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3019A5KIR20179ASA LP 20M15,9361089610.9 [Cert]
302LA7GNA2007LASA LP 20M (R)15,4441089911.9  
303IZ8PPH2012ISA LP 20M15,4351211058.2 [Cert]
304YL3GV2013YLSA LP 20M (T)15,2761201148.5 [Cert]
305TC101SO2016TA1SA LP 20M15,0961091028.0TA3AER[Cert]
306IK2UTT2009ISA LP 20M (T)14,89681765.1 [Cert]
307PI4WLD2010PASA LP 20M (T)14,60199932.2PA0MIR[Cert]
308UB8XAB2012RA9SA LP 20M14,453104978.8 [Cert]
309UT3QD2009URSA LP 20M14,41896816.8 [Cert]
310PD0JMH2017PASA LP 20M14,400105966.3 [Cert]
311EA1GWM2009EASA LP 20M (R)14,40097969.6 [Cert]
312UA3UJP2017UA-3SA LP 20M13,8001039210.0 [Cert]
313YB0BCU2010YBSA LP 20M13,510847010.3 [Cert]
314IR8W2016ISA LP 20M13,5001021008.2IK8YFU[Cert]
315OK2MTV2013OKSA LP 20M13,04083808.5 [Cert]
316PD2TW2017PASA LP 20M12,85177713.3 [Cert]
317KF5BA2013W5SA LP 20M (T)12,66372674.6 [Cert]
318LA8OSA2011LASA LP 20M (R)12,6481049311.8 [Cert]
319PA5AD2016PASA LP 20M12,38496863.5 [Cert]
320RA3XEV2008UA-3SA LP 20M12,015101894.0 [Cert]
321ON7BBR2013ONSA LP 20M11,96099928.7 [Cert]
322S50DX2007S5SA LP 20M11,83294874.3  
323UX6F2009URSA LP 20M11,340958410.6UR5FBK[Cert]
324UQ70F2008UNSA LP 20M (T)11,09867627.7UN8FM[Cert]
325RW0AA2009RA0SA LP 20M11,09681734.2 [Cert]
326BD7LYT2017BYSA LP 20M11,060977011.3BD7MTJ BD7OH BG5TWG BI7I...[Cert]
327SZ1A2016SVSA LP 20M10,962109871.4SV1CIB[Cert]
328EA1EHW2016EASA LP 20M (T)10,68090893.8 [Cert]
329RC4R2017UA-4SA LP 20M10,56092885.4 [Cert]
330IR9Z2012IT9SA LP 20M (T)10,50999933.9IT9VCE[Cert]
331VE3JSQ2016VE3SA LP 20M10,41662625.8  
332BD4KUU2009BYSA LP 20M10,36096708.9 [Cert]
333IZ4MJP2013ISA LP 20M9,93672723.1 [Cert]
334YO9IGT2015YOSA LP 20M9,831928710.4 [Cert]
3359A5KIR20169ASA LP 20M9,80479766.8 [Cert]
336PP5BB2017PYSA LP 20M9,76566638.0 [Cert]
337RK0SV2008RA0SA LP 20M9,61069627.3 [Cert]
338RD8O2011RA9SA LP 20M9,39461613.2 [Cert]
339SV2NRU2016SVSA LP 20M9,23484816.1 [Cert]
340DU4DXT2017DUSA LP 20M9,20475595.3 [Cert]
341YB2ECG2010YBSA LP 20M (T)8,79861534.7 [Cert]
342RA3RLJ2017UA-3SA LP 20M8,55081752.6 [Cert]
343SQ8SET2017SPSA LP 20M8,500796811.5 [Cert]
344JI3CWI2017JA3SA LP 20M (T)8,32073646.3 [Cert]
345RJ3F2015UA-3SA LP 20M8,295887911.2 [Cert]
346LA8CJ2017LASA LP 20M (T)8,21554535.4 [Cert]
347JH9DRL/22017JA2SA LP 20M7,860656010.0 [Cert]
348BD4RDU2013BYSA LP 20M7,729725917.8 [Cert]
349RU0AT2010RA0SA LP 20M7,70052505.0 [Cert]
