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301IR7V2013ISA HP 10M (T)59,36216613413.8  
302ED5J2013EASA HP 10M (T)58,9501721319.3EA5DM[Cert]
303VK6HZ2015VKSA HP 10M58,4991551372.0 [Cert]
304EI2CN2011EISA HP 10M58,11216912811.6 [Cert]
305ED4M2015EASA HP 10M56,3921671331.4EA4ZK[Cert]
306ZL1T2015ZLSA HP 10M55,8751701254.2ZL1ANH[Cert]
307UX0FF2013URSA HP 10M54,9451571354.1 [Cert]
308E78DX2014E7SA HP 10M54,1441491445.9 [Cert]
309SJ6A2012SMSA HP 10M53,4301471308.4SM6JSM[Cert]
310YO2AOB2011YOSA HP 10M53,12016212815.4 [Cert]
311SQ9HZM2013SPSA HP 10M50,84816411214.0 [Cert]
312DF2LH2012DLSA HP 10M50,5261411269.4 [Cert]
313UR6F2010URSA HP 10M49,77616112215.9UX0FF[Cert]
314RL5A2015UA-3SA HP 10M49,4161681425.5  
315UA4CC2013UA-4SA HP 10M47,1241541195.7 [Cert]
316DL4CF2014DLSA HP 10M46,9761351284.1 [Cert]
317VR2XMT2015VRSA HP 10M46,6321601342.1 [Cert]
318F5NBX2013FSA HP 10M46,3551601275.1 [Cert]
319M4D2013GSA HP 10M45,72015512017.6G4ATA[Cert]
320RW0AR2013RA0SA HP 10M44,88020513611.4 [Cert]
321K2QY2015W2SA HP 10M44,6721411289.4 [Cert]
322EF5T2014EASA HP 10M43,8751621251.0EA5HT[Cert]
323R7LV2011UA-6SA HP 10M43,6701371108.0 [Cert]
324JH8CXW2015JA8SA HP 10M (T)43,05313712712.9 [Cert]
325IZ2ODM2011ISA HP 10M (R)42,35014211012.8 [Cert]
326IZ5YHD2013ISA HP 10M (T)41,58014010814.9 [Cert]
327OH6NJ2005OHSA HP 10M41,4121541027.5  
328DL3ABL2014DLSA HP 10M39,9101361303.3 [Cert]
329WS5H2014W5SA HP 10M37,64212511810.6 [Cert]
330OE5UAL2010OESA HP 10M (T)37,1281361049.5 [Cert]
331YL2BJ2011YLSA HP 10M36,2971311099.1 [Cert]
332G0HVQ2011GSA HP 10M36,00012710016.9 [Cert]
333EA5EH2007EASA HP 10M35,3401389514.0  
334IT9JOF2013IT9SA HP 10M34,9171241038.5 [Cert]
335K7MY2010W7SA HP 10M (T)34,8001311008.2 [Cert]
336LB6KC2015LASA HP 10M34,3171541236.2 [Cert]
337EA5TS2016EASA HP 10M34,216131916.8 [Cert]
338YT7R2015YUSA HP 10M34,0481151124.7YU7BW 
339AO7K2010EASA HP 10M (T)34,0381339311.5EC7AMT[Cert]
340N5MT2005W5SA HP 10M33,9121301086.5N5MT 
3419A7JCY20169ASA HP 10M31,5811268714.8 [Cert]
3429M4CSB20149M2SA HP 10M31,17412010916.39W2VVH[Cert]
343JI1ALP2015JA1SA HP 10M31,1041111084.2 [Cert]
344IT9ABN2011IT9SA HP 10M (T)30,8881109912.9 [Cert]
345TA5FA2014TASA HP 10M29,502105999.0 [Cert]
346W6RLL/72012W7SA HP 10M29,3001151004.6 [Cert]
347N3UA/42014W4SA HP 10M26,980100951.9 [Cert]
348RU1AB2014UA-1SA HP 10M26,28810910617.4 [Cert]
349UZ5Q2013URSA HP 10M26,0101089011.2 [Cert]
