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301W7VO2010W7SA HP ALL (T)726,54690341922.6 [Cert]
302N2MUN2013W2SA HP ALL (T)725,32266444225.4 [Cert]
303LA7GNA2013LASA HP ALL (T)721,27280849229.6 [Cert]
304SM0BSO2012SMSA HP ALL (T)720,95478050728.3 [Cert]
305K1FJ/82014W8SA HP ALL (T)719,79354347724.4 [Cert]
306UA9LAO2016RA9SA HP ALL (T)719,39060743013.1 [Cert]
307ED4D2016EASA HP ALL (T)718,34076749020.7EA4GLJ[Cert]
308ON5GQ2010ONSA HP ALL (T)715,95269446421.2 [Cert]
309K5MV2014W5SA HP ALL (T)710,79069343012.8 [Cert]
310KE4S2017W4SA HP ALL (T)708,94862142315.3 [Cert]
3119A206B20129ASA HP ALL (T)704,69669447215.49A5ADH[Cert]
312LY4OO2017LYSA HP ALL (T)702,40569047320.1 [Cert]
313K7RB/52014W5SA HP ALL (T)699,40866143221.4 [Cert]
314VA7FC2011VE7SA HP ALL (T)698,88075738411.2 [Cert]
315BD1IIJ2015BYSA HP ALL (T)693,49873844226.5 [Cert]
316DG8AM2016DLSA HP ALL (T)691,30065844613.5 [Cert]
317EA1BP2016EASA HP ALL (T)691,25470945913.6 [Cert]
318JJ0JML2016JA0SA HP ALL (T)689,71563640521.0 [Cert]
319UT5RB2016URSA HP ALL (T)688,40170444128.9 [Cert]
320KE0UI2016W0SA HP ALL (T)683,51567141325.2 [Cert]
321EA7DHP1998EASA HP ALL (T)681,453911423  
322W9AV2012W9SA HP ALL (T)679,77080041531.7 [Cert]
323LI3C2014LASA HP ALL (T)671,83089152913.5LA9DFA[Cert]
324W9AV2013W9SA HP ALL (T)671,00887941630.6 [Cert]
325HZ1DG2017HZSA HP ALL (T)663,48066536012.1 [Cert]
326W4EEY2016W4SA HP ALL (T)661,82464638327.2 [Cert]
327DF2TT2011DLSA HP ALL (T)661,16460247625.1 [Cert]
328DL1OLI2011DLSA HP ALL (T)653,65061842527.2 [Cert]
329DF2TT2012DLSA HP ALL (T)648,56664847925.3 [Cert]
330N2MUN2012W2SA HP ALL (T)643,50060639625.3 [Cert]
331K3IE/42011W4SA HP ALL (T)642,94259041418.2 [Cert]
332WR5G/72014W7SA HP ALL (T)642,12556446719.6 [Cert]
333WD0ECO2012W0SA HP ALL (T)641,78475940824.6 [Cert]
334V47JA2012V4SA HP ALL (T)638,46957935118.8V47JA W5JON[Cert]
335AB2E2014W2SA HP ALL (T)633,97570139511.4 [Cert]
336YO2DFA2014YOSA HP ALL (T)633,82472646419.9 [Cert]
337N1IBM/22011W2SA HP ALL (T)633,36053739022.2 [Cert]
338VE3EY2010VE3SA HP ALL (T)631,9445773939.8 [Cert]
339N6WK2010W6SA HP ALL (T)628,48564542924.5 [Cert]
340WN3R2007W3SA HP ALL (T)619,42972643918.4  
341I2WIJ2016ISA HP ALL (T)618,61663942414.0 [Cert]
342GM8SBH2014GMSA HP ALL (T)613,48070249018.5GM0FGI[Cert]
343WB9KPT/02015W0SA HP ALL (T)611,15776241124.3 [Cert]
344W4AS2012W4SA HP ALL (T)610,41449741322.1 [Cert]
345W3TZ/52007W5SA HP ALL (T)610,07196839921.0  
346OU2V2016OZSA HP ALL (T)606,69759141321.7OZ1FJB[Cert]
347EF2O2016EASA HP ALL (T)606,55255539829.4EA2AOO[Cert]
348PY2NZ2011PYSA HP ALL (T)603,68753739921.4 [Cert]
349N2MUN2016W2SA HP ALL (T)599,80759737724.6 [Cert]
350NR7DX2011W7SA HP ALL (T)594,81461641818.6K7ABV[Cert]
