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301K8TMK1992W8SO HP ALL522,070559370  
302WN8QII1978W8MULTI-ONE HP521,532917297WN8QII K8HLT K8JK K8US N... 
303KD8B1988W8MULTI-ONE HP518,837837467KD8B + computer 
304WB8TLI2008W8SO LP ALL (T)516,88058235534.7 [Cert]
305N8JQX1991W8SO HP ALL516,615532341  
306N9AG/81988W8SO HP 15M514,960712410  
307WA8LOW1995W8MULTI-MULTI512,068723409WA8LOW WD8MQJ WB8GEX NY8... 
308N8BV2014W8SO LP ALL508,64053137413.8 [Cert]
309NE8T1986W8SO HP ALL508,387708409N8CXX 
310KW8N2013W8SO HP ALL505,4205703705.8  
311WN8R2014W8SO HP ALL504,75451135916.9 [Cert]
312N8SBE2016W8SO LP ALL (T)501,97257135419.2 [Cert]
313WZ8DX2010W8SA LP ALL501,31264537327.6 [Cert]
314WB8ENR1996W8SO HP ALL499,617586387  
315N8II2009W8SO HP 40M498,29277234718.8 [Cert]
316N8IL2017W8SO LP ALL (T)494,48449235624.4 [Cert]
317WB8PHI1989W8MULTI-ONE HP490,050506363WB8PHI W8SJU 
318KI8IZ2003W8SO LP ALL488,96171136328.1  
319KE8UN2013W8SA HP ALL487,14050535322.9 [Cert]
320K8YZW1976W8MULTI-ONE HP483,923645319K8YZW K8DVV WA8WWM 
321N8MWK2016W8SO LP ALL (T)483,29851233425.6 [Cert]
322N8XC2017W8SO HP ALL (T)479,89555134520.6 [Cert]
323WD8CRY1978W8SO HP 15M478,660736260  
324NV8N2006W8SO LP 20M (T)476,00761239921.3  
325W8IMZ1982W8SO HP ALL470,594571314  
326KB8UUZ2012W8SO LP ALL470,05454135822.5 [Cert]
327N8IVE2014W8SO HP ALL463,87249730219.3 [Cert]
328WD8S2015W8SA LP ALL (T)461,89852638313.8 [Cert]
329KF8K1982W8SO HP ALL461,790594315  
330K8BL2010W8SO LP ALL (T)461,15356437112.1 [Cert]
331WZ8T2007W8SO LP ALL (T)459,75660838731.1  
332N8IE2003W8SO QRP ALL456,12065536023.7  
333NV8N2007W8SO LP 20M (T)454,98760140326.7  
334NR8I2010W8SO LP ALL454,67858432926.2 [Cert]
335N8HP2014W8SA HP ALL452,67649435720.7 [Cert]
337NE8T1994W8SO HP ALL446,420528340  
338AA8PA1996W8SO HP ALL (T)444,636480358  
339W8GNM2015W8SA HP ALL (T)442,32048429121.6 [Cert]
340KM8I2001W8MULTI-ONE HP441,50152336738.7KM8I KB8QO AB8FY K8DVX W... 
341N8DXR1999W8SO LP ALL (T)441,046541349  
342W8MET2015W8SO LP ALL438,54252233419.7 [Cert]
343K8DD1989W8SO HP ALL438,048539351  
344KD8TXN2013W8SA HP ALL437,13651733626.2  
345W8DGN2014W8MULTI-MULTI435,50050433520.8W8ASA N8DRG KD8GME KD8PZ...[Cert]
346AC8GX2012W8SO LP ALL (R)435,40053935034.5 [Cert]
347KV3R/82003W8SO HP ALL434,67666235633.2  
348WA8RCN2016W8SO HP ALL432,90048732518.8 [Cert]
349N8FEH1991W8SO HP ALL432,371504337  
350N8CWU2016W8SA LP ALL428,57750637315.3 [Cert]
351KI8J1981W8SO HP 15M426,048583336  
352NV8N2005W8SO LP 20M (T)424,25860440124.9  
353W8GNM2011W8SA HP ALL423,18644128122.3 [Cert]
354KA8JRI1982W8SO HP ALL422,432584307  
355KF8UN2001W8MULTI-ONE HP421,82451533848.0KF8UN KI0DE KC8LYG 
356K8PGJ2012W8SO LP ALL (R)421,82450131232.5 [Cert]
357N8IL2016W8SO LP ALL420,84948932718.1 [Cert]
358WT8C2007W8SA HP ALL420,83143532121.6  
359KN8D1982W8SO HP ALL419,785548295  
360N8AKF1982W8SO HP ALL418,988552298  
361KZ8Y1984W8SO HP 15M417,834566334  
362N8II2004W8SO LP ALL414,00449433211.8  
363N8ET1978W8SO HP ALL413,466633274  
364N8IVE2011W8SO HP ALL412,72044630821.1 [Cert]
365W8TE2006W8SO HP ALL412,72054333522.9  
366N8BJQ1996W8SA HP ALL412,192500352  
367W8KTQ2014W8SO HP ALL (T)408,14846533412.8 [Cert]
368AK8B2003W8SO LP ALL404,01061233530.2  
369N8BV2012W8SO LP ALL403,82053233115.5 [Cert]
370WZ8T1992W8SO LP 15M402,052482346  
371AC8JF2014W8SO LP ALL400,26649333321.4 [Cert]
372N8BV2015W8SO LP ALL (T)399,65544733510.7 [Cert]
373K8DD1994W8SO HP ALL398,748501329  
374WD8S2012W8SA LP ALL392,32648537411.8 [Cert]
375KN8R1986W8SO HP 80M392,128920352  
376KT8O2002W8SO LP 15M391,87551437521.3  
377WZ8T1993W8SO LP 15M391,310509359  
378N8IVE2012W8SO HP ALL389,53243028624.6 [Cert]
379KB8KE2013W8SO HP ALL (T)388,68046432817.6 [Cert]
380K8GL2005W8SO HP ALL387,19549731112.2  
381WR8TC2015W8SO HP ALL384,05149031319.8K3ZJ[Cert]
382WA3C/82008W8SA HP ALL380,87540227510.4 [Cert]
383AJ1M/82005W8SA HP ALL380,76861232626.9AJ1M 
384N8WK2001W8SO LP ALL380,052481324  
385W8FDN1982W8SO HP ALL378,840530280  
386KB8PK1980W8SO HP 10M376,798515293  
387N8ATR1980W8SO HP ALL376,134522278  
388N8TN1982W8SO HP ALL371,490589305  
389KB8QO2000W8SO HP ALL370,968467312  
390N8IL2013W8SO HP ALL368,70048330022.1 [Cert]
391K8EMS2014W8SO LP ALL (T)368,17941735317.0 [Cert]
392NE8I1996W8SO LP ALL362,454422313  
393W8GNM2013W8SA HP ALL (T)362,23445727822.7 [Cert]
394N8JW1978W8SO HP ALL360,000517250  
395KZ8Y1983W8SO HP ALL358,070523305  
396KN8R1987W8SO HP 80M357,952854329  
397ND8L2002W8SA HP ALL (T)356,5004183108.9  
398WC8VOA2007W8MULTI-ONE HP355,77657032725.9KB8ZYE W8CDA W8ND K8FB K... 
399W8ILC1978W8SO QRP ALL353,466572269  
400KA8WAS1991W8SO HP ALL353,039500323  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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