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201SN5G2008SPSA HP ALL (T)1,355,8711,14554336.0SP5JTF [Cert]
2025P5K2011OZSA HP ALL (T)1,348,1821,06561926.8DL7AOS[Cert]
203NF4A2017W4SA HP ALL (T)1,347,4321,12755218.9 [Cert]
204G4IIY2016GSA HP ALL (T)1,331,60598960525.0 [Cert]
205N2SQW2011W2SA HP ALL (T)1,330,43589250327.8 [Cert]
206DL1NEO2010DLSA HP ALL (T)1,329,6761,01259630.9 [Cert]
207N9NC/12010W1SA HP ALL (T)1,319,76092456416.4 [Cert]
208G3RXQ2013GSA HP ALL (T)1,310,4511,04957334.8 [Cert]
209LZ7AA2016LZSA HP ALL (T)1,308,7501,01762535.4 [Cert]
210ED4A2013EASA HP ALL (T)1,308,6941,10663124.8EA4TV[Cert]
211N6QQ2006W6SA HP ALL (T)1,300,7281,04957223.0  
212N2SQW2010W2SA HP ALL (T)1,290,94990151730.6 [Cert]
213N2GZ/12015W1SA HP ALL (T)1,289,89177855122.0 [Cert]
214DL4LAM2014DLSA HP ALL (T)1,272,14584666519.1 [Cert]
215IZ3SQW2017ISA HP ALL (T)1,269,7741,00358327.2 [Cert]
216NB3R2014W3SA HP ALL (T)1,244,04387051924.8 [Cert]
217DL4LAM2015DLSA HP ALL (T)1,235,06688865819.9 [Cert]
218DM5TI2013DLSA HP ALL (T)1,228,38196158324.7 [Cert]
219VK4ZD2016VKSA HP ALL (T)1,224,37181743930.6 [Cert]
220BD5FFK2014BYSA HP ALL (T)1,219,8101,02454732.5 [Cert]
221R5AJ2017UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,219,0401,13960820.0 [Cert]
222RG5R2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,217,7601,03059021.4 [Cert]
223W1KQ2011W1SA HP ALL (T)1,207,67585746927.0 [Cert]
224ES2TI2013ESSA HP ALL (T)1,205,8121,02061936.0 [Cert]
225UI3A2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,203,6961,01362431.0 [Cert]
226LN3C2012LASA HP ALL (T)1,192,6201,13957215.9LA9DFA[Cert]
227LA7GNA2012LASA HP ALL (T)1,191,34494561632.5 [Cert]
228IZ8FWN2014ISA HP ALL (T)1,188,0681,07360410.3 [Cert]
229W7PP2012W7SA HP ALL (T)1,184,22886654820.3 [Cert]
230ED4A2015EASA HP ALL (T)1,179,3751,05762524.2EA4TV[Cert]
231NF4A2016W4SA HP ALL (T)1,145,43593253513.1 [Cert]
232VE2FXL2010VE2SA HP ALL (T)1,139,93072648226.7 [Cert]
233UR7R2016URSA HP ALL (T)1,139,3411,01658119.2UX1RX[Cert]
234R3BA2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,132,0061,11564121.1 [Cert]
235JF9JTS2014JA9SA HP ALL (T)1,127,49178849313.3 [Cert]
236R5AJ2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,113,03396557714.9  
237RG5R2017UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,105,0701,04459028.6  
238N3RC/72012W7SA HP ALL (T)1,096,9841,03353225.4 [Cert]
239DH1NFL2003DLSA HP ALL (T)1,088,2441,00051636.0  
240N0FCD/92014W9SA HP ALL (T)1,085,14877251619.4 [Cert]
241W2IRT2007W2SA HP ALL (T)1,081,91893853823.6  
242OK1C2013OKSA HP ALL (T)1,073,85685154432.0 [Cert]
243EA5EV2012EASA HP ALL (T)1,072,74688854929.2 [Cert]
244RM3DA2015UA-3SA HP ALL (T)1,071,1441,05155130.6 [Cert]
245UX0RR2015URSA HP ALL (T)1,064,92496151126.5 [Cert]
246AD5VJ2012W5SA HP ALL (T)1,064,87799152930.1 [Cert]
247OG4T2012OHSA HP ALL (T)1,044,11086752634.4OH4MFA[Cert]