351KR4F2010W4SA HP ALL (T)594,55849640218.2 [Cert]
352N2GZ/12016W1SA HP ALL (T)593,31852636215.5 [Cert]
353N6HE2015W6SA HP ALL (T)590,52568539527.2 [Cert]
354K2NNY2006W2SA HP ALL (T)581,35757437122.9K2DB 
355VE7XF2014VE7SA HP ALL (T)576,18052138814.0 [Cert]
356K0RI2008W0SA HP ALL (T)569,56263138229.7 [Cert]
357JH0NOS2011JA0SA HP ALL (T)568,76452333329.2 [Cert]
358AD4EB2004W4SA HP ALL (T)566,87467540916.7AD4EB 
359W1AJT2017W4SA HP ALL (T)562,91949832916.1 [Cert]
360JG3RPL2016JA3SA HP ALL (T)560,93854338918.3 [Cert]
361HB9DQL2016HBSA HP ALL (T)560,56460639722.1 [Cert]
362DL5LYM2014DLSA HP ALL (T)557,27054541911.9 [Cert]
363DL0LK2017DLSA HP ALL (T)555,17564341918.9DG7AK[Cert]
364VE3MV2012VE3SA HP ALL (T)553,10455033420.2 [Cert]
365NW0M2014W0SA HP ALL (T)551,75464740611.0 [Cert]
366AB2E2013W2SA HP ALL (T)542,4306703789.1 [Cert]
367KI6QDH2017W6SA HP ALL (T)541,44066938428.3 [Cert]
368IK2TDM2007ISA HP ALL (T)539,04959839926.9  
369XR3P2009CESA HP ALL (T)537,68461034610.8CE3PG[Cert]
370CW7T2010CXSA HP ALL (T)536,67049340217.2 [Cert]
371VK2CA2010VKSA HP ALL (T)534,36061529211.5 [Cert]
3723G3O2014CESA HP ALL (T)531,76054836821.8CE3OP[Cert]
373KG6WIK2015W6SA HP ALL (T)529,39754432333.6 [Cert]
374DH9SB2016DLSA HP ALL (T)529,20054939217.5  
375XR3P2008CESA HP ALL (T)525,26253536211.8CE3PG[Cert]
376UX0RR2017URSA HP ALL (T)522,90460240120.2 [Cert]
377AE1T2011W1SA HP ALL (T)522,39646837811.9 [Cert]
378N2SQW2009W2SA HP ALL (T)521,08157637320.6 [Cert]
379G3RXQ2011GSA HP ALL (T)519,94453441219.0 [Cert]
380IK0XBX2016ISA HP ALL (T)519,17053438614.4 [Cert]
381RN3BO2012UA-3SA HP ALL (T)517,40962242121.1 [Cert]
382DL7AOS2001DLSA HP ALL (T)515,81964437924.8  
383PR7AE2016PYSA HP ALL (T)509,58051534217.3 [Cert]
384DL5YM2011DLSA HP ALL (T)509,32060442812.7 [Cert]
385N3MX2010W3SA HP ALL (T)506,90850235315.1 [Cert]
386N0FCD/92013W9SA HP ALL (T)506,08962338923.0 [Cert]
387F1RHS2006FSA HP ALL (T)505,53059841121.8  
388W3TZ/52006W5SA HP ALL (T)505,53059336922.6  
389VE3ZZ2013VE3SA HP ALL (T)505,44848832825.8 [Cert]
390K3IE/42015W4SA HP ALL (T)504,63055837816.9 [Cert]
391AB2DE2011W2SA HP ALL (T)504,06544836517.6 [Cert]
392ED4A2014EASA HP ALL (T)503,93758242113.0EA4TV[Cert]
393OM6NM2013OMSA HP ALL (T)500,90554541512.2 [Cert]
394RG8K2011RA9SA HP ALL (T)500,22048539711.4 [Cert]
395PE1MMZ2009PASA HP ALL (T)499,67559539525.7 [Cert]
396GM8SBH2012GMSA HP ALL (T)499,50056344420.3GM0FGI[Cert]
397ED4A2017EASA HP ALL (T)494,94065243819.8EA4TV[Cert]
398S51DX2010S5SA HP ALL (T)493,96258939918.3 [Cert]
399DL8ZAW2012DLSA HP ALL (T)493,68055637414.2 [Cert]
4003G3O2015CESA HP ALL (T)490,96052834011.1CE3OP[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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