFPJ2SO LP ALL245771.4 [Cert]
4822EW2EGEUSO LP 40M24012121.2 [Cert]
4823SQ6PWJSPSA LP 15M225992.4 [Cert]
4824UR3LPPURSO LP 20M225992.8 [Cert]
4825VK1MATVKSO LP 20M (R)225991.1 [Cert]
4826W4JHC/5W5SO LP ALL225992.3 [Cert]
4827JL7FBV/1JA1SO LP 15M22010101.2 [Cert]
4828W9ILYW9SO LP 15M (T)22010100.2 [Cert]
4829VR2UNGVRSO QRP 20M22010100.6 [Cert]
4830EA3BOEASA LP ALL (T)216990.1 [Cert]
4831KD0BLZW0SO LP ALL216991.4 [Cert]
4832SQ3RXSPSO LP ALL216981.6 [Cert]
4833K2DLW2SO LP ALL207992.7 [Cert]
4834UA9QCQ/9RA9SA HP ALL200880.6 [Cert]
4835EW2EOEUSO LP 15M20010101.1 [Cert]
4836WH7GGKH6SO LP 20M20010101.3 [Cert]
4837DL5FCYDLSO LP ALL20010100.8 [Cert]
4838DX1RNDUMULTI-ONE HP198990.44F1PBM 4F1QYH DV1EF DV1U...[Cert]
48399W2CEH9M2SO LP 10M1981092.3 [Cert]
4840JD1BIAJD/oSO LP 10M189971.2 [Cert]
4841I3YYYISO LP ALL (T)1841884.0 [Cert]
4842WA4JAW4SO LP 20M1801090.6 [Cert]
4843EA3KLEASO LP ALL17612110.7 [Cert]
4844IZ1QYDISO LP ALL (R)171993.7 [Cert]
4845RA6YJUA-6SA LP ALL168883.2 [Cert]
4846G4VPDGSO QRP ALL15612122.1 [Cert]
4847LA9OSALASO HP ALL (R)15414140.6 [Cert]
4848W5NYV/6W6SO LP 40M153990.8 [Cert]
4849PP5NSPYSO LP ALL1531091.2 [Cert]
4850N0RQ/5W5SA HP 80M (T)150550.5 [Cert]
4851TA2KNTASO LP 40M150550.1TA1FR[Cert]
4852DO1NPFDLSO LP 15M144881.2 [Cert]
4853K2AMPW2SO LP ALL144990.9 [Cert]
4854N2PKW/5W5SO LP ALL133770.9 [Cert]
4855J28AAJ2SO LP 20M126760.7E70A[Cert]
4856W2IMYW2SO LP 20M (T)126761.3 [Cert]
4857HA9SUHASO LP 40M120880.1 [Cert]
4858DJ2GMSDLSO LP 10M119771.9 [Cert]
4859N8PVTW8SO LP 10M119771.3 [Cert]
4860NG4LW4SO LP 15M (T)112770.3 [Cert]
4861SQ5LWNSPSA LP ALL108660.5 [Cert]
4862RA3TNCUA-3SO LP 20M108661.4 [Cert]
4863WR6WRW6SO LP 40M108861.0N6WR[Cert]
4864YO9HRBYOSO LP 40M (T)108991.5 [Cert]
4865KJ6JNCW6SO QRP 10M105771.1 [Cert]
4866RA0ANORA0SA LP ALL102660.7 [Cert]
4867W6ABM/7W7SO LP 10M102660.2 [Cert]
4868LA6BNALASO LP 20M10010100.8 [Cert]
4869LZ1HWLZSO LP 15M96660.3 [Cert]
4870AK4QW4SO LP 20M966616.1 [Cert]
4871KD8ICPW8SO LP ALL96984.1 [Cert]
4872K4MTXW4SO LP 20M91770.7 [Cert]
4873K2HT/0W0SO QRP 15M91870.4 [Cert]
4874JI7OED/7JA7SO LP ALL84661.3 [Cert]
4875SA5BKESMSO LP ALL80881.2 [Cert]
4876TF3JATFSO LP 20M77772.0 [Cert]
4877IZ0EGAISO HP 10M (T)75550.6 [Cert]
4878OK1CAIOKSO LP ALL72881.7 [Cert]
4879BG5DODBYSO HP ALL70770.9 [Cert]
4880KD8OLGW8SO LP ALL70771.3 [Cert]
4881IZ3GKIISO LP ALL66661.1 [Cert]
4882R3XAAUA-3SA LP ALL65551.6 [Cert]
4883KC2ZXYW2SO LP 10M (R)65551.2 [Cert]
4884BG6IFBYSO LP 15M63771.4 [Cert]
4885WB3IGRW3SO LP ALL55550.3 [Cert]
4886JR2DAJ/2JA2SO QRP 15M (R)55550.7 [Cert]
4887VE6SKYVE6SO QRP 20M50550.2 [Cert]
4888R3FNUA-3SO HP ALL48440.5 [Cert]
4889SP8HXNSPSO HP ALL4844 [Cert]
4890YO4RDJYOSO LP 15M48440.6 [Cert]
4891VK4FJAMVKSO QRP ALL48662.5 [Cert]
4892DW7DQSDUSO LP ALL (R)45330.6DW7DSH[Cert]
4893WB2SNNW2SO HP 10M44441.5 [Cert]
4894CU3FVCUSO LP ALL44440.7 [Cert]
4895KC9KIOW9SO LP ALL44441.0 [Cert]
4896JG2VSFJA2SO LP 15M40440.3 [Cert]
4897VK6FMABVKSO LP ALL (R)40651.3 [Cert]
4898IZ0LHLISA LP 15M36440.1 [Cert]
4899W2HCBW2SO LP ALL36330.2 [Cert]
4900RA4YUA-4SA LP 20M35770.3 [Cert]

Page 49 of 52

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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