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201EA4GPZ2016EASO LP ALL (R)188,47440128624.0 [Cert]
202KG5FRS2015W5SO LP ALL (R)188,32535924335.5 [Cert]
203KI8CS1998W8SO LP ALL (R)188,163320207  
204DK1ROB2008DLSO LP ALL (R)187,72631725316.0 [Cert]
205EA2AEJ2011EASO LP ALL (R)187,06834226220.5 [Cert]
206KD5LNO2003W5SO LP ALL (R)186,94443025426.8  
207SM5U2002SMSO LP ALL (R)186,20429823627.7SM5UGC 
208VE4MG2001VE4SO LP ALL (R)183,065325235  
209DO6CC2013DLSO LP ALL (R)182,98433325721.8 [Cert]
210LA9OSA2013LASO LP ALL (R)182,61240028428.3 [Cert]
211EW7BA2017EUSO LP ALL (R)182,25936326327.1 [Cert]
212YY5OSW2011YVSO LP ALL (R)182,02528722520.5 [Cert]
213F4FEP2009FSO LP ALL (R)180,56433524622.3 [Cert]
214RD3WF2008UA-3SO LP ALL (R)180,54438821714.0 [Cert]
215SV1RMB2017SVSO LP ALL (R)179,48035928024.2 [Cert]
216KG5HVO2017W5SO LP ALL (R)179,40937623724.9 [Cert]
217NQ4S2002W4SO LP ALL (R)178,26634821923.1  
218OK1SMU2002OKSO LP ALL (R)177,50035025021.2  
219IS0AFM2007ISSO LP ALL (R)177,21631428420.7  
220SA0BYP2013SMSO LP ALL (R)176,36438827627.5 [Cert]
221KE6DM2015W6SO LP ALL (R)175,56032223120.1 [Cert]
222W3VYK2014W3SO LP ALL (R)175,37629722617.9 [Cert]
223A92AA2014A9SO LP ALL (R)172,7042782249.0 [Cert]
224KD8NOH2011W8SO LP ALL (R)171,98629022616.0 [Cert]
225UA9SAW2006RA9SO LP ALL (R)171,48829423321.3  
226OK2BEN2003OKSO LP ALL (R)171,48734122321.2  
227DL5LB2015DLSO LP ALL (R)171,17136027316.4 [Cert]
228DL7DET2013DLSO LP ALL (R)170,92537226524.7 [Cert]
229K9BIG/82003W8SO LP ALL (R)169,90444825913.3  
230N3XQP1998W3SO LP ALL (R)169,404329228  
231KQ6ES1998W6SO LP ALL (R)168,740345220  
232AB7RW1998W7SO LP ALL (R)167,832325252  
233VA3SWG1996VE3SO LP ALL (R)166,530296195  
234F4DLL2005FSO LP ALL (R)166,40033826026.7  
235R2AHS2016UA-3SO LP ALL (R)166,35532524520.5 [Cert]
236EA1EWC2007EASO LP ALL (R)166,25429722923.6  
237UA9QFF2002RA9SO LP ALL (R)165,34529321924.1  
238DL0GL2003DLSO LP ALL (R)165,24339524715.8  
239KB3HOT2003W3SO LP ALL (R)162,36833423612.7  
240OL2T2008OKSO LP ALL (R)161,75035725027.6OK2TC[Cert]
241OH1XFE2017OHSO LP ALL (R)161,28432224434.1 [Cert]
242NW5Q2011W5SO LP ALL (R)160,70433321627.0 [Cert]
243AB1BX1998W1SO LP ALL (R)159,950305215  
244OH1XFE2016OHSO LP ALL (R)159,09530923534.1 [Cert]
245IZ2BKA2015ISO LP ALL (R)158,67030424612.8  
246YC0NFL2007YBSO LP ALL (R)158,13724420329.3  
247KI8IZ2000W8SO LP ALL (R)158,050283218  
248KC0IGY2003W0SO LP ALL (R)156,15639523120.6  
249KF5TXU2014W5SO LP ALL (R)155,92529623123.8 [Cert]
250EB5KAU2007EASO LP ALL (R)155,73630525227.4  
251YT1DZ1998YUSO LP ALL (R)154,936294214  