350EA5DM2016EASA HP 10M (T)25,994115824.1 [Cert]
351BX5AA2013BVSA HP 10M25,576220925.7 [Cert]
352KO4MR2004W4SA HP 10M24,386998910.4  
353N5MT2012W5SA HP 10M24,108101844.2 [Cert]
354ES5MG2011ESSA HP 10M23,7601068814.3 [Cert]
355RA0AM2013RA0SA HP 10M23,4001411046.6 [Cert]
356K8LEE/92012W9SA HP 10M22,841113913.9 [Cert]
357PV8DX2013PYSA HP 10M (T)22,24498831.5 [Cert]
358RV3LO2015UA-3SA HP 10M22,176948814.3 [Cert]
359UN2G2013UNSA HP 10M21,902151948.1 [Cert]
360HB9FBS2015HBSA HP 10M21,472100885.6 [Cert]
361PY2TMV2017PYSA HP 10M21,3851239114.6 [Cert]
362WA2VUN2013W2SA HP 10M19,52198815.6 [Cert]
363F5DRD2014FSA HP 10M18,02093852.7 [Cert]
364N4LR2015W4SA HP 10M (T)17,936104760.9  
365SV1RHL2014SVSA HP 10M (R)17,08890898.4 [Cert]
366LY2IC2001LYSA HP 10M16,64090805.2  
367SX5P2010SV5SA HP 10M16,11780714.3SV5FRD[Cert]
368W4BQF2011W4SA HP 10M16,100105703.3 [Cert]
3699A2U20089ASA HP 10M15,795105819.79A3ZA [Cert]
370RW3F2011UA-3SA HP 10M14,91081715.3 [Cert]
371OK1GK2011OKSA HP 10M14,58681663.8 [Cert]
372UZ5Q2011URSA HP 10M14,400877211.0UY5QZ[Cert]
373PU2TDN2013PYSA HP 10M14,16886775.1 [Cert]
374EF5R2016EASA HP 10M (T)14,11278636.6EA5BWR[Cert]
375IZ2GNQ2012ISA HP 10M (T)14,04078725.0 [Cert]
376IW0HOU2008ISA HP 10M13,872886810.1 [Cert]
377V51Q2011V5SA HP 10M13,39870661.2 [Cert]
378RT9J2012RA9SA HP 10M12,99275642.4 [Cert]
379KI4VCT2012W4SA HP 10M12,78473687.0 [Cert]
380LZ2NG2015LZSA HP 10M12,74472726.5  
381OK6DJ2014OKSA HP 10M (T)12,58674621.5 [Cert]
382F1UVN2012FSA HP 10M12,51268682.2 [Cert]
383K8ND2012W8SA HP 10M12,15576551.3 [Cert]
384KK6GPT/12014W1SA HP 10M (R)12,14466664.1 [Cert]
385DO4DXA2011DLSA HP 10M11,222676210.6 [Cert]
386DU1EV2016DUSA HP 10M11,16982514.5 [Cert]
387JM2RUV2003JA2SA HP 10M11,1547766  
388JO4CFV2014JA4SA HP 10M10,97467622.3 [Cert]
389OM7PY2013OMSA HP 10M9,72062548.2 [Cert]
390RM5P2014UA-3SA HP 10M (T)9,70267634.4  
391I7CSB2013ISA HP 10M9,61261542.3 [Cert]
392F5NBX2011FSA HP 10M9,46264572.7 [Cert]
393DL1SWT2014DLSA HP 10M9,18061602.3 [Cert]
394OM7PY2012OMSA HP 10M9,07256544.6 [Cert]
395AO7AT2007EASA HP 10M (R)8,95763537.0EC7AMT 
396RW4CLF2013UA-4SA HP 10M8,64264584.3 [Cert]
397LU3DAT2013LUSA HP 10M8,56862568.0 [Cert]
398UA4CC2011UA-4SA HP 10M8,10957516.7 [Cert]
399IZ4COW2016ISA HP 10M8,00755511.5 [Cert]
400EA3AML1997EASA HP 10M7,93611462  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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