248DL7URH2016DLSA HP ALL (T)1,043,04887148218.3  
249KW4AM2017W4SA HP ALL (T)1,041,1801,19651819.6W4LT[Cert]
250DA0INN2004DLSA HP ALL (T)1,033,25795848935.1DL2RMC 
251OE5OHO2003OESA HP ALL (T)1,026,74588148519.8  
252N3CZ/42011W4SA HP ALL (T)1,011,34879246817.6 [Cert]
253OQ4B2010ONSA HP ALL (T)1,004,98083854532.6ON4BHQ[Cert]
254VE1OP2004VE1SA HP ALL (T)987,55289048619.5  
255XR3P2007CESA HP ALL (T)982,91078045414.9CE3PG 
256RT9S2017RA9SA HP ALL (T)981,12363842921.8  
257UA9CDC2009RA9SA HP ALL (T)980,10063340511.3 [Cert]
258RQ6M2016UA-6SA HP ALL (T)961,32484655621.0 [Cert]
259W7PP2011W7SA HP ALL (T)960,36475948721.6 [Cert]
260EA2NN2011EASA HP ALL (T)953,56891460222.1 [Cert]
261N2MUN2014W2SA HP ALL (T)949,80871646426.3 [Cert]
262ED4A2011EASA HP ALL (T)947,52085756024.8EA4TV[Cert]
263WF6C2011W6SA HP ALL (T)944,52076751015.0K6SRZ[Cert]
264OK1KT2007OKSA HP ALL (T)939,16579349326.7  
265R3ZV2016UA-3SA HP ALL (T)937,27990952121.4 [Cert]
266DL0ESA2017DLSA HP ALL (T)934,72577151529.8EA1HEO[Cert]
267SQ1OD2015SPSA HP ALL (T)930,93688147428.9 [Cert]
268IK8UND2016ISA HP ALL (T)924,07287855423.0 [Cert]
269VE3ZZ2014VE3SA HP ALL (T)923,50567643525.8 [Cert]
270N1IBM/22010W2SA HP ALL (T)922,76069147225.4 [Cert]
271N6WS2012W6SA HP ALL (T)919,52466644425.2 [Cert]
272WA2FZB2017W2SA HP ALL (T)915,70570645931.3 [Cert]
273DB2B2008DLSA HP ALL (T)898,03994549135.6DL8OBF[Cert]
274K3MD2005W3SA HP ALL (T)897,98281246617.6  
275N5HC2017W5SA HP ALL (T)894,38379646933.9 [Cert]
276YU1UN2011YUSA HP ALL (T)887,52477750614.5 [Cert]
277IK8UND2011ISA HP ALL (T)875,70095255622.1 [Cert]
278DB2B2007DLSA HP ALL (T)861,65090947536.0DL8OBF 
279DK0A2011DLSA HP ALL (T)858,27673048618.4DL7JAN[Cert]
280ON4VDV2016ONSA HP ALL (T)856,20869147218.7 [Cert]
281F1NZC2017FSA HP ALL (T)855,69987348127.6 [Cert]
282N2MUN2011W2SA HP ALL (T)853,24471743426.9 [Cert]
283N2MUN2015W2SA HP ALL (T)851,64075645326.7 [Cert]
284VU2YVK2016VUSA HP ALL (T)829,71073543929.8 [Cert]
285WA6OSX2015W6SA HP ALL (T)821,56084046030.8 [Cert]
286W8GNM2014W8SA HP ALL (T)819,19867142624.5 [Cert]
287JF9JTS2016JA9SA HP ALL (T)806,41866942612.2 [Cert]
288HA3OU2016HASA HP ALL (T)804,91568146524.8 [Cert]
289YU9VK2007YUSA HP ALL (T)790,15277549230.5  
290JF9JTS2017JA9SA HP ALL (T)786,32864743315.9 [Cert]
291VE3ZZ2010VE3SA HP ALL (T)782,66860738932.7 [Cert]
292W3TZ/52012W5SA HP ALL (T)778,70767845319.8 [Cert]
293OE6HLF2012OESA HP ALL (T)778,09275947128.8 [Cert]
294LS1F2015LUSA HP ALL (T)768,68064544014.2LU7FTS 
295K4FX2008W4SA HP ALL (T)761,58370441128.1 [Cert]
296K0CF2011W0SA HP ALL (T)748,00063740024.4 [Cert]
297LU7YZ2013LUSA HP ALL (T)742,95671740414.2 [Cert]
298W3FW2010W3SA HP ALL (T)742,64461842120.3 [Cert]
299SE4E2017SMSA HP ALL (T)732,15875748224.1SM4DQE[Cert]
300NQ7R2009W7SA HP ALL (T)729,28087742422.6 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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