350N3GJ2012W3SA LP 20M7,59952511.3 [Cert]
351N0SMX/42016W4SA LP 20M7,571686710.3 [Cert]
352OK7MT2017OKSA LP 20M (T)7,19865593.5 [Cert]
353M0LSK2007GSA LP 20M6,86765635.0  
354GM4UYZ2016GMSA LP 20M6,74575713.2 [Cert]
355SP3VSE2011SPSA LP 20M6,55257566.3 [Cert]
356RW9QA2011RA9SA LP 20M6,52850483.4 [Cert]
357JH1OES2013JA1SA LP 20M (T)6,500565213.1 [Cert]
358K7AHF2016W7SA LP 20M6,16057567.0 [Cert]
359PY2VM2012PYSA LP 20M (T)6,01853514.4 [Cert]
360BD4RDU2015BYSA LP 20M (T)5,992615612.0 [Cert]
361PY2MR2016PYSA LP 20M5,98049463.7 [Cert]
362OK1IC2010OKSA LP 20M5,97463581.5 [Cert]
363RN3DKQ2012UA-3SA LP 20M5,94047446.9 [Cert]
364SQ5BB2007SPSA LP 20M5,922504711.0  
365HA0NAR2012HASA LP 20M5,82454521.0 [Cert]
366OK2UHP2016OKSA LP 20M5,73462618.5 [Cert]
367YU6AW2017YUSA LP 20M5,72373593.7 [Cert]
368EC5AN2012EASA LP 20M5,61068663.7 [Cert]
369GM4UYZ2013GMSA LP 20M5,54467632.7 [Cert]
370K6TUJ/72012W7SA LP 20M5,472625710.7 [Cert]
371CF3FS2017VE3SA LP 20M5,34150497.8 [Cert]
372IK5YJK2017ISA LP 20M5,13365595.2 [Cert]
373PA2RG2016PASA LP 20M4,99254522.4 [Cert]
374EI8JX2016EISA LP 20M4,82356533.3 [Cert]
375AF5OI2016W5SA LP 20M (R)4,816615611.5 [Cert]
376RV4AS2012UA-4SA LP 20M4,73849463.1 [Cert]
377YL2KF2010YLSA LP 20M4,69761612.3 [Cert]
378RC9S2015RA9SA LP 20M4,38741410.8 [Cert]
379IZ4AKO2015ISA LP 20M4,27248484.6 [Cert]
380DJ2SN2017DLSA LP 20M4,14055453.3 [Cert]
381IW9HIK2008IT9SA LP 20M4,08153533.6 [Cert]
382EA7KI2016EASA LP 20M4,08052512.7 [Cert]
383OH2FS2008OHSA LP 20M4,08042405.5 [Cert]
384M0WYH2016GSA LP 20M3,97658568.5 [Cert]
385BH4OUF2017BYSA LP 20M3,94852476.7 [Cert]
386SV1DPI2017SVSA LP 20M3,91545452.6 [Cert]
387PY1SX2017PYSA LP 20M3,78036354.0 [Cert]
388RA3WCG2008UA-3SA LP 20M3,713494710.2 [Cert]
389VE8DW2008VE8SA LP 20M (R)3,64844388.7 [Cert]
390VE3CWU2013VE3SA LP 20M3,62637371.0 [Cert]
391YO3IMD2017YOSA LP 20M3,35051502.0 [Cert]
392OE3IDE2017OESA LP 20M3,34446382.6 [Cert]
393GM4UYZ2017GMSA LP 20M3,03850491.5 [Cert]
394JF6RIM2016JA6SA LP 20M2,95842348.4 [Cert]
395BY2WL2014BYSA LP 20M2,92541396.6BD2TBJ[Cert]
396BG4UQX2017BYSA LP 20M2,90539354.6 [Cert]
397UA6GU2011UA-6SA LP 20M2,860454411.9 [Cert]
398KJ9A2008W9SA LP 20M2,80044402.2 [Cert]
399RK9DO2017RA9SA LP 20M2,77234331.4 [Cert]
400PY4PW2009PYSA LP 20M (T)2,73044394.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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