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301UB9UAT2013RA9SA LP 15M42,10813813219.2 [Cert]
302SO9G2010SPSA LP 15M (T)42,02014211013.6SP9DTE[Cert]
303SP9UOP2016SPSA LP 15M41,40012811513.3 [Cert]
304EU4AA2012EUSA LP 15M (T)40,9501491307.7 [Cert]
305G1VDP2014GSA LP 15M40,8981531437.2  
306N4LA2015W4SA LP 15M40,2931211213.6 [Cert]
307K1SE/42001W4SA LP 15M40,08614613110.4  
308TA1CQ2016TA1SA LP 15M39,5521511289.2 [Cert]
309LU7ADN2016LUSA LP 15M39,40614512212.3 [Cert]
310YB7NUS2017YBSA LP 15M39,1601411107.5 [Cert]
311US5ZCW2013URSA LP 15M38,82914912916.4 [Cert]
312OM8LA2013OMSA LP 15M (T)38,4421381299.9 [Cert]
313YO9BXC2010YOSA LP 15M38,01613710813.7 [Cert]
314YO3FOU2011YOSA LP 15M37,14714012113.2 [Cert]
315BG7LKJ2009BYSA LP 15M37,07619112418.3 [Cert]
316PP5BB2012PYSA LP 15M37,02312812314.0 [Cert]
317IT9IMJ2012IT9SA LP 15M37,00815114415.2 [Cert]
318K0WHV2010W0SA LP 15M36,83013412714.1 [Cert]
319DG5OBB2015DLSA LP 15M36,41414012611.2 [Cert]
3207K1MAG/22016JA2SA LP 15M35,96012211612.2 [Cert]
321WB0N2013W0SA LP 15M35,93713512110.6 [Cert]
3224L6QC20094LSA LP 15M35,85614210811.3 [Cert]
323BG2AUE2011BYSA LP 15M (T)35,03012411313.4 [Cert]
324JM1IMF2010JA1SA LP 15M34,57412511811.4 [Cert]
325ED5C2013EASA LP 15M34,33314813915.2EA5FCW[Cert]
326JA1XCZ/42013JA4SA LP 15M34,2701261157.5 [Cert]
327UX7QG2015URSA LP 15M (T)33,93015013017.1 [Cert]
328JA0VTK2013JA0SA LP 15M33,74414511417.1 [Cert]
329YC1GI2017YBSA LP 15M33,68113710915.8  
330YY7OMF2012YVSA LP 15M33,4881141127.0 [Cert]
331JP1LRT2016JA1SA LP 15M33,2921361167.9 [Cert]
332JH9DRL2013JA9SA LP 15M33,04013311218.8 [Cert]
333UT8UL2013URSA LP 15M32,47213612312.6 [Cert]
334YO9CWY2015YOSA LP 15M32,1281571287.9 [Cert]
335OE5UAL2006OESA LP 15M31,9261051026.2  
336YT7E2016YUSA LP 15M31,41511910315.7 [Cert]
337A65BR2013A6SA LP 15M31,2701131069.0 [Cert]
3389A6IV20159ASA LP 15M29,62514512517.8  
339PP5DZ2017PYSA LP 15M29,37611410212.3 [Cert]
340PY4XX2010PYSA LP 15M29,31811710711.3 [Cert]
341HI8EFS2014HISA LP 15M29,12012211215.0  
342ZM3T2015ZLSA LP 15M (T)29,00010810011.8W3SE[Cert]
343EA1HLL2011EASA LP 15M (R)28,6381351119.7 [Cert]
344JE2HXL2013JA2SA LP 15M28,6351401157.6 [Cert]
345JA1GQC2015JA1SA LP 15M28,44911910915.1 [Cert]
346MW0MAU2013GWSA LP 15M28,32116512713.9 [Cert]
3479A3TU20139ASA LP 15M28,0131191094.2  
348UT2AB2012URSA LP 15M (T)27,33611010228.0 [Cert]
349JH7RTQ2017JA7SA LP 15M27,257118979.2 [Cert]
350YC1KA2015YBSA LP 15M27,257108977.5 [Cert]
