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201VE3EDY2017VE3SO LP 160M (T)19,94789619.2 [Cert]
202ER2RM2014ERSO LP 160M (T)19,656102914.9 [Cert]
203EA1EY2006EASO LP 160M19,0969788  
204EA1DVY1999EASO LP 160M17,69610079  
205S58RU2009S5SO LP 160M17,62298897.1 [Cert]
206S54A2001S5SO LP 160M17,056103824.4  
207OK1JOK2014OKSO LP 160M16,942978611.5 [Cert]
208SP9HNB1994SPSO LP 160M16,85610386  
209RX4W2011UA-4SO LP 160M15,44089804.5 [Cert]
210EA2QU2017EASO LP 160M14,784817716.3 [Cert]
211OK1JOK2009OKSO LP 160M14,280968412.9 [Cert]
212UA6JVP1996UA-6SO LP 160M13,9049279  
213SO5MAX2015SPSO LP 160M (R)13,68090807.4 [Cert]
214RA6MT2008UA-6SO LP 160M13,604907611.6 [Cert]
215IO0KHP1994ISO LP 160M13,5889679  
216UA3AAP2005UA-3SO LP 160M13,392907214.3  
217SP1DTG1997SPSO LP 160M13,3208774  
218YU1AST2001YUSO LP 160M13,275887510.7YT1CA 
219US9PA2006URSO LP 160M12,65484747.0  
220EA3AKA2008EASO LP 160M (T)12,48381738.7 [Cert]
221RK2FXG2008UA2SO LP 160M (R)11,52080724.9RA2FIR RUSLAN[Cert]
222RK6ATQ2004UA-6SO LP 160M11,08877566.0  
223OK2BJC2009OKSO LP 160M11,026807414.8 [Cert]
224US0QG2010URSO LP 160M10,78776675.6 [Cert]
225OK1JOK2006OKSO LP 160M10,64081709.4  
226RA3ZAP1992UA-3SO LP 160M10,54010662  
227VE7SV1998VE7SO LP 160M10,4727244  
228IK1YDB2006ISO LP 160M10,18481678.1  
229DL2VSF2007DLSO LP 160M10,143816910.7  
230RZ3AUL2006UA-3SO LP 160M10,017736310.3  
231ES6KW2007ESSO LP 160M9,849686728.8  
232SP9BGS2013SPSO LP 160M9,79875719.0 [Cert]
233OM0DC2015OMSO LP 160M9,63673663.8  
234UT1MW1998URSO LP 160M9,5767463  
235LY2OU1997LYSO LP 160M9,3607665  
236EW8DD2014EUSO LP 160M9,08871641.6  
237EA1DVY1995EASO LP 160M8,8325246  
238UB5NBJ1992URSO LP 160M8,8205545  
239SP4LVK2004SPSO LP 160M8,54071616.1  
240YO6BZL2008YOSO LP 160M8,49463623.7 [Cert]
241OL0A2004OKSO LP 160M8,47972615.0OK1CZ 
242SQ2NNN2015SPSO LP 160M8,44269636.2 [Cert]
243YU1AST2000YUSO LP 160M8,2806660YT1KA 
244IK7WUE2003ISO LP 160M8,18474663.5  
245VE3EDY2012VE3SO LP 160M (T)8,14050446.7 [Cert]
246YT2W2005YUSO LP 160M (T)7,52462573.9  
247NX1T2011W1SO LP 160M6,84061455.8 [Cert]
248EA1DVY1998EASO LP 160M6,4265951  
249IP7J2011ISO LP 160M6,38458564.3IK7XNF[Cert]
250DL3EAZ2015DLSO LP 160M6,21661563.5 [Cert]
251OK1KZ2010OKSO LP 160M5,99457542.6 [Cert]
252OK5AD2009OKSO LP 160M5,99460541.7 [Cert]
253DM2BPG2013DLSO LP 160M5,98567575.0 [Cert]
254OK2BJC2013OKSO LP 160M5,830575314.1 [Cert]
255EU6DX2001EUSO LP 160M5,8245652  
256YO7FEY2017YOSO LP 160M5,75053504.3 [Cert]
257AA9AX1993W9SO LP 160M5,656147101  
258G0DCK2012GSO LP 160M5,56555536.2 [Cert]
259US6IKF2005URSO LP 160M5,5196949  
260RZ3MM2017UA-3SO LP 160M5,40855522.6 [Cert]
261LZ2UZ1997LZSO LP 160M5,3824523  
262OK1KZ2007OKSO LP 160M5,25356512.8  
263WO9S1995W9SO LP 160M5,22010887  
264YL3GHD1994YLSO LP 160M5,2005250  
265W6NF/72010W7SO LP 160M5,14869524.7 [Cert]
266UR5EAW2002URSO LP 160M5,10055516.5  
267UT1ZZ1995URSO LP 160M5,0885553  
268UA6BQD2005UA-6SO LP 160M (R)5,076534730.5  
269SP6OPY2011SPSO LP 160M5,04952514.3 [Cert]
270DJ5NN1996DLSO LP 160M4,9925952  
271UR5FCM1996URSO LP 160M4,9926052  
272SP5JTF1995SPSO LP 160M4,9825447  
273UA3QDF2008UA-3SO LP 160M4,95057505.4 [Cert]
274YU1RA2007YUSO LP 160M (T)4,94448483.9  
275Z33A2002Z3SO LP 160M4,88851473.6  
276OH6AC2008OHSO LP 160M4,87654468.5OH6CS[Cert]
277YL2GTS1996YLSO LP 160M4,8765346  
278YO7FEY2016YOSO LP 160M4,80053486.3 [Cert]
279SN5J2010SPSO LP 160M4,36850482.8SP5JXK[Cert]
280N5IA1996W5SO LP 160M4,35011275  
281DL8AAE1995DLSO LP 160M4,1405145  
282VE3EDY2011VE3SO LP 160M (T)4,08040305.4 [Cert]
283OK2BEN2014OKSO LP 160M (T)3,740514412.5 [Cert]
284OK5AD2007OKSO LP 160M3,56050402.4  
285SP8GMU1994SPSO LP 160M3,4386429  
286EV6M2005EUSO LP 160M3,330393728.7  
287N9TF2007W9SO LP 160M3,23952415.2  
288OO4O2013ONSO LP 160M3,198413914.4 [Cert]
289SM6C2009SMSO LP 160M3,15939393.3 [Cert]
290K3BU/22008W2SO LP 160M (T)3,06053363.0 [Cert]
291SP4SAF1998SPSO LP 160M3,0424339  
292UC2CEO1992EUSO LP 160M2,9586151  
293K0CS2001W0SO LP 160M2,94053422.7  
294EA3AKA2006EASO LP 160M (T)2,92639386.7  
295RA6XB2015UA-6SO LP 160M (T)2,91640362.4 [Cert]
296LA5FBA1994LASO LP 160M2,8083936  
297DL1HSI2008DLSO LP 160M2,74742414.6 [Cert]
298DL2RZG2015DLSO LP 160M2,66039383.5 [Cert]
2999Y4D20099YSO LP 160M2,61626245.0 [Cert]
300SQ2OSE2012SPSO LP 160M2,59238361.9 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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