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301G3ZQH2010GSO LP ALL (T)990,99691653833.2 [Cert]
302WN6K1998W6SO LP ALL (T)990,756896438  
303LU5FF2000LUSO LP ALL (T)983,216763464  
304WB8TLI2004W8SO LP ALL (T)982,94982646335.2  
305UA3ABJ2013UA-3SO LP ALL (T)979,26597157135.1 [Cert]
306KK7AC2014W7SO LP ALL (T)979,19589650536.0 [Cert]
307KB9OWD2012W9SO LP ALL (T)978,1121,07749327.4 [Cert]
308VC7G2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)977,46281445432.0VE7JH[Cert]
309VA7CRZ2013VE7SO LP ALL (T)973,56081645629.3 [Cert]
310EE7L2016EASO LP ALL (T)971,88095253435.5EA7HLU[Cert]
311LU1FF2001LUSO LP ALL (T)968,457805431  
312RK3MWI2009UA-3SO LP ALL (T)966,96693753928.2UA3MSA[Cert]
313DH8AF2002DLSO LP ALL (T)952,04983949136.0  
314K0CN2010W0SO LP ALL (T)950,9151,02450529.7 [Cert]
315JM1UTT2012JA1SO LP ALL (T)948,02476546224.9 [Cert]
316UA9XF2005RA9SO LP ALL (T)941,66072339435.0  
317WS7V1999W7SO LP ALL (T)939,393817481  
318V55X2009V5SO LP ALL (T)932,02471045230.4V51YJ[Cert]
319UA3ABJ2005UA-3SO LP ALL (T)929,85686046432.3  
320EA8BXQ1998EA8SO LP ALL (T)927,990800378  
321OH6ECM2015OHSO LP ALL (T)926,8281,00655332.1 [Cert]
322VF3JFF1999VE3SO LP ALL (T)920,727784421  
323WB8TLI2005W8SO LP ALL (T)920,12579543336.0  
324RL6MA2013UA-6SO LP ALL (T)919,95783952328.4 [Cert]
325H2E20115BSO LP ALL (T)914,80567243525.6 [Cert]
326UA3ABJ2011UA-3SO LP ALL (T)905,44579151333.4 [Cert]
327RA1ANY2015UA-1SO LP ALL (T)905,14892152223.5 [Cert]
328KD3HN2014W3SO LP ALL (T)903,78372241931.6 [Cert]
329UA4C2014UA-4SO LP ALL (T)902,55698254825.2 [Cert]
330AM5EOR2000EASO LP ALL (T)901,476904491EA5EOR 
331N8DXR2001W8SO LP ALL (T)900,94985746935.5  
3327S7V2004SMSO LP ALL (T)897,19791946932.1  
333RZ3Z2013UA-3SO LP ALL (T)893,27091749030.5 [Cert]
334PY2LTY2004PYSO LP ALL (T)892,80477741225.4  
335VE1OP2000VE1SO LP ALL (T)891,870752411  
336YV6DBX2002YVSO LP ALL (T)887,28880439425.7  
337IR4R2006ISO LP ALL (T)885,10882649220.8  
338CO2CW2013CMSO LP ALL (T)885,08087643633.1 [Cert]
339RA1AR2001UA-1SO LP ALL (T)877,0121,004466  
3409A8YL20019ASO LP ALL (T)876,46980247333.8  
341S51F1997S5SO LP ALL (T)876,040927440  
342OE3JTB2011OESO LP ALL (T)875,85472551126.2 [Cert]
343VE3WIB1998VE3SO LP ALL (T)873,892741394  
344K4BEV2002W4SO LP ALL (T)866,5788134464.3  
345VE3CR2003VE3SO LP ALL (T)864,56079742831.6  
346NA2Q1998W2SO LP ALL (T)861,670755433  
347YL2TW2001YLSO LP ALL (T)859,27595447526.8  
348LU1BJW2002LUSO LP ALL (T)856,71371742922.8  
349VE3TW2010VE3SO LP ALL (T)852,84567341326.2 [Cert]
350DL5JS2014DLSO LP ALL (T)850,04183951332.3 [Cert]
351DB8NI2005DLSO LP ALL (T)840,78887248129.3  
