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201W2IRT2013W2SA HP 40M136,9594032136.5 [Cert]
202K7SS2017W7SA HP 40M (T)135,6253032177.7  
203RN6L2017UA-6SA HP 40M129,8162692166.3 [Cert]
204AN2A2009EASA HP 40M129,7442462044.8EA2AYD[Cert]
205OK4A2014OKSA HP 40M (T)120,5402532106.0OK1DXR[Cert]
206S51D2009S5SA HP 40M117,4362081879.3 [Cert]
207I8UZA2017ISA HP 40M116,78120820113.1 [Cert]
208WG0U2017W0SA HP 40M114,37521118315.6 [Cert]
209RW4W2012UA-4SA HP 40M113,5752221754.1 [Cert]
210BD6IQD2014BYSA HP 40M113,50521416126.3 [Cert]
211F/IU0BMX2017FSA HP 40M113,4242302047.8 [Cert]
2129A1CC20179ASA HP 40M113,40520118510.7 [Cert]
213EA3DUM2013EASA HP 40M113,1762221886.5 [Cert]
214ES8TJM2009ESSA HP 40M112,40425120420.2 [Cert]
215UT5UJO2016URSA HP 40M111,6392141878.4  
216YT3PL2012YUSA HP 40M110,3862271943.8 [Cert]
217IR9P2009IT9SA HP 40M110,16024620421.7IW9HMQ[Cert]
218OE5JSL2016OESA HP 40M (T)105,2701931749.6 [Cert]
219DK9HN2017DLSA HP 40M104,4482031926.5 [Cert]
220PY5BH2016PYSA HP 40M104,39015314312.3 [Cert]
221R8LA2017RA9SA HP 40M100,3681541368.7  
222KI9A2009W9SA HP 40M99,2883661975.0 [Cert]
223OM7PY2005OMSA HP 40M95,70021617420.6  
224EI4GXB2013EISA HP 40M (T)94,8602321805.2 [Cert]
225N0UU2010W0SA HP 40M93,78416815213.3 [Cert]
226YC1BTJ2011YBSA HP 40M93,62514412518.0 [Cert]
227G3SEM2007GSA HP 40M93,2642121747.6  
228DJ4PI2007DLSA HP 40M91,2171681578.4  
2299A1CCY20059ASA HP 40M90,8282231749A5TO 
230PA5CA2013PASA HP 40M87,5222131745.2 [Cert]
231EC1AE2016EASA HP 40M87,50820816711.7 [Cert]
232NA3M2009W3SA HP 40M (T)84,80019016012.2 [Cert]
233AM3ALV2001EASA HP 40M82,16420116719.7EA3ALV 
234UT8QQ2012URSA HP 40M81,9541931748.8 [Cert]
235M0OSH2017GSA HP 40M80,67619816615.8 [Cert]
236RZ9HW2016RA9SA HP 40M79,7501331254.1 [Cert]
237LU7MT2014LUSA HP 40M (T)79,36013612422.1 [Cert]
238WD4EFZ2012W4SA HP 40M76,16014713613.4 [Cert]
239W2IRT2008W2SA HP 40M (T)75,26424814715.0 [Cert]
240VE7KET2007VE7SA HP 40M (T)71,22413511610.1  
241KD4RH2000W4SA HP 40M71,043137119  
242DJ0IF2015DLSA HP 40M69,8741901613.3 [Cert]
243SQ7IQI2014SPSA HP 40M65,0651681433.9 [Cert]
244KB5R2016W5SA HP 40M64,9502011509.1 [Cert]
245DJ5KW2013DLSA HP 40M62,3072051612.9 [Cert]
2469A1CC20169ASA HP 40M61,0501651506.6 [Cert]
247ES5MG2009ESSA HP 40M60,50113212913.0ES5MG @ES6Q[Cert]
248PV150ITU2015PYSA HP 40M59,7721071023.8PR7DZ 
249YU1SMR2013YUSA HP 40M59,72417015820.9 [Cert]
250LY2FN2016LYSA HP 40M59,6431481415.8 [Cert]
