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301LU3JVO2012LUSA LP 10M24,910103943.5 [Cert]
302PY1TTN2015PYSA LP 10M24,80012210017.9 [Cert]
303K7WP2014W7SA LP 10M24,41599952.4 [Cert]
304JG3NKP/12003JA1SA LP 10M24,196101928.9  
305PR7FN2004PYSA LP 10M24,19212896  
306PY8FML2014PYSA LP 10M23,40012110427.5 [Cert]
307DL1GBQ2014DLSA LP 10M23,226113987.0 [Cert]
308YO5TP2014YOSA LP 10M23,15796837.7 [Cert]
309DL1DTL2012DLSA LP 10M22,93297845.0 [Cert]
310PU1RSN2016PYSA LP 10M22,90012810014.8 [Cert]
311EC8AFM2012EA8SA LP 10M22,71494824.7 [Cert]
312EA2WD2011EASA LP 10M22,714958216.3 [Cert]
313VE3HEU2014VE3SA LP 10M22,680999010.9 [Cert]
314UN9LU2014UNSA LP 10M22,63297925.1 [Cert]
315UN9GD2012UNSA LP 10M22,41099834.0 [Cert]
3169W2VVH20159M2SA LP 10M22,3721069413.2 [Cert]
317PA0CMU2015PASA LP 10M22,10096855.8 [Cert]
318PU2VYT1998PYSA LP 10M (R)22,09810387  
319ST2M2016STSA LP 10M21,94598777.3 [Cert]
320ED7C2012EASA LP 10M21,73696764.8EA7KJ[Cert]
321NE0P/52004W5SA LP 10M21,6841047812.9  
322PY2DV2014PYSA LP 10M21,39096934.4 [Cert]
323LU3JVO2007LUSA LP 10M (R)21,330107799.0  
324RN4AM2012UA-4SA LP 10M21,150100948.6 [Cert]
325SQ4HRN2004SPSA LP 10M21,141958110.5  
326PU5BOY2017PYSA LP 10M21,0931178913.1 [Cert]
327LZ1ZP2013LZSA LP 10M21,09392799.1 [Cert]
328UA3RAW2015UA-3SA LP 10M21,03289886.1 [Cert]
329PY2VOA2016PYSA LP 10M21,0241129612.1 [Cert]
330UR5IKN2013URSA LP 10M20,98494869.4 [Cert]
331YB1PEF2014YBSA LP 10M20,81289866.4 [Cert]
332K9GY2001W9SA LP 10M20,70697875.7  
333DC2VE2014DLSA LP 10M20,29688864.2 [Cert]
334DJ6TK1999DLSA LP 10M20,1749277  
335PU3POA2014PYSA LP 10M19,264988616.4 [Cert]
336PU1KVA2013PYSA LP 10M19,02498829.1 [Cert]
337PU4HUD2015PYSA LP 10M18,74495887.2 [Cert]
338XQ3UP2015CESA LP 10M18,618958712.2XQ7UP[Cert]
339EI4CF2013EISA LP 10M18,54492769.9 [Cert]
340PY5JAP2013PYSA LP 10M (T)18,5251099518.4 [Cert]
341YO5CRQ2011YOSA LP 10M18,130877012.3 [Cert]
342UA9UX2015RA9SA LP 10M (T)18,05685746.4 [Cert]
343S50B2015S5SA LP 10M (T)17,70686785.1 [Cert]
344OK6AB2013OKSA LP 10M17,640867215.8 [Cert]
3459A2U20079ASA LP 10M17,5101028511.79A3ZA 
346PU5LOB2016PYSA LP 10M (T)17,136918414.6 [Cert]
347PY2LUC2010PYSA LP 10M16,740979012.2 [Cert]
348JG3SVP2015JA3SA LP 10M16,42587733.2 [Cert]
349VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP 10M (T)15,96076766.3 [Cert]
350UX7LL2014URSA LP 10M15,63178776.7 [Cert]
