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301WB7OCV/22001W2SO QRP 20M10,3367468  
302WB7OCV/22006W2SO QRP 20M10,2907270  
303RV6MD/92006RA9SO QRP 20M9,877898330.9  
304LY5G2006LYSO QRP 20M9,72081725.0LY2FE 
305GW0VSW1998GWSO QRP 20M9,6609184  
306VE3IAE2007VE3SO QRP 20M9,54071607.0  
307WN4DX2007W4SO QRP 20M9,50475667.1  
308KZ3I2017W3SO QRP 20M9,31073708.1 [Cert]
309DH0JAE2009DLSO QRP 20M9,17475668.9 [Cert]
310RL3QCS2013UA-3SO QRP 20M9,12086806.7 [Cert]
311K9OSH1993W9SO QRP 20M9,0457267  
312WB7OCV/22009W2SO QRP 20M8,976736817.2 [Cert]
313SE5S2006SMSO QRP 20M8,928807210.8  
314DJ5GK2008DLSO QRP 20M8,61870627.8 [Cert]
315HB9ENI2014HBSO QRP 20M8,514918614.9 [Cert]
316SQ4ZS2008SPSO QRP 20M8,393777711.0 [Cert]
317PA0NRD1981PASO QRP 20M8,32210873  
318PA0NRD1978PASO QRP 20M8,29610068  
319I1BAY2006ISO QRP 20M8,240126120  
320HB9ENI2016HBSO QRP 20M8,21479748.8 [Cert]
321YO4ATW1996YOSO QRP 20M8,1907063  
322SP9BMH2005SPSO QRP 20M8,14086749.0  
323SP7JPN2014SPSO QRP 20M7,72285787.3 [Cert]
324YO9IRF2013YOSO QRP 20M (R)7,60086764.1 [Cert]
3259A5HZ20169ASO QRP 20M7,57581758.8 [Cert]
326M0JBA2012GSO QRP 20M (T)7,44086809.7 [Cert]
327W4BQK2006W4SO QRP 20M (R)7,30861585.4  
328JA1KFX1983JA1SO QRP 20M7,2966957  
329VE2AEJ/31985VE3SO QRP 20M7,0566156  
330SP4DM1985SPSO QRP 20M7,0206052  
331W0NV/62010W6SO QRP 20M7,00673623.9 [Cert]
332RK4FB2009UA-4SO QRP 20M6,96975698.6 [Cert]
333NP3D/NY22007W2SO QRP 20M6,944685625.6EW1AR 
334DH8BQA2006DLSO QRP 20M (T)6,80078687.0  
335IY7M2015ISO QRP 20M6,78979732.8 [Cert]
336R2AD2013UA-3SO QRP 20M6,71675732.8 [Cert]
337IZ2QKG2011ISO QRP 20M (T)6,525807513.6 [Cert]
338SQ3OGP2013SPSO QRP 20M6,46175717.7 [Cert]
339KI5DR2015W5SO QRP 20M (T)6,43166596.2 [Cert]
340F5RQQ2013FSO QRP 20M6,40875728.5 [Cert]
341K7KY2001W7SO QRP 20M6,1746463  
342PA0NRD1987PASO QRP 20M5,7127956  
343MU0FAL2008GUSO QRP 20M5,478706610.0 [Cert]
344SP4GFG1986SPSO QRP 20M5,3766448  
345I2BPP2013ISO QRP 20M5,31266643.7 [Cert]
346BG7FBI2012BYSO QRP 20M5,30067536.8 [Cert]
347W0MRZ2010W0SO QRP 20M5,27072629.7 [Cert]
348VA3SB2016VE3SO QRP 20M5,17050473.6 [Cert]
349YT2SMS2017YUSO QRP 20M5,00561556.8 [Cert]
350EA3DZG1983EASO QRP 20M4,9686154  
351HB9ENI2015HBSO QRP 20M4,81965616.3 [Cert]
352N8XA1997W8SO QRP 20M4,7304543  
353EA3BCU1992EASO QRP 20M4,5365856  
354MI0ULK2017GISO QRP 20M (T)4,46661587.6 [Cert]
355WB7OCV/21998W2SO QRP 20M4,4205452  
356VU2UR2010VUSO QRP 20M4,40049445.6 [Cert]
357IZ2FME2009ISO QRP 20M4,37147472.7 [Cert]
358EA4DNR1987EASO QRP 20M4,3687652  
3599A8MM20109ASO QRP 20M4,29359533.5 [Cert]
3609A4DC20149ASO QRP 20M4,189605911.9 [Cert]
361EA2CR1997EASO QRP 20M3,8286058  
362ES6FC2001ESSO QRP 20M3,82210032  
363IZ5JLW2012ISO QRP 20M3,76353534.1 [Cert]
364LU3HFA2015LUSO QRP 20M3,69846438.8 [Cert]
365DL5ANS1998DLSO QRP 20M3,6755449  
366W1TEF2017W4SO QRP 20M (T)3,66640393.1 [Cert]
367UP2BB1985LYSO QRP 20M3,6664939  
368M3PSK2015GSO QRP 20M3,65861593.8 [Cert]
369NI3I1996W3SO QRP 20M3,6403835  
3705P1B2016OZSO QRP 20M3,63446464.2OZ1JUX[Cert]
371SQ3OGP2010SPSO QRP 20M3,61953473.5 [Cert]
372OK1DST2009OKSO QRP 20M3,60050457.5 [Cert]
373UA3TW2017UA-3SO QRP 20M3,58850463.8 [Cert]
374YO6PED2001YOSO QRP 20M3,57054515.9  
375IK4OMU2017ISO QRP 20M (T)3,51046452.4 [Cert]
376YO4AYE2008YOSO QRP 20M3,47648446.5 [Cert]
377UB5VAA1985URSO QRP 20M3,4714139  
378HG1LPS2005HASO QRP 20M3,450515026.1  
379LY2LF2009LYSO QRP 20M3,44049432.1 [Cert]
380SY1BSR2016SVSO QRP 20M3,43252529.4  
381SP4GFG1989SPSO QRP 20M3,3544039  
382DJ6TB2013DLSO QRP 20M3,32859523.1 [Cert]
383EA1BYA2004EASO QRP 20M3,3006055  
384EA5FAG1986EASO QRP 20M3,2605348  
385YO6OEJ2012YOSO QRP 20M (T)3,24860582.9 [Cert]
386VU3DJQ1998VUSO QRP 20M3,1985541  
387KR2AA2011W2SO QRP 20M3,19634342.3 [Cert]
388YO4BII2008YOSO QRP 20M3,12847467.8 [Cert]
389II7M2014ISO QRP 20M3,12049482.9 [Cert]
390K9OSH1989W9SO QRP 20M3,0424039  
391KA1CZF1991W1SO QRP 20M2,9643938  
392KC9AMM2007W9SO QRP 20M2,948524428.5  
3939A8MM20099ASO QRP 20M2,94449462.8 [Cert]
3942M0CFB2011GMSO QRP 20M (R)2,88050486.0 [Cert]
395PA2CHM1991PASO QRP 20M2,8625453  
396OH2BUZ2005OHSO QRP 20M2,83547456.6  
397CG5DLD2017VE5SO QRP 20M2,77440385.0VE5DLD[Cert]
398YO8DHD2008YOSO QRP 20M2,77243423.2 [Cert]
399HA1TD1984HASO QRP 20M2,7365936  
400I1RBJ1980ISO QRP 20M2,7266147  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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