251YC8UNT2017YBSA HP 40M (T)59,2961321099.9 [Cert]
252EC1AE2014EASA HP 40M58,3621551425.4 [Cert]
253DL7JAN2017DLSA HP 40M57,9181681472.5 [Cert]
254JP1LRT2017JA1SA HP 40M56,2241321127.0 [Cert]
255SP4JTJ2013SPSA HP 40M54,39015414711.4 [Cert]
256AA2MF2006W2SA HP 40M52,6801251207.7  
257EE3R2011EASA HP 40M52,6441251235.0EA3OR[Cert]
258KD4RH2012W4SA HP 40M46,8421261116.8 [Cert]
2594B2WK2010XESA HP 40M (T)43,989102937.3 [Cert]
260EA6EE2017EA6SA HP 40M43,4001331247.2 [Cert]
261OG3MS2017OHSA HP 40M43,0801471202.9 [Cert]
262DU1EV2017DUSA HP 40M42,496112832.5 [Cert]
263IU5BJS2017ISA HP 40M41,78812812424.0 [Cert]
264LZ2FL2016LZSA HP 40M41,376100964.1 [Cert]
2659A5AMC20109ASA HP 40M40,3651271177.4 [Cert]
266YL3CW2017YLSA HP 40M40,3001571241.8 [Cert]
267US7IVW2009URSA HP 40M39,8891201138.2 [Cert]
268S52WW2014S5SA HP 40M (T)39,6251451253.7 [Cert]
2699A9R20179ASA HP 40M38,1101181033.0 [Cert]
270JF2IWL2012JA2SA HP 40M37,665112939.5 [Cert]
271N0UU2007W0SA HP 40M36,6761221068.4  
272SP4JTJ2009SPSA HP 40M36,65212711910.7 [Cert]
273K7ZO2014W7SA HP 40M (T)35,6161291064.8 [Cert]
274BD0AAI2016BYSA HP 40M34,621938919.2 [Cert]
275WB0LJK2015W0SA HP 40M32,1001121076.0 [Cert]
276RT5X2015UA-3SA HP 40M30,7971061034.7  
277WJ1R2011W1SA HP 40M (T)30,44491867.3 [Cert]
278HG8YKO2017HASA HP 40M29,76098936.3 [Cert]
279JF2IWL2013JA2SA HP 40M28,5931008115.8 [Cert]
280YC0LOU2014YBSA HP 40M27,972877410.6 [Cert]
281W7ZCU2016W7SA HP 40M25,088133987.8 [Cert]
282K2QY2017W2SA HP 40M24,080818010.6 [Cert]
283KD7DCR2016W7SA HP 40M (T)24,056118976.8 [Cert]
284JO7KMB2007JA7SA HP 40M23,43086717.7  
285LZ2FL2017LZSA HP 40M22,93697944.7 [Cert]
286SP4JTJ2014SPSA HP 40M22,56894914.0  
287RA9LT2017RA9SA HP 40M22,01665644.0 [Cert]
288UC0W2016RA0SA HP 40M (T)21,28472688.4 [Cert]
289SA6BET2017SMSA HP 40M (T)20,49880744.0  
290WA5PFJ2010W5SA HP 40M18,135116935.0 [Cert]
291SP9IKN2011SPSA HP 40M17,71189897.0 [Cert]
292ES2EZ2010ESSA HP 40M17,68895882.5 [Cert]
293YC8SPD2016YBSA HP 40M (T)17,340786010.4 [Cert]
294IZ8GBH2011ISA HP 40M17,28083803.3 [Cert]
295JO1WKO2010JA1SA HP 40M16,61057552.4 [Cert]
296CE5PHI2017CESA HP 40M16,47060544.2 [Cert]
297ON9CC2015ONSA HP 40M15,76083801.4  
298VB2P2016VE2SA HP 40M (T)15,486605830.9VE2GT[Cert]
299DK5OH2014DLSA HP 40M15,37290842.1 [Cert]
300W9RN2015W9SA HP 40M15,20973673.1 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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