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3001PU2VYT2008PYSO LP 10M117991.8 [Cert]
30029A3DPL20139ASO LP 10M114760.4 [Cert]
3003KF8MZ2014W8SO LP 10M112880.9 [Cert]
3004PU5ICE2010PYSO LP 10M112880.4 [Cert]
3005AF6GQ2012W6SO LP 10M11010103.1 [Cert]
3006DJ8ES2015DLSO LP 10M108660.4 [Cert]
3007EA5HMW2014EASO LP 10M108661.2 [Cert]
3008ZL2UO2012ZLSO LP 10M108661.4 [Cert]
3009L99D2002LUSO LP 10M1081093.1  
3010JE1HXZ1993JA1SO LP 10M10866  
3011JF2FKJ2015JA2SO LP 10M105770.1 [Cert]
3012W6ABM/72011W7SO LP 10M102660.2 [Cert]
3013WA2VQV/32012W3SO LP 10M96660.2 [Cert]
3014UA3IIH2003UA-3SO LP 10M964426.5  
3015RZ3TWW2002UA-3SO LP 10M968824.4RA3-1223 
3016G0DEZ1998GSO LP 10M9666  
3017US8ICA1997URSO LP 10M9096  
3018JA9XAT2012JA9SO LP 10M85751.2 [Cert]
3019K6TA2015W6SO LP 10M84660.6 [Cert]
3020KK4FYV2012W4SO LP 10M (R)84661.9 [Cert]
3021PU2LED2012PYSO LP 10M (T)811091.0 [Cert]
3022JA1JCN2013JA1SO LP 10M78661.6 [Cert]
3023JA9RDT2010JA9SO LP 10M78661.2 [Cert]
3024KD7CFF1999W7SO LP 10M7866  
3025DL3SBD2015DLSO LP 10M75550.4 [Cert]
3026JO3RCK2010JA3SO LP 10M (R)75555.6 [Cert]
3027W6GMT/02008W0SO LP 10M75551.3 [Cert]
3028YC3CVZ1998YBSO LP 10M7555  
3029JL2OGZ2015JA2SO LP 10M (T)72660.3 [Cert]
3030YY5OGI2005YVSO LP 10M726624.6  
3031K5MBA2012W5SO LP 10M70550.3 [Cert]
3032K4BIG2015W4SO LP 10M65550.5 [Cert]
3033N7AME2015W7SO LP 10M65557.9 [Cert]
3034KC2ZXY2011W2SO LP 10M (R)65551.2 [Cert]
3035JI4HKA1996JA4SO LP 10M6555  
30369A2VX20169ASO LP 10M60761.2 [Cert]
3037LA7IJA2012LASO LP 10M60550.7 [Cert]
30389W2ESM20109M2SO LP 10M (R)60760.7 [Cert]
3039K6NA1993W6SO LP 10M6055  
3040N2IJW1994W2SO LP 10M5555  
3041PU7MMF2010PYSO LP 10M49770.2 [Cert]
3042E20YLM2009HSSO LP 10M49770.6 [Cert]
3043YO3IPR2015YOSO LP 10M48440.4 [Cert]
3044BH1HWF2013BYSO LP 10M48440.7 [Cert]
3045UT3EK2012URSO LP 10M48440.7 [Cert]
3046YO8SHK2012YOSO LP 10M48440.4 [Cert]
3047SM1CXE2010SMSO LP 10M (T)48440.2 [Cert]
3048VA3WPV2009VE3SO LP 10M48440.7 [Cert]
30499W6DVY20139M6SO LP 10M44640.6 [Cert]
3050W9CNF/41998W4SO LP 10M4444  
3051JF1NNK2015JA1SO LP 10M40440.5  
3052JA0AVS2010JA0SO LP 10M40440.8 [Cert]
3053VA3SPN2004VE3SO LP 10M40440.9  
3054JO1JKH2014JA1SO LP 10M (T)36440.4  
3055OK1KZ2005OKSO LP 10M364325.1  
3056DL1AKL1994DLSO LP 10M3644  
3057PU7EXL2017PYSO LP 10M (R)35750.5 [Cert]
3058BA3AX2009BYSO LP 10M (R)35550.5 [Cert]
3059UA0SAD2007RA0SO LP 10M357525.0  
3060PU2THC2015PYSO LP 10M32440.4 [Cert]
3061RX6AAH2014UA-6SO LP 10M32440.8 [Cert]
3062KC2AWX2010W2SO LP 10M32440.6 [Cert]
3063RW6CW2008UA-6SO LP 10M32448.3 [Cert]
3064VU3ONE2016VUSO LP 10M30651.4 [Cert]
3065YB0VB2017YBSO LP 10M27330.8 [Cert]
3066VE3BLU2015VE3SO LP 10M (R)27330.4 [Cert]
3067JF2FKJ2013JA2SO LP 10M2733 [Cert]
3068KK4BSM2012W4SO LP 10M (R)27330.5 [Cert]
3069YO6PJU2011YOSO LP 10M27330.4 [Cert]
3070YO4ATW2007YOSO LP 10M2733  
3071JA2YKA/12002JA1SO LP 10M273324.1  
3072JJ6VXY/91996JA9SO LP 10M2753  
3073CA5GRF2013CESO LP 10M (R)25550.3 [Cert]
3074KK6AFG2014W6SO LP 10M (R)2444 [Cert]
3075KB3SQV2012W3SO LP 10M (R)24440.2 [Cert]
3076JG1GCO2015JA1SO LP 10M21330.2 [Cert]
3077KJ4FEL2013W4SO LP 10M21430.8 [Cert]
3078N2RKL/T2000W2SO LP 10M2143  
3079N6IUU1993W6SO LP 10M1866  
3080N6IUU1992W6SO LP 10M1833  
3081PU9PED2017PYSO LP 10M16441.0 [Cert]
3082BG8HFK2016BYSO LP 10M (T)15331.5 [Cert]
3083YU1RA1997YUSO LP 10M1565  
3084AB1HD2011W1SO LP 10M14320.3 [Cert]
3085JA9XAT2017JA9SO LP 10M12220.1 [Cert]
3086JE6OXU/62015JA6SO LP 10M (T)1222 [Cert]
3087LU5MLN2014LUSO LP 10M12762.4 [Cert]
3088IZ5TJF2012ISO LP 10M12330.3 [Cert]
3089KK4GGZ2012W4SO LP 10M (R)1222 [Cert]
3090N0ICV/92011W9SO LP 10M1222 [Cert]
3091KA0EIC2009W0SO LP 10M12220.2 [Cert]
3092JA1EEG2001JA1SO LP 10M1222  
3093JF5FGY1999JA5SO LP 10M1222  
3094K7ULS2017W7SO LP 10M10220.1 [Cert]
3095TA1CH2014TA1SO LP 10M9330.4 [Cert]
3096PU2KXM2009PYSO LP 10M9330.5 [Cert]
3097JH8CLC/72015JA7SO LP 10M8220.1 [Cert]
3098CA7PGO/32013CESO LP 10M8220.2 [Cert]
3099VE3HX1997VE3SO LP 10M622  
3100PV8DX2014PYSO LP 10M4220.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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