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3901PS8NF1998PYSO HP 10M9103726  
3902Y62XG1984DMSO HP 10M9012017  
3903YC1DYY1994YBSO HP 10M9002315  
3904HA2PP1984HASO HP 10M8843326  
3905KC4BIO1988W4SO HP 10M8822121  
3906DJ6TK1983DLSO HP 10M8822018  
3907KB7M1991W7SO HP 10M8742019  
3908JA6BGA2007JA6SO HP 10M8642016  
3909OH6ZH/11981OHSO HP 10M8642118  
3910JQ1AML1984JA1SO HP 10M8583026  
3911UA6AJF1980UA-6SO HP 10M8582322  
3912SW9FF2015SV9SO HP 10M85519192.1SV0XBN
3913JR0BQT1985JA0SO HP 10M8512923  
3914OE1WWL/81991OESO HP 10M8501817  
3915UA9CIH1978RA9SO HP 10M8443526  
3916UP2BBD1978LYSO HP 10M8282018  
3917UB5VCD1977URSO HP 10M8282318  
3918HB9CVE2004HBSO HP 10M81617160.6  
3919JH8RGQ1989JA8SO HP 10M8161716  
3920SM0NZB1988SMSO HP 10M8162117  
3921KE8NH1995W8SO HP 10M8101815  
3922N2UB1998W2SO HP 10M8001816  
3923Y38ZA1980DMSO HP 10M8001816  
3924RA0CDM1983RA0SO HP 10M7991717  
3925UA6AKT1979UA-6SO HP 10M7982221  
3926JN1TEN1985JA1SO HP 10M7652017  
3927OH2BXT1991OHSO HP 10M7602319  
3928OH5MX1989OHSO HP 10M7602120  
3929RA9ODC1976RA9SO HP 10M7563818  
3930VK2FFI/41987VKSO HP 10M7351815JP1DMX 
3931HG5AAS1985HASO HP 10M7312417  
3932OH1EB1981OHSO HP 10M7311717  
3933SP1MWN2013SPSO HP 10M72016163.1 
3934SM3CJA1978SMSO HP 10M7141714  
3935WD8AJK1978W8SO HP 10M7141717  
3936OK3CEE1977OKOMSO HP 10M7142317  
3937OH6MXS1991OHSO HP 10M7132723  
3938JR1OYL1979JA1SO HP 10M6861714  
3939JA3MXP1991JA3SO HP 10M6722121  
3940SM2NTU1984SMSO HP 10M6631917  
3941VR2PW2010VRSO HP 10M65622161.4 
3942UC2WO1988EUSO HP 10M6451515  
3943SM0MC1983SMSO HP 10M6371917  
3944SM6E2011SMSO HP 10M63015150.6SM6FUD
3945EA4EER1987EASO HP 10M6301914  
3946LA7CL1982LASO HP 10M6241613  
3947OK1TW1986OKOMSO HP 10M6161614  
3948UB5JKG1986URSO HP 10M6151615  
3949EA1EPB1987EASO HP 10M6121812  
3950IW0HBY2017ISO HP 10M608201610.0 
3951SM4DLS1982SMSO HP 10M6021514  
3952RA0ABJ1977RA0SO HP 10M6003020  
3953RA9CEM1983RA9SO HP 10M5851515  
3954JA0TPE1983JA0SO HP 10M5641912  
3955UA9UR1997RA9SO HP 10M5601816  
3956PA0CF1980PASO HP 10M5601414  
3957JF2FWS1979JA2SO HP 10M5601414  
3958UL7TAC1978UNSO HP 10M5591513  
3959UA9WNR1988RA9SO HP 10M5551715  
3960UA6LMT1984UA-6SO HP 10M5461413  
3961UA3DAL1980UA-3SO HP 10M5401818  
3962JA6GDD1983JA6SO HP 10M5331513  
3963OZ9HN1981OZSO HP 10M5321614  
3964WD8PAQ1985W8SO HP 10M5282222  
3965RB5MJG1977URSO HP 10M5282316  
3966OZ2BM1983OZSO HP 10M5251515  
3967Y37XH1989DMSO HP 10M5201413  
3968OZ4VW1982OZSO HP 10M5201613  
3969KB2DUH1988W2SO HP 10M5132727  
3970K3NTD1984W3SO HP 10M5132219  
3971JA6ADA1983JA6SO HP 10M5042212  
3972Y62QN1980DMSO HP 10M5041614  
3973UA6LMT1979UA-6SO HP 10M4942419  
3974OK2BHM1988OKOMSO HP 10M4681313  
3975UL7MAX1984UNSO HP 10M4681413  
3976UA0LFI1983RA0SO HP 10M4681613  
3977UB5QFJ1980URSO HP 10M4681313  
3978K9DXB1978W9SO HP 10M4681413  
3979UA3ACD1981UA-3SO HP 10M4651515  
3980UA3DGI1980UA-3SO HP 10M4641716  
3981JA1PUK1991JA1SO HP 10M4551313  
3982UA3DLD1981UA-3SO HP 10M4481414  
3983SP9DEM/A1993SPSO HP 10M4441312  
3984JA1AAT1990JA1SO HP 10M4421413  
3985IZ3GYS2014ISO HP 10M43515150.4  
3986TC101GLB2016TA1SO HP 10M43212120.4TA3AHJ
3987Y39ZC/Y39RE1988DMSO HP 10M4291311  
3988EA3ELZ1986EASO HP 10M4291411  
3989RA9CIU1977RA9SO HP 10M4291813  
3990I2LPA1975ISO HP 10M4291511  
3991IV3BMV1997ISO HP 10M4252723  
3992JN3QVM1990JA3SO HP 10M4201312  
3993YO2AQB1984YOSO HP 10M4201412  
3994SM2KEN1981SMSO HP 10M4161616  
3995JA7FMZ1980JA7SO HP 10M4081212  
3996JH1FJK1980JA1SO HP 10M40866  
3997OZ1FAO1980OZSO HP 10M4031313  
3998N0IDH/T1988W0SO HP 10M3992119  
3999EA7FUN1987EASO HP 10M3961211  
4000UA0QCA1982RA0SO HP 10M3961211  

Page 40 of 42

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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