352ET3AA2015ETSO LP ALL (T)839,2707044109.3EA4ATI[Cert]
353UA1CUR2010UA-1SO LP ALL (T)838,72987747935.8 [Cert]
354EA8OM2012EA8SO LP ALL (T)838,45264442814.3DJ1OJ[Cert]
355FK8DD2013FKSO LP ALL (T)837,86471243124.7  
356F6KZC2001FSO LP ALL (T)836,432833488  
357SV1PMH2016SVSO LP ALL (T)834,20977749133.0 [Cert]
358RA3LBW2000UA-3SO LP ALL (T)832,276803466  
359ED3F2014EASO LP ALL (T)832,14090354030.0EA3FAR[Cert]
360F5LIW2010FSO LP ALL (T)830,62074747631.4 [Cert]
361OK1FRG2003OKSO LP ALL (T)830,13077446934.6  
362EA1BLX1998EASO LP ALL (T)828,836817436  
363DP4M2011DLSO LP ALL (T)827,04083948030.2DJ4MH[Cert]
364JH5OXF1999JA5SO LP ALL (T)825,432735422  
365LW6DG2010LUSO LP ALL (T)823,44673541416.2 [Cert]
366UA9ACJ1999RA9SO LP ALL (T)820,227666373  
367YO3APJ2008YOSO LP ALL (T)819,55379349722.7 [Cert]
368PY2NDX2001PYSO LP ALL (T)819,42069242029.6  
369Z35BY2013Z3SO LP ALL (T)817,02485249117.1 [Cert]
370WP4LNY2000KP4SO LP ALL (T)810,475777425  
371WP3GW2015KP4SO LP ALL (T)808,34463341236.0 [Cert]
372YB2LAB2003YBSO LP ALL (T)806,98567539513.5  
373AJ3M2000W3SO LP ALL (T)802,200726420  
374EE7S2015EASO LP ALL (T)799,34480348826.6EA7IA[Cert]
375DR4G2010DLSO LP ALL (T)797,49872448128.9DJ0GM[Cert]
376AC9KW2015W9SO LP ALL (T)794,02978043726.9 [Cert]
377EU2DX2012EUSO LP ALL (T)790,03586346536.0 [Cert]
378RA9AAA2009RA9SO LP ALL (T)789,23464239826.4 [Cert]
379CQ7ELP1996CTSO LP ALL (T)787,436962494CT1ELP 
380AA6K2014W6SO LP ALL (T)785,80865945926.4 [Cert]
381YT0X1997YUSO LP ALL (T)784,6721,115434YU7AL 
382VE3DZ2009VE3SO LP ALL (T)783,35660340410.0 [Cert]
383LY2TS2009LYSO LP ALL (T)782,76877948235.6 [Cert]
384VE3MGY2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)777,65084230226.6 [Cert]
385KP3/K1ZZ2015KP4SO LP ALL (T)774,43066243023.8 [Cert]
386RV9UP2005RA9SO LP ALL (T)774,06078438030.7  
387KB3LIX2011W3SO LP ALL (T)771,67666741235.5 [Cert]
388YB1TJ2007YBSO LP ALL (T)769,50068037521.8  
389EA9IB1997EA9SO LP ALL (T)767,844574396  
390S57NRO2005S5SO LP ALL (T)767,36079743624.0  
391WB8TLI2006W8SO LP ALL (T)767,11071641035.9  
392OK2BZE2014OKSO LP ALL (T)766,61573649329.0 [Cert]
393I1EIS2008ISO LP ALL (T)766,05579543923.8 [Cert]
394AM5EOR2001EASO LP ALL (T)764,855890455EA5EOR 
395KK7AC2013W7SO LP ALL (T)763,75893045335.2 [Cert]
396DL1MGB2000DLSO LP ALL (T)763,504815476  
397XE3LMV1997XESO LP ALL (T)761,7601,012345  
398NJ2F/42002W4SO LP ALL (T)760,98476642824.1  
399OM7DX2007OMSO LP ALL (T)760,18978346135.7  
400EI5GSB2011EISO LP ALL (T)759,52877146233.0 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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