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4401M0MNV2014GSA LP ALL82819183.3 
4402NE1F2012W1SA LP ALL82614140.9 
4403VU3LMS2012VUSA LP ALL81921216.9 
4404KC1YL2017W1SA LP ALL (R)81624242.6 
4405DL1MX2012DLSA LP ALL (R)80026252.2 
4406IZ1GJK2013ISA LP ALL79917172.3 
4407SQ9IAU2016SPSA LP ALL78218170.9 
4408LZ4TX2017LZSA LP ALL76819161.4 
4409W4JDS2016W4SA LP ALL76817161.5 
4410PU2UMZ2017PYSA LP ALL76020192.9 
4411KK4BKD2015W4SA LP ALL76019190.7 
4412KM4GCI2016W4SA LP ALL (R)75923234.6  
4413BI4RLR2016BYSA LP ALL75621214.0 
44147K3XGV2015JA1SA LP ALL75217162.1 
4415SA0CAN2015SMSA LP ALL74021203.1 
4416IS0/IT9VDQ2009ISSA LP ALL74022201.4 
4417PY3RLC2016PYSA LP ALL73827186.4 
4418KB2GD2016W2SA LP ALL73117172.5 
4419W2DLH/32013W3SA LP ALL73117171.9 
4420DK6SP2017DLSA LP ALL (T)72021181.7 
4421JL6LTB2014JA6SA LP ALL72017162.7 
4422K8GT2011W8SA LP ALL72016160.9 
4423N0BK2006W0SA LP ALL70517151.2  
4424K8YSV2010W8SA LP ALL (T)70416161.6 
4425SP4GDC2014SPSA LP ALL68816163.6  
4426KF5EYC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)67627265.0 
4427UA3YAA2013UA-3SA LP ALL67515152.0 
4428YO3IPR2016YOSA LP ALL (T)67216164.9 
4429IW2DJN2013ISA LP ALL (T)67217164.2 
4430DG1UAE2016DLSA LP ALL66724237.9 
4431PY1UA2017PYSA LP ALL66021203.3 
4432W5TM2004W5SA LP ALL660202024.8  
4433JA1KEB2009JA1SA LP ALL65618161.0 
4434PY2NFE2009PYSA LP ALL64617172.5 
4435G4JFS2016GSA LP ALL (T)64516151.9 
4436M0TRJ2016GSA LP ALL (R)64515151.2 
4437WE1SAX2017W1SA LP ALL64016163.0 
4438N3AEG2014W3SA LP ALL (R)64016162.7 
4439KO4OL2009W4SA LP ALL63823221.0 
4440PY2VOB2017PYSA LP ALL63020183.4 
4441G4JFS2015GSA LP ALL63015153.4 
4442EA2KP2011EASA LP ALL62416162.4 
4443KC2YEA2017W2SA LP ALL61515150.6 
4444KJ6MIC/32015W3SA LP ALL61515152.0 
4445DG3MR2013DLSA LP ALL60816162.0  
4446DC2CT2015DLSA LP ALL60215143.0 
4447K3CCR2015W3SA LP ALL60214140.8K3DI
4448RL3FA2011UA-3SA LP ALL60214142.1 
4449LY7Z2016LYSA LP ALL60016150.4 
4450N1HO/42012W4SA LP ALL (T)59517171.1 
4451BG7BOT2016BYSA LP ALL59418182.4 
4452YY5JAW2014YVSA LP ALL (R)58814143.0 
4453G4JFS2012GSA LP ALL (T)58814142.8 
4454N2LQ2009W2SA LP ALL58815143.5 
4455PD1RZ2016PASA LP ALL (R)57818173.6 
4456YV5OIE2015YVSA LP ALL57818170.8 
4457KJ6FNK2014W6SA LP ALL57818174.4 
4458DH6YMC2012DLSA LP ALL (T)57818171.9 
4459KD4LEM2017W4SA LP ALL57618161.6 
4460PH7A2017PASA LP ALL57616160.7 
4461ES2MA2009ESSA LP ALL57616161.3 
4462NF1O2015W1SA LP ALL57414141.0 
4463BH3PTL2017BYSA LP ALL57022191.8 
4464AK0MR2016W0SA LP ALL56014142.1 
4465KK7A2016W7SA LP ALL (T)56025202.1 
4466HL4CEL2015HLSA LP ALL56014140.9 
4467BI7NEJ2014BYSA LP ALL55819186.0 
4468IZ0DRA2015ISA LP ALL55515151.8 
4469NG2G2017W7SA LP ALL55022225.2 
4470K7MSO2017W7SA LP ALL54419171.8 
4471N9JTB2015W9SA LP ALL (R)54417171.8 
4472KE1CY/42014W4SA LP ALL54416160.7 
4473BI3NAW2017BYSA LP ALL53223193.3  
4474PU2POP2016PYSA LP ALL52826242.6 
4475N5ZC2001W5SA LP ALL52719171.0  
4476AJ3O2013W3SA LP ALL51814141.2 
4477BD6AHP2013BYSA LP ALL51319192.2  
4478BH1JGA2012BYSA LP ALL (R)51018175.4 
44792U0FER2015GUSA LP ALL49318172.0 
4480BG3GEF2017BYSA LP ALL48621182.5 
4481UR4QRH2013URSA LP ALL (R)48013122.8 
4482YC1HLT2012YBSA LP ALL48016165.8 
4483SM4XIH2006SMSA LP ALL48015150.9SM4XIH 
4484KX6X/72013W7SA LP ALL46814130.8 
4485K7EIQ2014W7SA LP ALL (T)46416161.3 
4486YO9FLL2017YOSA LP ALL46222223.6 
4487F4FDA2014FSA LP ALL46212111.2 
4488R2AT2013UA-3SA LP ALL46214141.0 
4489K8GT2017W8SA LP ALL45917171.5 
4490KT4LS2016W4SA LP ALL45513130.9 
4491SP2DKI2015SPSA LP ALL44814140.4 
4492EA7HOJ2012EASA LP ALL44816162.0 
4493RA9ODW2010RA9SA LP ALL43415141.6 
4494DG8HJ2016DLSA LP ALL42013121.0 
4495RT3LA2013UA-3SA LP ALL42015150.9 
4496AK0MR2015W0SA LP ALL41813113.0 
4497KC0MNU2006W0SA LP ALL41419181.4  
4498JK1GKG2017JA1SA LP ALL41013103.1 
4499PS8RV2013PYSA LP ALL40812122.6 
4500VE3BLU2016VE3SA LP ALL40614143.2 

Page 45 of 47

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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