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201W3UJ2001W3SO LP ALL (T)1,303,54298252133.4  
202S51F1998S5SO LP ALL (T)1,296,7771,058514  
203RZ9U2014RA9SO LP ALL (T)1,295,50483460236.0 [Cert]
204NX6T2009W6SO LP ALL (T)1,290,0961,43552735.8K6AM [Cert]
205VE3BUC2002VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,288,41898549927.6  
206EA8OM2010EA8SO LP ALL (T)1,280,76982449718.9DJ1OJ[Cert]
207IU9A2008IT9SO LP ALL (T)1,262,6021,52663827.1 [Cert]
208VE1OP2006VE1SO LP ALL (T)1,259,41590551321.5  
209AN1DAX2000EASO LP ALL (T)1,253,1601,172590EA1DAX 
210UP6F1999UNSO LP ALL (T)1,245,924951477UN7FZ 
211WB8TLI2013W8SO LP ALL (T)1,227,43589951935.3 [Cert]
212UR5IRM2013URSO LP ALL (T)1,214,37899057836.0 [Cert]
213ON7CD2009ONSO LP ALL (T)1,211,37096554234.8 [Cert]
214KH6CJJ2015KH6SO LP ALL (T)1,205,82091238526.5 [Cert]
215WB8TLI2010W8SO LP ALL (T)1,205,29885152235.3 [Cert]
216WN6K2001W6SO LP ALL (T)1,204,5331,07052930.0  
217JA7NVF1998JA7SO LP ALL (T)1,204,082956458  
218CT1BXT2017CTSO LP ALL (T)1,203,3271,09358926.5 [Cert]
2195X4F19965XSO LP ALL (T)1,201,868910452  
2205C2P2010CNSO LP ALL (T)1,197,00483349324.7IK2PZC[Cert]
221VE3GFN2014VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,196,07681349125.8 [Cert]
222YN6WFM1997YNSO LP ALL (T)1,192,2601,447372  
223DL1MHJ2014DLSO LP ALL (T)1,189,5581,00259333.6 [Cert]
224DK5DQ2006DLSO LP ALL (T)1,189,0561,00552834.9  
225WS7V2001W7SO LP ALL (T)1,167,57298651835.4  
226CS9/PD3EM2014CT3SO LP ALL (T)1,166,90683248127.9 [Cert]
227TO7BC2014FHSO LP ALL (T)1,166,56278251334.2DL7BC[Cert]
228EE7R2012EASO LP ALL (T)1,165,79495457434.5EA7IA[Cert]
229G5X2002GSO LP ALL (T)1,160,93493854335.9M0BRK 
230UA0SJ2000RA0SO LP ALL (T)1,158,346870527  
231EE7R2014EASO LP ALL (T)1,157,97498558931.4EA7IA[Cert]
232AN1AJV2000EASO LP ALL (T)1,155,3361,185552EA1AJV 
233K4BEV2001W4SO LP ALL (T)1,155,09692948831.8  
234VO1GO2000VEOSO LP ALL (T)1,147,467886491  
235F6KZC2007FSO LP ALL (T)1,147,22592454536.0F8AOF 
236FK8VHN2000FKSO LP ALL (T)1,145,3761,076369  
237KD4RWN2001W4SO LP ALL (T)1,144,50394551324.0  
238AC5O2010W5SO LP ALL (T)1,142,27096151536.0 [Cert]
239K6GHA2014W6SO LP ALL (T)1,140,04285950232.8 [Cert]
240LU7HW2012LUSO LP ALL (T)1,133,71985049121.7 [Cert]
241VE3STT1999VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,132,035829463  
242UA3ABJ2001UA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,129,4711,03250932.3  
243WD5K2009W5SO LP ALL (T)1,127,7441,07752635.1 [Cert]
244HS1PDY2003HSSO LP ALL (T)1,125,85692146629.9  
245ER4LX2012ERSO LP ALL (T)1,121,9401,05154236.0 [Cert]
246AN1AJV2001EASO LP ALL (T)1,120,4221,14852931.8EA1AJV 
247UA3ABJ2014UA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,119,21291760432.1 [Cert]
248PA4WM2000PASO LP ALL (T)1,111,671920513  
249JI3BFC2000JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,110,200828488  
250LU7MCJ2014LUSO LP ALL (T)1,108,71381250121.0 [Cert]
