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4401M0MNV2014GSA LP ALL82819183.3 [Cert]
4402NE1F2012W1SA LP ALL82614140.9 [Cert]
4403VU3LMS2012VUSA LP ALL81921216.9 [Cert]
4404KC1YL2017W1SA LP ALL (R)81624242.6 [Cert]
4405DL1MX2012DLSA LP ALL (R)80026252.2 [Cert]
4406IZ1GJK2013ISA LP ALL79917172.3 [Cert]
4407SQ9IAU2016SPSA LP ALL78218170.9 [Cert]
4408LZ4TX2017LZSA LP ALL76819161.4 [Cert]
4409W4JDS2016W4SA LP ALL76817161.5 [Cert]
4410PU2UMZ2017PYSA LP ALL76020192.9 [Cert]
4411KK4BKD2015W4SA LP ALL76019190.7 [Cert]
4412KM4GCI2016W4SA LP ALL (R)75923234.6  
4413BI4RLR2016BYSA LP ALL75621214.0 [Cert]
44147K3XGV2015JA1SA LP ALL75217162.1 [Cert]
4415SA0CAN2015SMSA LP ALL74021203.1 [Cert]
4416IS0/IT9VDQ2009ISSA LP ALL74022201.4 [Cert]
4417PY3RLC2016PYSA LP ALL73827186.4 [Cert]
4418KB2GD2016W2SA LP ALL73117172.5 [Cert]
4419W2DLH/32013W3SA LP ALL73117171.9 [Cert]
4420DK6SP2017DLSA LP ALL (T)72021181.7 [Cert]
4421JL6LTB2014JA6SA LP ALL72017162.7 [Cert]
4422K8GT2011W8SA LP ALL72016160.9 [Cert]
4423N0BK2006W0SA LP ALL70517151.2  
4424K8YSV2010W8SA LP ALL (T)70416161.6 [Cert]
4425SP4GDC2014SPSA LP ALL68816163.6  
4426KF5EYC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)67627265.0 [Cert]
4427UA3YAA2013UA-3SA LP ALL67515152.0 [Cert]
4428YO3IPR2016YOSA LP ALL (T)67216164.9 [Cert]
4429IW2DJN2013ISA LP ALL (T)67217164.2 [Cert]
4430DG1UAE2016DLSA LP ALL66724237.9 [Cert]
4431PY1UA2017PYSA LP ALL66021203.3 [Cert]
4432W5TM2004W5SA LP ALL660202024.8  
4433JA1KEB2009JA1SA LP ALL65618161.0 [Cert]
4434PY2NFE2009PYSA LP ALL64617172.5 [Cert]
4435G4JFS2016GSA LP ALL (T)64516151.9 [Cert]
4436M0TRJ2016GSA LP ALL (R)64515151.2 [Cert]
4437WE1SAX2017W1SA LP ALL64016163.0 [Cert]
4438N3AEG2014W3SA LP ALL (R)64016162.7 [Cert]
4439KO4OL2009W4SA LP ALL63823221.0 [Cert]
4440PY2VOB2017PYSA LP ALL63020183.4 [Cert]
4441G4JFS2015GSA LP ALL63015153.4 [Cert]
4442EA2KP2011EASA LP ALL62416162.4 [Cert]
4443KC2YEA2017W2SA LP ALL61515150.6 [Cert]
4444KJ6MIC/32015W3SA LP ALL61515152.0 [Cert]
4445DG3MR2013DLSA LP ALL60816162.0  
4446DC2CT2015DLSA LP ALL60215143.0 [Cert]
4447K3CCR2015W3SA LP ALL60214140.8K3DI[Cert]
4448RL3FA2011UA-3SA LP ALL60214142.1 [Cert]
4449LY7Z2016LYSA LP ALL60016150.4 [Cert]
4450N1HO/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)59517171.1 [Cert]
4451BG7BOT2016BYSA LP ALL59418182.4 [Cert]
4452YY5JAW2014YVSA LP ALL (R)58814143.0 [Cert]
4453G4JFS2012GSA LP ALL (T)58814142.8 [Cert]
4454N2LQ2009W2SA LP ALL58815143.5 [Cert]
4455PD1RZ2016PASA LP ALL (R)57818173.6 [Cert]
4456YV5OIE2015YVSA LP ALL57818170.8 [Cert]
4457KJ6FNK2014W6SA LP ALL57818174.4 [Cert]
4458DH6YMC2012DLSA LP ALL (T)57818171.9 [Cert]
4459KD4LEM2017W4SA LP ALL57618161.6 [Cert]
4460PH7A2017PASA LP ALL57616160.7 [Cert]
4461ES2MA2009ESSA LP ALL57616161.3 [Cert]
4462NF1O2015W1SA LP ALL57414141.0 [Cert]
4463BH3PTL2017BYSA LP ALL57022191.8 [Cert]
4464AK0MR2016W0SA LP ALL56014142.1 [Cert]
4465KK7A2016W7SA LP ALL (T)56025202.1 [Cert]
4466HL4CEL2015HLSA LP ALL56014140.9 [Cert]
4467BI7NEJ2014BYSA LP ALL55819186.0 [Cert]
4468IZ0DRA2015ISA LP ALL55515151.8 [Cert]
4469NG2G2017W7SA LP ALL55022225.2 [Cert]
4470K7MSO2017W7SA LP ALL54419171.8 [Cert]
4471N9JTB2015W9SA LP ALL (R)54417171.8 [Cert]
4472KE1CY/42014W4SA LP ALL54416160.7 [Cert]
4473BI3NAW2017BYSA LP ALL53223193.3  
4474PU2POP2016PYSA LP ALL52826242.6 [Cert]
4475N5ZC2001W5SA LP ALL52719171.0  
4476AJ3O2013W3SA LP ALL51814141.2 [Cert]
4477BD6AHP2013BYSA LP ALL51319192.2  
4478BH1JGA2012BYSA LP ALL (R)51018175.4 [Cert]
44792U0FER2015GUSA LP ALL49318172.0 [Cert]
4480BG3GEF2017BYSA LP ALL48621182.5 [Cert]
4481UR4QRH2013URSA LP ALL (R)48013122.8 [Cert]
4482YC1HLT2012YBSA LP ALL48016165.8 [Cert]
4483SM4XIH2006SMSA LP ALL48015150.9SM4XIH 
4484KX6X/72013W7SA LP ALL46814130.8 [Cert]
4485K7EIQ2014W7SA LP ALL (T)46416161.3 [Cert]
4486YO9FLL2017YOSA LP ALL46222223.6 [Cert]
4487F4FDA2014FSA LP ALL46212111.2 [Cert]
4488R2AT2013UA-3SA LP ALL46214141.0 [Cert]
4489K8GT2017W8SA LP ALL45917171.5 [Cert]
4490KT4LS2016W4SA LP ALL45513130.9 [Cert]
4491SP2DKI2015SPSA LP ALL44814140.4 [Cert]
4492EA7HOJ2012EASA LP ALL44816162.0 [Cert]
4493RA9ODW2010RA9SA LP ALL43415141.6 [Cert]
4494DG8HJ2016DLSA LP ALL42013121.0 [Cert]
4495RT3LA2013UA-3SA LP ALL42015150.9 [Cert]
4496AK0MR2015W0SA LP ALL41813113.0 [Cert]
4497KC0MNU2006W0SA LP ALL41419181.4  
4498JK1GKG2017JA1SA LP ALL41013103.1 [Cert]
4499PS8RV2013PYSA LP ALL40812122.6 [Cert]
4500VE3BLU2016VE3SA LP ALL40614143.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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