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2901IZ3ALS2000ISO LP 10M3361212  
2902PT5TC1999PYSO LP 10M3361614  
2903LU1EPC2017LUSO LP 10M33018150.2 [Cert]
2904F1ULQ2015FSO LP 10M33011100.5 [Cert]
2905PU2YMH2010PYSO LP 10M33016153.2 [Cert]
2906SP7HKK1994SPSO LP 10M3301110  
2907DL0XX2000DLSO LP 10M3251313  
2908JA2HBK2013JA2SO LP 10M32214141.5 [Cert]
2909NF7J2003W7SO LP 10M322141425.1  
2910VE3AJ2014VE3SO LP 10M31911110.7  
2911KJ4ZFK2013W4SO LP 10M31912111.5 [Cert]
2912PU8TAJ2017PYSO LP 10M31522155.2 [Cert]
2913PU3KNG2013PYSO LP 10M31213132.8 [Cert]
2914TA2TR2016TASO LP 10M30012122.5 [Cert]
2915L27D2014LUSO LP 10M30010100.7LW5ER 
2916DL3DRN2012DLSO LP 10M30010101.9 [Cert]
29179A5ADI20159ASO LP 10M29711110.5 [Cert]
2918DL7LZ2014DLSO LP 10M29711112.0 [Cert]
2919SP9UOP2007SPSO LP 10M297111125.2  
2920JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M297119  
2921JH4XWU2000JA4SO LP 10M2971111  
2922W4YTB2012W4SO LP 10M29010102.0 [Cert]
2923W6GMT/02007W0SO LP 10M290101026.1  
2924JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M28012101.7 [Cert]
2925DC1DB2015DLSO LP 10M28010101.2 [Cert]
2926W9KVR2011W9SO LP 10M28012106.9 [Cert]
2927JR0BUL2009JA0SO LP 10M27513113.1 [Cert]
2928JR0BQD1996JA0SO LP 10M2751211  
2929PY2CTA2015PYSO LP 10M27313133.4  
2930KG5MEG2016W5SO LP 10M (R)27010101.9 [Cert]
2931YO7MR2015YOSO LP 10M26412111.3  
2932HL2/KA8U2013HLSO LP 10M26413112.3 [Cert]
2933CE3TMM2015CESO LP 10M25215142.5  
2934JG2VSF2014JA2SO LP 10M243991.3 [Cert]
2935KE5SNJ2010W5SO LP 10M (R)243990.9 [Cert]
2936OM3CPY1994OMSO LP 10M240108  
2937PU8WMM2016PYSO LP 10M (R)23416134.8  
2938CE2PGO2014CESO LP 10M23413131.3 [Cert]
2939KC4WQ2012W4SO LP 10M234990.3 [Cert]
2940PY7IM2002PYSO LP 10M228131226.5  
2941JO1JKH2013JA1SO LP 10M225990.9  
2942ZS6C2012ZSSO LP 10M225991.9 [Cert]
2943KC0IUY2015W0SO LP 10M22010100.6 [Cert]
2944UZ7HO2008URSO LP 10M22012112.0 [Cert]
2945ON/PA0MPM1993ONSO LP 10M216109  
2946KC5RET2006W5SO LP 10M2089825.2  
29479W2YND20139M2SO LP 10M20011100.9 [Cert]
2948RW0LZ2003RA0SO LP 10M2009826.2  
29499W2CEH20119M2SO LP 10M1981092.3 [Cert]
2950SQ9CNN2008SPSO LP 10M19812110.8 [Cert]
2951PY2NYK1999PYSO LP 10M1981211  
2952KA3MZR2016W3SO LP 10M192880.7 [Cert]
2953YO2LEE2008YOSO LP 10M1921081.7 [Cert]
2954SM7RPU1993SMSO LP 10M19288  
2955JD1BIA2011JD/oSO LP 10M189971.2 [Cert]
2956JN1BBO2010JA1SO LP 10M189990.6 [Cert]
2957OH1BOI2001OHSO LP 10M1899924.3OH1BOI 
2958LZ5UU2015LZSO LP 10M18214131.8  
2959N2NKX2014W2SO LP 10M (T)18010101.5N2NKX @N2NKX 
2960SP6EF2008SPSO LP 10M18010101.4 [Cert]
2961DL7LZ2001DLSO LP 10M180154  
2962G0FPU2012GSO LP 10M (T)171991.2 [Cert]
2963PY2DUN1997PYSO LP 10M1701210  
2964PU5VVI2016PYSO LP 10M (R)16913134.0 [Cert]
2965W1NXB1999W1SO LP 10M1691513  
2966SP9MDY2013SPSO LP 10M168873.3 [Cert]
29679W2LWO20149M2SO LP 10M160881.7 [Cert]
2968KI0EO2004W0SO LP 10M1608824.5  
2969PU2YRC2015PYSO LP 10M (R)15411112.7 [Cert]
2970AH6RR2006KH6SO LP 10M1548725.5  
2971JF4GWA2008JA4SO LP 10M (T)153991.6 [Cert]
2972JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M152982.9  
2973SP3LWP2008SPSO LP 10M15011101.8 [Cert]
29749W2GEO20139M2SO LP 10M147871.0 [Cert]
29752E0TQR2010GSO LP 10M147879.4 [Cert]
2976PU5YSV2017PYSO LP 10M1441092.9 [Cert]
2977BH1PHL2014BYSO LP 10M1441192.1 [Cert]
2978IK2AIT2014ISO LP 10M144880.6 [Cert]
2979YO2LEE2010YOSO LP 10M144881.3 [Cert]
2980JA4AQR1997JA4SO LP 10M14488  
2981JG3LDD2014JA3SO LP 10M140870.8 [Cert]
2982RA9UA2004RA9SO LP 10M140101026.0  
2983LU9HGF2001LUSO LP 10M1369825.7  
2984JL7FBV2012JA7SO LP 10M1351091.0 [Cert]
2985BG6AFT2016BYSO LP 10M133870.9 [Cert]
2986SM7RZJ2012SMSO LP 10M133772.3 [Cert]
2987HA2MN2007HASO LP 10M13377  
2988JA1AAT1995JA1SO LP 10M1321311  
2989KC2FBV2003W2SO LP 10M130101026.3  
2990W9GYK2013W9SO LP 10M (R)126771.5 [Cert]
2991KG9HM2012W9SO LP 10M1261190.7 [Cert]
2992RW4LQ2012UA-4SO LP 10M126991.9 [Cert]
2993PY2MR2009PYSO LP 10M126991.4 [Cert]
2994YU1KR1996YUSO LP 10M1211311  
2995RK9AY2016RA9SO LP 10M120981.0  
2996OZ1DGQ2012OZSO LP 10M119770.9 [Cert]
2997DJ2GMS2011DLSO LP 10M119771.9 [Cert]
2998N8PVT2011W8SO LP 10M119771.3 [Cert]
2999RW3VZ2000UA-3SO LP 10M11977  
3000JF3WNO1993JA3SO LP 10M11977  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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