251WD5K2007W5SO LP ALL (T)1,108,3591,05851135.8  
2527K4GUR2000JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,107,400785490  
253G0KRL2000GSO LP ALL (T)1,105,8641,012548  
254OM5X2011OMSO LP ALL (T)1,103,76085854033.0 [Cert]
255YO7LFV2009YOSO LP ALL (T)1,098,6251,00051732.7 [Cert]
256NQ4U2001W4SO LP ALL (T)1,098,19293650110.1  
257VA7CRZ2015VE7SO LP ALL (T)1,097,18084947630.4 [Cert]
258VE3STT2001VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,088,36079246022.6  
259ER4LX2013ERSO LP ALL (T)1,085,58898554836.0 [Cert]
260EN7U2010URSO LP ALL (T)1,078,35095055336.0UR4UDI[Cert]
261IK7NXU2014ISO LP ALL (T)1,076,99282560130.8 [Cert]
262N8KM2001W8SO LP ALL (T)1,076,41689848435.2  
263VE3DZ2004VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,071,85080848522.3  
264RV0SR2009RA0SO LP ALL (T)1,069,45388947333.2 [Cert]
265VA3SWG1999VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,066,542807447  
266S51F2006S5SO LP ALL (T)1,066,52787651335.0  
267F5LIW2011FSO LP ALL (T)1,061,64982353732.1 [Cert]
268K6GHA2015W6SO LP ALL (T)1,060,37589049935.5 [Cert]
269SM4AIO2000SMSO LP ALL (T)1,059,3221,000538  
270VE3TU2011VE3SO LP ALL (T)1,052,38878941429.7 [Cert]
271OH6ECM2016OHSO LP ALL (T)1,049,07097656133.6 [Cert]
272P43E2012P4SO LP ALL (T)1,046,56085842213.6 [Cert]
273WD5K2008W5SO LP ALL (T)1,042,0561,11249235.7 [Cert]
274EA3ELZ1998EASO LP ALL (T)1,041,3101,003505  
275K4DMR2014W4SO LP ALL (T)1,038,28073451422.7 [Cert]
276W4SAA2002W4SO LP ALL (T)1,036,45083647530.6  
277R2AD2016UA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,035,98099655428.8 [Cert]
278SP4TKR1999SPSO LP ALL (T)1,032,2401,000506  
279RA0FF1998RA0SO LP ALL (T)1,032,190900466  
280UA3ABJ2004UA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,029,49098049035.0  
2814F1MEU2005DUSO LP ALL (T)1,027,75295037425.4  
282EE7R2011EASO LP ALL (T)1,027,26685954732.2EA7IA[Cert]
283EA3GEG1998EASO LP ALL (T)1,025,100959510  
284ZC4EE1996ZC4SO LP ALL (T)1,024,860925372  
285G3VAO2003GSO LP ALL (T)1,021,05498850935.0  
286UA3ABJ2006UA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,014,78499451235.7  
287RD9SA2013RA9SO LP ALL (T)1,014,51975443315.8  
288KG4MO2001KG4SO LP ALL (T)1,010,9881,14940715.0K4ZLE 
289J37LR2002J3SO LP ALL (T)1,009,9701,00144222.8VE3EBN 
290UA9ACJ2003RA9SO LP ALL (T)1,009,71775936136.0  
291EE7R2010EASO LP ALL (T)1,008,45883750631.4 [Cert]
292UA1ANA2000UA-1SO LP ALL (T)1,006,8701,008535  
293KE1LI2003W1SO LP ALL (T)1,005,9281,02650636.0  
294PP2RON2002PYSO LP ALL (T)1,005,09579545519.5  
295OK2VWB1998OKSO LP ALL (T)1,003,314839494  
296YL2TW2005YLSO LP ALL (T)1,003,2201,01951530.3  
297EA4MD2001EASO LP ALL (T)1,000,2361,000492  
298IK2DZN2006ISO LP ALL (T)998,02589952531.5  
299UA3ABJ2003UA-3SO LP ALL (T)993,64899848933.4  
300UA3ABJ2012UA-3SO LP ALL (T)992,35191755133.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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