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4001SM0KV1994SMSO HP 15M5401615  
4002UA3XP1979UA-3SO HP 15M5402320  
4003HS0ZDR2017HSSO HP 15M52517151.0 
4004SP3LPR1988SPSO HP 15M5251515  
4005Y48ZF1980DMSO HP 15M5201413  
4006WT6/SA3ANZ2014W6SO HP 15M50020200.3 
4007SM0ARR1994SMSO HP 15M4961716  
4008SP9ZD1986SPSO HP 15M4941413  
4009JH2WHS1987JA2SO HP 15M4811513  
4010JK2HDC1996JA2SO HP 15M4761414  
4011Y56ZA1989DMSO HP 15M4651515  
4012JA4JJI1994JA4SO HP 15M4602320  
4013JH2WHS1986JA2SO HP 15M4551513  
4014RW0BM2009RA0SO HP 15M45017151.7 
4015F6CLM1982FSO HP 15M4421413  
4016JH7KTI1986JA7SO HP 15M4341514  
4017DJ1XT2012DLSO HP 15M43212120.8 
4018LZ1PM2007LZSO HP 15M432121224.7  
4019EC3BPO1984EASO HP 15M4321616  
4020JH0SGG1984JA0SO HP 15M4201414  
4021JG1TUC2017JA1SO HP 15M40615142.3 
4022UA3ZFT1989UA-3SO HP 15M3911917  
4023NY6Y2002W6SO HP 15M38412123.1  
4024RK6CM2010UA-6SO HP 15M37714130.7 
4025JM2BHI1990JA2SO HP 15M3771613  
4026JA3RBC1986JA3SO HP 15M3701310  
4027RA3XO2007UA-3SO HP 15M363111124.6  
4028JA3RBC1987JA3SO HP 15M3601412  
4029OZ5DX1997OZSO HP 15M3511513  
4030DK6TH/P1982DLSO HP 15M3511613  
4031JP1TYX1984JA1SO HP 15M3411111  
4032Y22TD1981DMSO HP 15M3411111  
4033CT1CVF1985CTSO HP 15M3361212  
4034W2RR2017W2SO HP 15M33011111.1WA2AOG
4035JM1WZP1985JA1SO HP 15M3301110  
4036Y24IF/P1984DMSO HP 15M3191111  
4037JR7MZC/11990JA1SO HP 15M3121612  
4038Y54WO1984DMSO HP 15M3101110  
4039JE8PYD1987JA8SO HP 15M3081411  
4040OZ7SG1980OZSO HP 15M3031110  
4041SP2FAP1981SPSO HP 15M3001010  
4042JE2VNE1978JA2SO HP 15M288138  
4043SM4BTF1983SMSO HP 15M2801210  
4044JA0GZ1994JA0SO HP 15M2751111  
4045AB8NZM1976W8SO HP 15M2751211  
4046EA3BWX1984EASO HP 15M2601413  
4047UR2OI1984ESSO HP 15M2601010  
4048WB1AJX1978W1SO HP 15M2601313  
4049JG1OTQ1988JA1SO HP 15M2531111  
4050JL1DRX1992JA1SO HP 15M252109  
4051JA6QDU1986JA6SO HP 15M252129  
4052JR4CTF2016JA4SO HP 15M243991.6 
4053JH2BTM2007JA2SO HP 15M240101025.2  
4054ON6EB/M1980ONSO HP 15M2401212  
4055JA1MJN2009JA1SO HP 15M230131011.8 
4056LZ1GD1986LZSO HP 15M21699  
4057DL/OE5UKL1988DLSO HP 15M2001010  
4058DM3UE1975DMSO HP 15M20098  
4059JN1OTG1989JA1SO HP 15M19288  
4060JR0GXA1988JA0SO HP 15M1921412  
4061JM1GPV1983JA1SO HP 15M1901010  
4062JH0TUD1984JA0SO HP 15M18999  
4063JP1LRT1983JA1SO HP 15M1801110  
4064OK2SWD1986OKOMSO HP 15M17698  
4065OH1EB1982OHSO HP 15M17688  
4066JA3FZI1986JA3SO HP 15M175137  
4067RM4R2012UA-4SO HP 15M168980.8 
4068JG7LBN1988JA7SO HP 15M162109  
4069UQ2GIP1986YLSO HP 15M1561412  
4070EC7CST1984EASO HP 15M153179  
4071W7AYY2003W7SO HP 15M152585736.0  
4072JA3YJQ1975JA3SO HP 15M15298  
4073JA3AVO2015JA3SO HP 15M147771.0 
4074JG1OWV1982JA1SO HP 15M14777  
4075JR3CVJ1979JA3SO HP 15M14777  
4076EA2IA1978EASO HP 15M14787  
4077Y21HF/A1984DMSO HP 15M1401010  
4078JG7LBN1990JA7SO HP 15M136118  
4079JR4HTB1984JA4SO HP 15M13599  
4080Y31SG1984DMSO HP 15M13599  
4081WB2MDZ1980W2SO HP 15M13599N2AHW 
4082EA3BWX1985EASO HP 15M13377  
4083OK2SGW1980OKOMSO HP 15M13377  
4084W5RIT1983W5SO HP 15M11987  
4085JH4MVA1976JA4SO HP 15M11977  
4086YC1RW2008YBSO HP 15M (R)114760.3 
4087JL2RTW1990JA2SO HP 15M11277  
4088JA1JLP1989JA1SO HP 15M11287  
4089JH3YJQ1976JA3SO HP 15M11287  
4090JQ1DKK1985JA1SO HP 15M10575  
4091OZ1ACB1985OZSO HP 15M10577  
4092UA3PAU1981UA-3SO HP 15M9999  
4093LA1RN1985LASO HP 15M9656  
4094JG1KOE1990JA1SO HP 15M90119  
4095LA5TBA1989LASO HP 15M9065  
4096JN1RFI1986JA1SO HP 15M9076  
4097JE2GAL1977JA2SO HP 15M9065  
4098JM1DUH1980JA1SO HP 15M8575  
4099OZ4VW1986OZSO HP 15M8476  
4100JM1GPV1984JA1SO HP 15M8466  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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