351ES2TT2016ESSA LP 15M27,249999314.4 [Cert]
352VU3DJQ2013VUSA LP 15M27,13211610220.3 [Cert]
353VC2P2015VE2SA LP 15M (T)26,9281049916.9VE2PIJ[Cert]
354EA1BFZ2016EASA LP 15M (T)26,5001091064.2 [Cert]
355RA0AY2016RA0SA LP 15M26,3001051006.1 [Cert]
356HG3FMZ2011HASA LP 15M25,9471119310.4 [Cert]
357EW4FGC2014EUSA LP 15M (R)25,37613212222.3 [Cert]
358UI4I2017UA-4SA LP 15M25,338113826.9 [Cert]
359JM3QIS2013JA3SA LP 15M24,750110999.2 [Cert]
360YL2PP2010YLSA LP 15M24,570999117.1 [Cert]
361UT1ML2011URSA LP 15M24,2321341049.1 [Cert]
362BD9ALM2015BYSA LP 15M23,97011610218.0 [Cert]
363PY5AP2016PYSA LP 15M23,850105909.8 [Cert]
364UR5FCM2014URSA LP 15M22,86014212711.3 [Cert]
365YO3JF2013YOSA LP 15M22,14099904.4 [Cert]
366BG6CJR2013BYSA LP 15M21,669107938.5  
367V51/TA1HZ2017V5SA LP 15M21,500948614.5 [Cert]
368EC3ADC2008EASA LP 15M20,304979411.9 [Cert]
369E20QVD2016HSSA LP 15M20,27498939.8 [Cert]
370VU2IBI2017VUSA LP 15M (T)20,2031038911.6 [Cert]
371DO1TGS2015DLSA LP 15M19,99212010217.6 [Cert]
372BD2TBJ2014BYSA LP 15M19,440939010.8 [Cert]
3739A4RV20069ASA LP 15M19,34488785.99A4RV 
374SM0Q2011SMSA LP 15M19,082113945.3SM0OGQ[Cert]
375SQ1RMM2012SPSA LP 15M18,7151159515.0 [Cert]
376IZ3ALW2013ISA LP 15M (T)18,33598956.5 [Cert]
377YC1KA2016YBSA LP 15M17,73989817.7 [Cert]
378IK0EIE2009ISA LP 15M (T)17,15584736.3 [Cert]
379HS8JYX2016HSSA LP 15M16,478937713.4 [Cert]
380PY4XX2011PYSA LP 15M16,12892848.8 [Cert]
381BA4SD2014BYSA LP 15M15,714908115.2 [Cert]
382JH6QIL2016JA6SA LP 15M15,40880723.9 [Cert]
383IT9ORA2011IT9SA LP 15M (T)15,12085804.9 [Cert]
384V31MA2017V3SA LP 15M (T)14,81996731.5 [Cert]
385IT9AUH2014IT9SA LP 15M14,63097952.5 [Cert]
386YB3TET2016YBSA LP 15M14,405776711.5 [Cert]
387KB2NGK2012W2SA LP 15M14,16275735.0 [Cert]
388UV5EVZ2016URSA LP 15M13,91278745.2 [Cert]
389W9ILY2014W9SA LP 15M13,77472711.3 [Cert]
390PY4XX2014PYSA LP 15M (T)13,75281724.2 [Cert]
391KF0IQ2014W0SA LP 15M13,720717011.2 [Cert]
392DS2NMJ2011HLSA LP 15M13,317726911.9 [Cert]
393PY1LUI2006PYSA LP 15M12,21377699.8  
394UR2VA2010URSA LP 15M11,74877663.7 [Cert]
395UR5FCM2013URSA LP 15M11,67691845.8 [Cert]
396JA4AQR2010JA4SA LP 15M (T)11,52065644.8 [Cert]
397MW0MAU2012GWSA LP 15M11,455857910.0 [Cert]
398PY2LCD2011PYSA LP 15M (T)11,360757112.8 [Cert]
399IP8IPY2008ISA LP 15M10,75868660.4 [Cert]
400UR5IKN2011URSA LP 15M10,676686819.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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