351VE3AUO2011VE3SA LP 10M15,400907013.9 [Cert]
352LZ1VDR2016LZSA LP 10M15,31280667.7  
353PU5SKW2017PYSA LP 10M (T)15,276977610.0 [Cert]
354PY5PWR2017PYSA LP 10M14,352987816.2 [Cert]
355SP4Z2012SPSA LP 10M14,28073703.2 [Cert]
356SQ1RMM2014SPSA LP 10M13,93671677.3 [Cert]
357PY2XC2012PYSA LP 10M13,80076692.7 [Cert]
358AB3DC/82015W8SA LP 10M13,536897210.2 [Cert]
359YL2PP2012YLSA LP 10M13,467716716.9 [Cert]
360KM4RK2014W4SA LP 10M13,31770699.4 [Cert]
361CX1CW2013CXSA LP 10M13,16070708.2 [Cert]
362XQ3UP2014CESA LP 10M12,960747210.4 [Cert]
363SP6IHE2015SPSA LP 10M12,80569658.2 [Cert]
364JG1ELE2014JA1SA LP 10M12,496747116.5 [Cert]
365BH1CXR2013BYSA LP 10M12,48094789.3 [Cert]
366XE2RV2012XESA LP 10M (T)12,22087653.1 [Cert]
367SV1CQN2012SVSA LP 10M12,21896823.2 [Cert]
368EA4ZK2008EASA LP 10M11,94081604.1 [Cert]
369G0DEZ2000GSA LP 10M11,6356765  
370OH3BU2011OHSA LP 10M (T)11,28567619.6 [Cert]
371DU7RH2011DUSA LP 10M11,12880525.3 [Cert]
372K6LE2011W6SA LP 10M11,050736510.5 [Cert]
373JL1EEI2013JA1SA LP 10M11,03680626.8 [Cert]
374R3VA2011UA-3SA LP 10M10,920716013.0 [Cert]
375SP9UOP2015SPSA LP 10M10,79771615.1  
376RK3SWS2014UA-3SA LP 10M (R)10,66885847.6 [Cert]
377RG7K2015UA-6SA LP 10M10,65371676.9 [Cert]
378PU2BRU2015PYSA LP 10M10,36687739.2  
379UR5FAV2006URSA LP 10M9,8701197010.3  
380JH6WHN2012JA6SA LP 10M9,74766574.9 [Cert]
381WB2BZR/3/T1996W3SA LP 10M9,73510555  
3829A7ZZ20139ASA LP 10M9,55859545.5 [Cert]
383PY2ZAZ2014PYSA LP 10M9,30063600.9 [Cert]
384PY2XC2008PYSA LP 10M8,970806511.8 [Cert]
385DK3WW2012DLSA LP 10M8,85657542.4 [Cert]
386OL7Y2012OKSA LP 10M (T)8,84856563.1OK1BOA[Cert]
387PY2BK2013PYSA LP 10M8,54075706.6 [Cert]
388VE3AUO2014VE3SA LP 10M8,113626115.9 [Cert]
389CX1CAK2012CXSA LP 10M7,72257544.9 [Cert]
390PY2TI2013PYSA LP 10M7,69559573.9 [Cert]
391W0ANT2010W0SA LP 10M (R)7,59957519.9 [Cert]
392PU8PSF2016PYSA LP 10M7,4341066312.2 [Cert]
393PY2QM2015PYSA LP 10M7,43466637.7 [Cert]
394PY7AHA2009PYSA LP 10M7,380102608.3 [Cert]
395JL4CVG1997JA4SA LP 10M7,3677553  
396PY2XC2009PYSA LP 10M7,25971616.4 [Cert]
397N1VVV2013W1SA LP 10M7,24255516.2 [Cert]
398HL2CFY2015HLSA LP 10M7,08953519.4 [Cert]
399YO8SSQ2015YOSA LP 10M6,85875549.7 [Cert]
400ZV2WDX2016PYSA LP 10M6,785665912.5PU2UJG[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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