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3001PU2VYT2008PYSO LP 10M117991.8 
30029A3DPL20139ASO LP 10M114760.4 
3003KF8MZ2014W8SO LP 10M112880.9 
3004PU5ICE2010PYSO LP 10M112880.4 
3005AF6GQ2012W6SO LP 10M11010103.1 
3006DJ8ES2015DLSO LP 10M108660.4 
3007EA5HMW2014EASO LP 10M108661.2 
3008ZL2UO2012ZLSO LP 10M108661.4 
3009L99D2002LUSO LP 10M1081093.1  
3010JE1HXZ1993JA1SO LP 10M10866  
3011JF2FKJ2015JA2SO LP 10M105770.1 
3012W6ABM/72011W7SO LP 10M102660.2 
3013WA2VQV/32012W3SO LP 10M96660.2 
3014UA3IIH2003UA-3SO LP 10M964426.5  
3015RZ3TWW2002UA-3SO LP 10M968824.4RA3-1223 
3016G0DEZ1998GSO LP 10M9666  
3017US8ICA1997URSO LP 10M9096  
3018JA9XAT2012JA9SO LP 10M85751.2 
3019K6TA2015W6SO LP 10M84660.6 
3020KK4FYV2012W4SO LP 10M (R)84661.9 
3021PU2LED2012PYSO LP 10M (T)811091.0 
3022JA1JCN2013JA1SO LP 10M78661.6 
3023JA9RDT2010JA9SO LP 10M78661.2 
3024KD7CFF1999W7SO LP 10M7866  
3025DL3SBD2015DLSO LP 10M75550.4 
3026JO3RCK2010JA3SO LP 10M (R)75555.6 
3027W6GMT/02008W0SO LP 10M75551.3 
3028YC3CVZ1998YBSO LP 10M7555  
3029JL2OGZ2015JA2SO LP 10M (T)72660.3 
3030YY5OGI2005YVSO LP 10M726624.6  
3031K5MBA2012W5SO LP 10M70550.3 
3032K4BIG2015W4SO LP 10M65550.5 
3033N7AME2015W7SO LP 10M65557.9 
3034KC2ZXY2011W2SO LP 10M (R)65551.2 
3035JI4HKA1996JA4SO LP 10M6555  
30369A2VX20169ASO LP 10M60761.2 
3037LA7IJA2012LASO LP 10M60550.7 
30389W2ESM20109M2SO LP 10M (R)60760.7 
3039K6NA1993W6SO LP 10M6055  
3040N2IJW1994W2SO LP 10M5555  
3041PU7MMF2010PYSO LP 10M49770.2 
3042E20YLM2009HSSO LP 10M49770.6 
3043YO3IPR2015YOSO LP 10M48440.4 
3044BH1HWF2013BYSO LP 10M48440.7 
3045UT3EK2012URSO LP 10M48440.7 
3046YO8SHK2012YOSO LP 10M48440.4 
3047SM1CXE2010SMSO LP 10M (T)48440.2 
3048VA3WPV2009VE3SO LP 10M48440.7 
30499W6DVY20139M6SO LP 10M44640.6 
3050W9CNF/41998W4SO LP 10M4444  
3051JF1NNK2015JA1SO LP 10M40440.5  
3052JA0AVS2010JA0SO LP 10M40440.8 
3053VA3SPN2004VE3SO LP 10M40440.9  
3054JO1JKH2014JA1SO LP 10M (T)36440.4  
3055OK1KZ2005OKSO LP 10M364325.1  
3056DL1AKL1994DLSO LP 10M3644  
3057PU7EXL2017PYSO LP 10M (R)35750.5 
3058BA3AX2009BYSO LP 10M (R)35550.5 
3059UA0SAD2007RA0SO LP 10M357525.0  
3060PU2THC2015PYSO LP 10M32440.4 
3061RX6AAH2014UA-6SO LP 10M32440.8 
3062KC2AWX2010W2SO LP 10M32440.6 
3063RW6CW2008UA-6SO LP 10M32448.3 
3064VU3ONE2016VUSO LP 10M30651.4 
3065YB0VB2017YBSO LP 10M27330.8 
3066VE3BLU2015VE3SO LP 10M (R)27330.4 
3067JF2FKJ2013JA2SO LP 10M2733 
3068KK4BSM2012W4SO LP 10M (R)27330.5 
3069YO6PJU2011YOSO LP 10M27330.4 
3070YO4ATW2007YOSO LP 10M2733  
3071JA2YKA/12002JA1SO LP 10M273324.1  
3072JJ6VXY/91996JA9SO LP 10M2753  
3073CA5GRF2013CESO LP 10M (R)25550.3 
3074KK6AFG2014W6SO LP 10M (R)2444 
3075KB3SQV2012W3SO LP 10M (R)24440.2 
3076JG1GCO2015JA1SO LP 10M21330.2 
3077KJ4FEL2013W4SO LP 10M21430.8 
3078N2RKL/T2000W2SO LP 10M2143  
3079N6IUU1993W6SO LP 10M1866  
3080N6IUU1992W6SO LP 10M1833  
3081PU9PED2017PYSO LP 10M16441.0 
3082BG8HFK2016BYSO LP 10M (T)15331.5 
3083YU1RA1997YUSO LP 10M1565  
3084AB1HD2011W1SO LP 10M14320.3 
3085JA9XAT2017JA9SO LP 10M12220.1 
3086JE6OXU/62015JA6SO LP 10M (T)1222 
3087LU5MLN2014LUSO LP 10M12762.4 
3088IZ5TJF2012ISO LP 10M12330.3 
3089KK4GGZ2012W4SO LP 10M (R)1222 
3090N0ICV/92011W9SO LP 10M1222 
3091KA0EIC2009W0SO LP 10M12220.2 
3092JA1EEG2001JA1SO LP 10M1222  
3093JF5FGY1999JA5SO LP 10M1222  
3094K7ULS2017W7SO LP 10M10220.1 
3095TA1CH2014TA1SO LP 10M9330.4 
3096PU2KXM2009PYSO LP 10M9330.5 
3097JH8CLC/72015JA7SO LP 10M8220.1 
3098CA7PGO/32013CESO LP 10M8220.2 
3099VE3HX1997VE3SO LP 10M622  
3100PV8DX2014PYSO LP 10M4220.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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