252VO1DJT2008VEOSO LP ALL (R)154,31626122324.9 [Cert]
253F8DSN2013FSO LP ALL (R)153,03531124112.4 [Cert]
254K6FI2010W6SO LP ALL (R)152,29234522225.3 [Cert]
255F6BQG2015FSO LP ALL (R)151,86330022719.0 [Cert]
256VA3DBT2012VE3SO LP ALL (R)151,62027721022.1 [Cert]
257AK4QU2013W4SO LP ALL (R)150,73834322217.3 [Cert]
258IS0DCR2015ISSO LP ALL (R)150,62233825413.4 [Cert]
259MM0LBX2011GMSO LP ALL (R)149,59633225114.6 [Cert]
260DM5LK2008DLSO LP ALL (R)149,56835124627.4 [Cert]
261KE0CRP2016W0SO LP ALL (R)148,99531221517.4 [Cert]
262KB1UUB2012W1SO LP ALL (R)148,94126920117.8 [Cert]
263RT7Y2016UA-6SO LP ALL (R)148,83031924610.2R6YAF[Cert]
264VO1RCH2016VEOSO LP ALL (R)148,56525921514.7  
2652E0TCC2012GSO LP ALL (R)147,50634626219.1 [Cert]
266KI4PKW2008W4SO LP ALL (R)146,07634622218.8 [Cert]
267LA2NTA2014LASO LP ALL (R)146,02931623919.4 [Cert]
268YO7MGG2009YOSO LP ALL (R)145,8562852129.5 [Cert]
2692E0KDT2016GSO LP ALL (R)145,09226621426.8 [Cert]
270PD1TV2010PASO LP ALL (R)140,57932025715.0 [Cert]
271YY5LAY2015YVSO LP ALL (R)139,6842361888.7 [Cert]
272F4EUN2006FSO LP ALL (R)139,56729623319.7  
273AB4G2010W4SO LP ALL (R)139,52028321827.5 [Cert]
274N6IEF2009W6SO LP ALL (R)138,85932923923.4 [Cert]
275F4FDA2007FSO LP ALL (R)136,92728921724.1  
276KB2RAS1996W2SO LP ALL (R)136,713270229  
277VA3DBT2013VE3SO LP ALL (R)136,64726818921.8 [Cert]
278N3ZYU/42000W4SO LP ALL (R)135,800256200  
279K1LOL2017W1SO LP ALL (R)135,71026920520.4 [Cert]
280ES6KW2002ESSO LP ALL (R)135,67626621417.9  
281EI4GNB2009EISO LP ALL (R)135,20728324918.6 [Cert]
282US1GFW2015URSO LP ALL (R)134,61128722717.0 [Cert]
283N4WSM2002W4SO LP ALL (R)134,12824820218.2  
284IK3XZX1996ISO LP ALL (R)133,791191161  
285DV1VGN2006DUSO LP ALL (R)133,09929216724.7  
286LA8ZJA1998LASO LP ALL (R)131,118261246  
287N6WK2004W6SO LP ALL (R)130,66030318822.3  
288KD2JOE2016W2SO LP ALL (R)129,42925419716.7 [Cert]
289PD7BZ2009PASO LP ALL (R)127,65028323021.1 [Cert]
290EA3EIQ2007EASO LP ALL (R)127,01225722621.4  
291F4FEP2008FSO LP ALL (R)126,79228121618.6 [Cert]
292K4CX2008W4SO LP ALL (R)126,48434820625.4 [Cert]
293OK1CLD2006OKSO LP ALL (R)126,31228822822.7  
294KC2WUF2011W2SO LP ALL (R)125,97025119522.3 [Cert]
295ER1JA2014ERSO LP ALL (R)124,99231125213.1 [Cert]
296K9RJM/42004W4SO LP ALL (R)124,06830819621.7  
297DL5DD2005DLSO LP ALL (R)123,96628921323.2  
298YB9WGA/72017YBSO LP ALL (R)123,46427418416.2 [Cert]
299W7AVA2000W7SO LP ALL (R)123,410268215  
300DK8EY2005DLSO LP ALL (R)122,94125419310.2  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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