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301KH6ND2007KH6SO HP 160M26,432785910.2@KH6YY 
302LZ1KOZ1989LZSO HP 160M26,32013294Ivanof 
303VE3BBN1978VE3SO HP 160M26,26414049  
304SP3AGE1984SPSO HP 160M26,04014784  
305OK3CQD1986OKOMSO HP 160M25,57814687  
306SV2GJV2016SVSO HP 160M25,5001241003.7 [Cert]
307WO9S2003W9SO HP 160M25,4251671137.3  
308VE3BBN1980VE3SO HP 160M25,37612252  
309LY5O2011LYSO HP 160M25,0291191035.0 [Cert]
310N6TR/71986W7SO HP 160M24,926263121  
311CU2AF2009CUSO HP 160M24,8201008511.8 [Cert]
312VE3BBN1982VE3SO HP 160M24,52210661  
313UB5PBA1983URSO HP 160M24,39632157  
314SV1GRD2009SVSO HP 160M (T)24,37810610210.2 [Cert]
315K7IDX1986W7SO HP 160M24,360265105  
316EA1DVY2011EASO HP 160M (T)24,024100915.9 [Cert]
317N4NX1985W4SO HP 160M23,980189110  
318OK1JDX1986OKOMSO HP 160M23,52012480  
319W3BGN1988W3SO HP 160M22,46812282  
320AA4MM2004W4SO HP 160M22,4131629313.3  
321WA2IUO1989W2SO HP 160M22,220258101  
322AA4MM1989W4SO HP 160M22,184243118  
323F5ZK2015FSO HP 160M22,041104939.3 [Cert]
324NE5D2009W5SO HP 160M22,022141917.0K5RX[Cert]
325VE3BBN1983VE3SO HP 160M21,61610556  
326DQ2C2017DLSO HP 160M (T)21,4001091001.3DL2SAX[Cert]
327OK3CQR1987OKOMSO HP 160M21,25012485  
328UB5IUA1985URSO HP 160M20,5929266  
329VE3BBN1979VE3SO HP 160M20,42412046  
330AA4MM1994W4SO HP 160M20,022265141  
331UT5ECZ2012URSO HP 160M19,950106954.8 [Cert]
332YO2BEH2001YOSO HP 160M19,923111876.6  
333SP7JQQ2006SPSO HP 160M19,888111886.3  
334UA1ANA2016UA-1SO HP 160M (T)19,855108953.2 [Cert]
335N7DF/01985W0SO HP 160M19,592223124  
336RB5UI1988URSO HP 160M19,46013670  
337SP5INQ1987SPSO HP 160M19,43411379  
338YV1DRK1994YVSO HP 160M19,3926848  
339VE1BNN1987VE1SO HP 160M19,3207260  
340UR5ETN2001URSO HP 160M19,1351048912.7  
341WJ9B/42007W4SO HP 160M19,096118886.4  
342AH6PR1999KH6SO HP 160M18,9636749  
343N4SF1984W4SO HP 160M18,832203107  
344US5ISV2001URSO HP 160M18,509102839.2  
345OH5NE2012OHSO HP 160M18,492100924.9 [Cert]
346N6VI1986W6SO HP 160M18,300288122  
347S57C2010S5SO HP 160M18,00997871.6 [Cert]
348EA5AT2004EASO HP 160M17,90188816.3  
349YU3QI1990YUSO HP 160M17,76011180  
350UB5UHF1984URSO HP 160M17,75012171  
351OK3KFF1981OKOMSO HP 160M17,42413066OK3CQW 
352DJ8ES2010DLSO HP 160M17,296100927.0 [Cert]
353WT3Q1992W3SO HP 160M17,280226135  
354YV2IF1998YVSO HP 160M17,2486049  
355YU3EF1979YUSO HP 160M17,13614156  
356KC8JH1984W8SO HP 160M17,082200117  
357T32AF1983T32SO HP 160M16,8727937  
358YV2IF1996YVSO HP 160M16,7586149  
359W3BGN1987W3SO HP 160M16,66013185  
360KN2T1997W2SO HP 160M16,6508575  
361W8LRL1982W8SO HP 160M16,576329112  
362E72MM2010E7SO HP 160M16,57596855.1 [Cert]
363DK3FB1980DLSO HP 160M16,56014572  
364RF6HFA19864LSO HP 160M16,3807042  
365AA4MM1991W4SO HP 160M16,284247138  
366EA3EIQ2011EASO HP 160M (T)16,020968914.0 [Cert]
367UP2BSD1990LYSO HP 160M15,99612462  
368ES5QX2004ESSO HP 160M15,75090756.5  
369W8LRL1981W8SO HP 160M15,65224391  
370RK4NAB2015UA-4SO HP 160M15,60093787.4 [Cert]
371AA4MM1984W4SO HP 160M15,554192101  
372VE3BBN1977VE3SO HP 160M15,4449939  
373RF6QAI19854LSO HP 160M15,2556045  
374EA1DLU2013EASO HP 160M15,25290827.8 [Cert]
375W3BGN1985W3SO HP 160M15,1329978  
376SP6CZ1987SPSO HP 160M14,83210572  
377RB5IOV1987URSO HP 160M14,50010558  
378AA4MM1992W4SO HP 160M14,364200114  
379RK6AIQ2004UA-6SO HP 160M14,328927212.3  
380AA4MM1996W4SO HP 160M14,280153105  
381LY2BSS1990LYSO HP 160M13,86010266  
382YT3A1987YUSO HP 160M13,80010069  
383OK1KPU1987OKOMSO HP 160M13,7289366OK1JDX 
384OK3CQD1984OKOMSO HP 160M13,20010466  
385CT1AOZ1987CTSO HP 160M12,7686556  
386UQ2GDQ1983YLSO HP 160M12,7609758  
3875B4EP19845BSO HP 160M12,7205640  
388AA4MM1988W4SO HP 160M12,63613478  
389K1VW2009W1SO HP 160M12,530101704.8 [Cert]
390EA5AT2003EASO HP 160M12,52972674.2  
391AA4MM1998W4SO HP 160M12,154175103  
392LY2IJ2009LYSO HP 160M11,92879711.1 [Cert]
393K7IDX1987W7SO HP 160M11,90014468  
394AA4MM1983W4SO HP 160M11,800262100  
395K0CS2000W0SO HP 160M11,69211179  
3969Y4D20089YSO HP 160M11,21451429.1 [Cert]
397AA4MM1987W4SO HP 160M10,92017284  
398RA5AO2016UA-3SO HP 160M10,71079708.1 [Cert]
399K6NDV/12011W1SO HP 160M10,63350491.6K6ND[Cert]
400K2BQ1982W2SO HP 160M10,19222898  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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