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4401IK8MIGISO LP ALL43516150.8 [Cert]
4402RA9ODWRA9SA LP ALL43415141.6 [Cert]
4403IT9AXQIT9SO LP 20M (R)43218182.7 [Cert]
4404IZ1GJKISO LP 40M42014141.3 [Cert]
4405EC4AAEASO QRP 10M40812121.6 [Cert]
4406IT9AUHIT9SA LP 10M40616143.0 [Cert]
4407WZ3KW3SO LP ALL40616140.9 [Cert]
4408YO5OHYYOSO QRP 10M39612111.5 [Cert]
4409JM1DSCJA1SO LP ALL39016152.1 [Cert]
4410RK6CMUA-6SO HP 15M37714130.7 [Cert]
4411UT2ABURSO LP ALL37713133.4 [Cert]
4412S59TS5SO HP ALL36417131.7 [Cert]
4413VE3CUIVE3SO HP 160M (T)36010101.1 [Cert]
4414KB3RKMW3SO LP 40M36015152.0 [Cert]
4415JJ7OIPJA7SA LP 15M35113130.9 [Cert]
4416SP6IHESPSO LP ALL3511090.4 [Cert]
4417M0AAAGSO LP 20M34111110.3G0VQR[Cert]
4418EU1DZEUSA LP 10M34012101.0 [Cert]
4419RW1CXUA-1SO LP 10M34012100.5 [Cert]
4420KA3JOIW3SO LP ALL33813131.3 [Cert]
4421S59EIJS5SO HP ALL33616121.3 [Cert]
4422VA3FNVE3SO LP 20M33612121.2 [Cert]
4423PU2YMHPYSO LP 10M33016153.2 [Cert]
4424W4JHC/5W5SO LP ALL (T)33015154.5 [Cert]
4425YO9ICTYOSO LP ALL (R)33010101.4 [Cert]
4426M0DEGGSO LP 80M32513131.1 [Cert]
4427EA4RCTEAMULTI-ONE HP32419180.7EA4RCT[Cert]
4428K5KVNW5SO LP 20M32412121.0 [Cert]
4429KI4UCJW4SO LP ALL32412122.8 [Cert]
4430RA3FDUA-3SA HP 40M320880.2 [Cert]
4431BD5CFYBYSO LP 15M31911111.6 [Cert]
4432JO7FGZ/1JA1SO QRP 15M31213131.5 [Cert]
4433SQ1EIXSPSO LP ALL306991.0 [Cert]
4434LU6QILUSA HP 40M30010100.6 [Cert]
4435BG4LKZBYSO LP ALL (T)30015154.7 [Cert]
4436IZ7EXXISO LP ALL30010100.5 [Cert]
4437IV3SGJISO QRP ALL30012122.0 [Cert]
4438OH6TNOHSA HP ALL29711110.7 [Cert]
4439WB5SGNW5SO LP ALL (T)29711112.9 [Cert]
4440W1BP/4W4SO LP ALL29414141.9 [Cert]
4441SQ3WWSPSO LP 15M28010100.4 [Cert]
4442K1ALLW1SO LP 20M28010101.5 [Cert]
4443N8QEW8SO QRP ALL (T)28014140.8 [Cert]
4444VK2BCQVKSA HP 15M (T)27512112.5 [Cert]
4445VG3RJVE3SO LP 20M27511110.7VA3RJ[Cert]
4446F1AGUFSO LP ALL27313131.6 [Cert]
4447AA1MW1SA LP 40M264880.4 [Cert]
4448OK1KMGOKSO LP 15M26411110.7OK1ULE[Cert]
4449OK1ULEOKSO LP 15M26411110.7 [Cert]
4450UT1IAURSA HP 10M (T)26010101.7 [Cert]
4451IZ2CSXISO LP 20M26013131.1 [Cert]
4452DL4NTDLSO LP 20M25516151.4 [Cert]
4453AD5LUW5SO LP ALL25313111.0 [Cert]
4454W4LSC/7W7SO LP ALL25010102.0 [Cert]
4455KE5SNJW5SO LP 10M (R)243990.9 [Cert]
4456W7SURW7SO LP ALL24012122.4 [Cert]
4457BG6JICBYSO LP 20M23413131.5 [Cert]
4458JQ1KRTJA1SO LP ALL23010102.0 [Cert]
4459IW3SRCISO LP ALL22812120.7 [Cert]
4460KE4VEKW4SO LP ALL22812121.9 [Cert]
4461LA6MJALASA LP ALL22113130.9 [Cert]
4462JH1RDUJA1SO LP 40M (T)216660.7 [Cert]
4463TA1BMTA1SO LP ALL216981.7 [Cert]
4464DL1HREDLSO HP ALL21016143.3 [Cert]
4465JF1HJXJA1SO LP 15M21010101.3 [Cert]
4466TA1HZTA1SO LP 40M210771.6 [Cert]
4467SM0BDSSMSO LP ALL (T)20010100.6 [Cert]
4468IV3BCAISO LP 40M (T)19810110.8 [Cert]
4469OZ1ELYOZSO LP ALL198991.4 [Cert]
4470JA8MXCJA8SO HP 40M192661.1 [Cert]
4471KE4HUDW4SO QRP 40M (T)19213121.3 [Cert]
4472DO6JANDLSO LP 80M (R)19010100.5 [Cert]
4473JN1BBOJA1SO LP 10M189990.6 [Cert]
4474KD8GROW8SO LP 20M18010101.2 [Cert]
4475OH4FSKOHSO LP 40M180990.8 [Cert]
4476JI1DSUJA1SO LP ALL18010101.6 [Cert]
4477SQ6STISPSO LP ALL176881.4 [Cert]
4478JK3AHSJA3SO QRP 20M176880.3 [Cert]
4479WU9B/7W7SO LP ALL (T)168880.6 [Cert]
4480SM7TZKSMSA LP 80M160880.3 [Cert]
4481SP1GZFSPSO HP 10M16010101.2 [Cert]
4482AE5NOW5SO LP ALL16010101.0 [Cert]
4483JI1UDDJA1SO LP ALL (T)160881.1 [Cert]
4484IK2RGTISO HP 10M (T)154870.3 [Cert]
4485BG5DODBYSO LP ALL153991.6 [Cert]
44862E0TQRGSO LP 10M147879.4 [Cert]
4487YO2LEEYOSO LP 10M144881.3 [Cert]
4488KE7PNFW7SO LP 20M (R)14412122.0 [Cert]
4489KC0FUEW0SO LP ALL144992.3 [Cert]
4490IK3XTYISO QRP ALL (T)1441090.4 [Cert]
4491F4FWNFSO LP ALL (R)140771.1 [Cert]
4492BG5DLVBYSO LP ALL136882.4 [Cert]
4493JF2FKJJA2SO LP 15M135990.8 [Cert]
4494TA2JNTASO LP 20M133770.1 [Cert]
4495SA1ASMSO HP 10M (T)126760.1SM1TDE[Cert]
4496K4MTXW4SO LP 20M (R)126991.7 [Cert]
4497DD1MATDLSO QRP 40M126770.1 [Cert]
4498UN9LUUNSO LP 20M117990.3 [Cert]
4499KB8BMRW8SO LP ALL117991.1 [Cert]
4500PU5ICEPYSO LP 10M112880.4 [Cert]

Page 45 of 48

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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