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301LU3JVO2012LUSA LP 10M24,910103943.5 
302PY1TTN2015PYSA LP 10M24,80012210017.9 
303K7WP2014W7SA LP 10M24,41599952.4 
304JG3NKP/12003JA1SA LP 10M24,196101928.9  
305PR7FN2004PYSA LP 10M24,19212896  
306PY8FML2014PYSA LP 10M23,40012110427.5 
307DL1GBQ2014DLSA LP 10M23,226113987.0 
308YO5TP2014YOSA LP 10M23,15796837.7 
309DL1DTL2012DLSA LP 10M22,93297845.0 
310PU1RSN2016PYSA LP 10M22,90012810014.8 
311EC8AFM2012EA8SA LP 10M22,71494824.7 
312EA2WD2011EASA LP 10M22,714958216.3 
313VE3HEU2014VE3SA LP 10M22,680999010.9 
314UN9LU2014UNSA LP 10M22,63297925.1 
315UN9GD2012UNSA LP 10M22,41099834.0 
3169W2VVH20159M2SA LP 10M22,3721069413.2 
317PA0CMU2015PASA LP 10M22,10096855.8 
318PU2VYT1998PYSA LP 10M (R)22,09810387  
319ST2M2016STSA LP 10M21,94598777.3 
320ED7C2012EASA LP 10M21,73696764.8EA7KJ
321NE0P/52004W5SA LP 10M21,6841047812.9  
322PY2DV2014PYSA LP 10M21,39096934.4 
323LU3JVO2007LUSA LP 10M (R)21,330107799.0  
324RN4AM2012UA-4SA LP 10M21,150100948.6 
325SQ4HRN2004SPSA LP 10M21,141958110.5  
326PU5BOY2017PYSA LP 10M21,0931178913.1 
327LZ1ZP2013LZSA LP 10M21,09392799.1 
328UA3RAW2015UA-3SA LP 10M21,03289886.1 
329PY2VOA2016PYSA LP 10M21,0241129612.1 
330UR5IKN2013URSA LP 10M20,98494869.4 
331YB1PEF2014YBSA LP 10M20,81289866.4 
332K9GY2001W9SA LP 10M20,70697875.7  
333DC2VE2014DLSA LP 10M20,29688864.2 
334DJ6TK1999DLSA LP 10M20,1749277  
335PU3POA2014PYSA LP 10M19,264988616.4 
336PU1KVA2013PYSA LP 10M19,02498829.1 
337PU4HUD2015PYSA LP 10M18,74495887.2 
338XQ3UP2015CESA LP 10M18,618958712.2XQ7UP
339EI4CF2013EISA LP 10M18,54492769.9 
340PY5JAP2013PYSA LP 10M (T)18,5251099518.4 
341YO5CRQ2011YOSA LP 10M18,130877012.3 
342UA9UX2015RA9SA LP 10M (T)18,05685746.4 
343S50B2015S5SA LP 10M (T)17,70686785.1 
344OK6AB2013OKSA LP 10M17,640867215.8 
3459A2U20079ASA LP 10M17,5101028511.79A3ZA 
346PU5LOB2016PYSA LP 10M (T)17,136918414.6 
347PY2LUC2010PYSA LP 10M16,740979012.2 
348JG3SVP2015JA3SA LP 10M16,42587733.2 
349VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP 10M (T)15,96076766.3 
350UX7LL2014URSA LP 10M15,63178776.7 
351VE3AUO2011VE3SA LP 10M15,400907013.9 
352LZ1VDR2016LZSA LP 10M15,31280667.7  
353PU5SKW2017PYSA LP 10M (T)15,276977610.0 
354PY5PWR2017PYSA LP 10M14,352987816.2 
355SP4Z2012SPSA LP 10M14,28073703.2 
356SQ1RMM2014SPSA LP 10M13,93671677.3 
357PY2XC2012PYSA LP 10M13,80076692.7 
358AB3DC/82015W8SA LP 10M13,536897210.2 
359YL2PP2012YLSA LP 10M13,467716716.9 
360KM4RK2014W4SA LP 10M13,31770699.4 
361CX1CW2013CXSA LP 10M13,16070708.2 
362XQ3UP2014CESA LP 10M12,960747210.4 
363SP6IHE2015SPSA LP 10M12,80569658.2 
364JG1ELE2014JA1SA LP 10M12,496747116.5 
365BH1CXR2013BYSA LP 10M12,48094789.3 
366XE2RV2012XESA LP 10M (T)12,22087653.1 
367SV1CQN2012SVSA LP 10M12,21896823.2 
368EA4ZK2008EASA LP 10M11,94081604.1 
369G0DEZ2000GSA LP 10M11,6356765  
370OH3BU2011OHSA LP 10M (T)11,28567619.6 
371DU7RH2011DUSA LP 10M11,12880525.3 
372K6LE2011W6SA LP 10M11,050736510.5 
373JL1EEI2013JA1SA LP 10M11,03680626.8 
374R3VA2011UA-3SA LP 10M10,920716013.0 
375SP9UOP2015SPSA LP 10M10,79771615.1  
376RK3SWS2014UA-3SA LP 10M (R)10,66885847.6 
377RG7K2015UA-6SA LP 10M10,65371676.9 
378PU2BRU2015PYSA LP 10M10,36687739.2  
379UR5FAV2006URSA LP 10M9,8701197010.3  
380JH6WHN2012JA6SA LP 10M9,74766574.9 
381WB2BZR/3/T1996W3SA LP 10M9,73510555  
3829A7ZZ20139ASA LP 10M9,55859545.5 
383PY2ZAZ2014PYSA LP 10M9,30063600.9 
384PY2XC2008PYSA LP 10M8,970806511.8 
385DK3WW2012DLSA LP 10M8,85657542.4 
386OL7Y2012OKSA LP 10M (T)8,84856563.1OK1BOA
387PY2BK2013PYSA LP 10M8,54075706.6 
388VE3AUO2014VE3SA LP 10M8,113626115.9 
389CX1CAK2012CXSA LP 10M7,72257544.9 
390PY2TI2013PYSA LP 10M7,69559573.9 
391W0ANT2010W0SA LP 10M (R)7,59957519.9 
392PU8PSF2016PYSA LP 10M7,4341066312.2 
393PY2QM2015PYSA LP 10M7,43466637.7 
394PY7AHA2009PYSA LP 10M7,380102608.3 
395JL4CVG1997JA4SA LP 10M7,3677553  
396PY2XC2009PYSA LP 10M7,25971616.4 
397N1VVV2013W1SA LP 10M7,24255516.2 
398HL2CFY2015HLSA LP 10M7,08953519.4 
399YO8SSQ2015YOSA LP 10M6,85875549.7 
400ZV2WDX2016PYSA LP 10M6,785665912.5PU2UJG

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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