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3901JH1BKA1981JA1SO HP 15M1,2062318  
3902WD2AEZ1983W2SO HP 15M1,1962926  
3903UL7AAQ1977UNSO HP 15M1,1732423  
3904JF2NXS1986JA2SO HP 15M1,1602620  
3905UY5HV1977URSO HP 15M1,1602020  
3906Y39SH1987DMSO HP 15M1,1212319  
3907JG1GCO2003JA1SO HP 15M1,113212136.0  
3908JP1DPC1984JA1SO HP 15M1,1042423  
3909LA6LX1981LASO HP 15M1,1043023  
3910OH2KI1984OHSO HP 15M1,1022019  
3911JH2BTM2017JA2SO HP 15M1,10023222.5 
3912JF2PXB1991JA2SO HP 15M1,0832319  
3913JA5EPE1984JA5SO HP 15M1,0832119  
3914JH0JLL1979JA0SO HP 15M1,0832019  
3915DM3UE1976DMSO HP 15M1,0832419  
3916K7JQ2016W7SO HP 15M1,08032240.8 
3917JR3OGE/11984JA1SO HP 15M1,0802020  
3918TA3EJ2016TASO HP 15M1,07824220.6 
39198N0A2016JA0SO HP 15M1,07121212.3JA0GCY
3920JG3EHD1991JA3SO HP 15M1,0712121  
3921EA1CON1987EASO HP 15M1,0712117  
3922JO1MCC1985JA1SO HP 15M1,0562216  
3923YU1SF1977YUSO HP 15M1,0452519  
3924OK2ZAV1977OKOMSO HP 15M1,0342322  
3925EC1DDB1991EASO HP 15M1,0322924  
3926SP6JYQ1980SPSO HP 15M1,0292421  
3927JA2QVP2003JA2SO HP 15M1,026201925.1  
3928JA0JEZ1990JA0SO HP 15M1,0203430  
3929JA7HYS1975JA7SO HP 15M1,0122422  
3930CT1AV1985CTSO HP 15M1,0082221  
3931W9YCV1981W9SO HP 15M1,0072019  
3932JE7SWJ1984JA7SO HP 15M9923431  
3933JG3EHD1990JA3SO HP 15M9872121  
3934JH2KGZ1983JA2SO HP 15M9872621  
3935PA3CLS1988PASO HP 15M9542118  
3936JA8JIM1984JA8SO HP 15M9542118  
3937JE6GIQ1984JA6SO HP 15M9542018  
3938LA7SI1984LASO HP 15M9432523  
3939OH1JP1980OHSO HP 15M9402120  
3940JA1AJA1983JA1SO HP 15M9182317  
3941CE5GO1975CESO HP 15M9012517  
3942UA6AES2012UA-6SO HP 15M89723230.9 
3943SP5KGT1977SPSO HP 15M8932319  
3944OK2SWD1990OKOMSO HP 15M8843124  
3945UA3AEX1978UA-3SO HP 15M8842117  
3946VE3EJK1975VE3SO HP 15M8842017  
3947JR7RHT1980JA7SO HP 15M8702015  
3948UR4EI2004URSO HP 15M867191725.4  
3949UW9CR1979RA9SO HP 15M8671717  
3950S51DX2004S5SO HP 15M864181824.5  
3951OH3CU1980OHSO HP 15M8512523  
3952HA1UI1985HASO HP 15M8501817  
3953JH0BFS1976JA0SO HP 15M8502520  
3954W6ZQ/72012W7SO HP 15M84021200.5 
3955JG1BCD1988JA1SO HP 15M8281818  
3956JH9ETC1987JA9SO HP 15M8282018  
3957EC3CGJ1986EASO HP 15M8172019  
3958JR4THU1986JA4SO HP 15M8161817  
3959SP3A2015SPSO HP 15M81019181.9 
3960G4NXL1985GSO HP 15M7842316  
3961JP1TVZ1985JA1SO HP 15M7841916  
3962JE2LDO1983JA2SO HP 15M7841716  
3963UW9SG1975RA9SO HP 15M7841916  
3964OK3YDP1982OKOMSO HP 15M7791919  
3965DL1JGG2008DLSO HP 15M77418182.9 
3966JN1RZU1983JA1SO HP 15M7741818  
3967JH0BQI1976JA0SO HP 15M7741718  
3968OK3FON1980OKOMSO HP 15M7681716  
3969JA0JK1980JA0SO HP 15M7652017  
3970OK1OPT1991OKOMSO HP 15M7592523OK1DOL 
3971ZP5LOB1984ZPSO HP 15M7521716  
3972JH0DBD/11983JA1SO HP 15M7521716  
3973JH0DBD1979JA0SO HP 15M6861714  
3974BG9BUS2011BYSO HP 15M68020204.1 
3975JA3FZI1988JA3SO HP 15M6803010  
3976OK2BJR1985OKOMSO HP 15M6751515  
3977WB4ZOG1979W4SO HP 15M6601515  
3978JG1TUC2016JA1SO HP 15M65618165.6  
3979RL7PAV/RI51988UKSO HP 15M6462019  
3980UA4FDE1983UA-4SO HP 15M6441714  
3981WD5EGK1978W5SO HP 15M6302121  
3982RA3SAE2013UA-3SO HP 15M (R)62917170.8 
3983JN1MKZ/21988JA2SO HP 15M6151615  
3984JR2YZB1985JA2SO HP 15M6121818  
3985JA5UYE1976JA5SO HP 15M6121718  
3986W3FQE1991W3SO HP 15M6111613  
3987VE6CJR1981VE6SO HP 15M6045748  
3988Y53UN1983DMSO HP 15M5981613  
3989SP7SEG1996SPSO HP 15M5941811  
3990UL7TT1985UNSO HP 15M5881414  
3991KA2BXH2010W2SO HP 15M58515150.8 
3992Y36UG1985DMSO HP 15M5851613  
3993JA1HOI2006JA1SO HP 15M576181625.7  
3994JA9THA1992JA9SO HP 15M5761816  
3995JE8AGX1985JA8SO HP 15M5763024  
3996JM2BHI1989JA2SO HP 15M5601614  
3997OH1PU1979OHSO HP 15M5601616  
3998JG3LLS1980JA3SO HP 15M5591513  
3999TA7IBG2015TASO HP 15M (R)54614140.6 
4000JH4LBE1976JA4SO HP 15M5441416  

Page 40 of 42

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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