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2901IZ3ALS2000ISO LP 10M3361212  
2902PT5TC1999PYSO LP 10M3361614  
2903LU1EPC2017LUSO LP 10M33018150.2 
2904F1ULQ2015FSO LP 10M33011100.5 
2905PU2YMH2010PYSO LP 10M33016153.2 
2906SP7HKK1994SPSO LP 10M3301110  
2907DL0XX2000DLSO LP 10M3251313  
2908JA2HBK2013JA2SO LP 10M32214141.5 
2909NF7J2003W7SO LP 10M322141425.1  
2910VE3AJ2014VE3SO LP 10M31911110.7  
2911KJ4ZFK2013W4SO LP 10M31912111.5 
2912PU8TAJ2017PYSO LP 10M31522155.2 
2913PU3KNG2013PYSO LP 10M31213132.8 
2914TA2TR2016TASO LP 10M30012122.5 
2915L27D2014LUSO LP 10M30010100.7LW5ER 
2916DL3DRN2012DLSO LP 10M30010101.9 
29179A5ADI20159ASO LP 10M29711110.5 
2918DL7LZ2014DLSO LP 10M29711112.0 
2919SP9UOP2007SPSO LP 10M297111125.2  
2920JA1AAT2004JA1SO LP 10M297119  
2921JH4XWU2000JA4SO LP 10M2971111  
2922W4YTB2012W4SO LP 10M29010102.0 
2923W6GMT/02007W0SO LP 10M290101026.1  
2924JL2XMW2016JA2SO LP 10M28012101.7 
2925DC1DB2015DLSO LP 10M28010101.2 
2926W9KVR2011W9SO LP 10M28012106.9 
2927JR0BUL2009JA0SO LP 10M27513113.1 
2928JR0BQD1996JA0SO LP 10M2751211  
2929PY2CTA2015PYSO LP 10M27313133.4  
2930KG5MEG2016W5SO LP 10M (R)27010101.9 
2931YO7MR2015YOSO LP 10M26412111.3  
2932HL2/KA8U2013HLSO LP 10M26413112.3 
2933CE3TMM2015CESO LP 10M25215142.5  
2934JG2VSF2014JA2SO LP 10M243991.3 
2935KE5SNJ2010W5SO LP 10M (R)243990.9 
2936OM3CPY1994OMSO LP 10M240108  
2937PU8WMM2016PYSO LP 10M (R)23416134.8  
2938CE2PGO2014CESO LP 10M23413131.3 
2939KC4WQ2012W4SO LP 10M234990.3 
2940PY7IM2002PYSO LP 10M228131226.5  
2941JO1JKH2013JA1SO LP 10M225990.9  
2942ZS6C2012ZSSO LP 10M225991.9 
2943KC0IUY2015W0SO LP 10M22010100.6 
2944UZ7HO2008URSO LP 10M22012112.0 
2945ON/PA0MPM1993ONSO LP 10M216109  
2946KC5RET2006W5SO LP 10M2089825.2  
29479W2YND20139M2SO LP 10M20011100.9 
2948RW0LZ2003RA0SO LP 10M2009826.2  
29499W2CEH20119M2SO LP 10M1981092.3 
2950SQ9CNN2008SPSO LP 10M19812110.8 
2951PY2NYK1999PYSO LP 10M1981211  
2952KA3MZR2016W3SO LP 10M192880.7 
2953YO2LEE2008YOSO LP 10M1921081.7 
2954SM7RPU1993SMSO LP 10M19288  
2955JD1BIA2011JD/oSO LP 10M189971.2 
2956JN1BBO2010JA1SO LP 10M189990.6 
2957OH1BOI2001OHSO LP 10M1899924.3OH1BOI 
2958LZ5UU2015LZSO LP 10M18214131.8  
2959N2NKX2014W2SO LP 10M (T)18010101.5N2NKX @N2NKX 
2960SP6EF2008SPSO LP 10M18010101.4 
2961DL7LZ2001DLSO LP 10M180154  
2962G0FPU2012GSO LP 10M (T)171991.2 
2963PY2DUN1997PYSO LP 10M1701210  
2964PU5VVI2016PYSO LP 10M (R)16913134.0 
2965W1NXB1999W1SO LP 10M1691513  
2966SP9MDY2013SPSO LP 10M168873.3 
29679W2LWO20149M2SO LP 10M160881.7 
2968KI0EO2004W0SO LP 10M1608824.5  
2969PU2YRC2015PYSO LP 10M (R)15411112.7 
2970AH6RR2006KH6SO LP 10M1548725.5  
2971JF4GWA2008JA4SO LP 10M (T)153991.6 
2972JE1ALA2006JA1SO LP 10M152982.9  
2973SP3LWP2008SPSO LP 10M15011101.8 
29749W2GEO20139M2SO LP 10M147871.0 
29752E0TQR2010GSO LP 10M147879.4 
2976PU5YSV2017PYSO LP 10M1441092.9 
2977BH1PHL2014BYSO LP 10M1441192.1 
2978IK2AIT2014ISO LP 10M144880.6 
2979YO2LEE2010YOSO LP 10M144881.3 
2980JA4AQR1997JA4SO LP 10M14488  
2981JG3LDD2014JA3SO LP 10M140870.8 
2982RA9UA2004RA9SO LP 10M140101026.0  
2983LU9HGF2001LUSO LP 10M1369825.7  
2984JL7FBV2012JA7SO LP 10M1351091.0 
2985BG6AFT2016BYSO LP 10M133870.9 
2986SM7RZJ2012SMSO LP 10M133772.3 
2987HA2MN2007HASO LP 10M13377  
2988JA1AAT1995JA1SO LP 10M1321311  
2989KC2FBV2003W2SO LP 10M130101026.3  
2990W9GYK2013W9SO LP 10M (R)126771.5 
2991KG9HM2012W9SO LP 10M1261190.7 
2992RW4LQ2012UA-4SO LP 10M126991.9 
2993PY2MR2009PYSO LP 10M126991.4 
2994YU1KR1996YUSO LP 10M1211311  
2995RK9AY2016RA9SO LP 10M120981.0  
2996OZ1DGQ2012OZSO LP 10M119770.9 
2997DJ2GMS2011DLSO LP 10M119771.9 
2998N8PVT2011W8SO LP 10M119771.3 
2999RW3VZ2000UA-3SO LP 10M11977  
3000JF3WNO1993JA3SO LP 10M11977  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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