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2801WB6KDH2016W6SO LP ALL66619183.2 [Cert]
2802K2ACK/62013W6SO LP ALL (T)66620183.0 [Cert]
2803AK6TR2016W6SO HP ALL66016152.5 [Cert]
2804KF6NNX1999W6SO LP 10M6603410  
2805KJ6NO1999W6SO LP 10M6601211  
2806N6AJR2012W6SO LP ALL (T)64618170.8 [Cert]
2807K6JB2013W6SO LP 10M64515152.4 [Cert]
2808NJ6G2015W6SO LP ALL62417161.1 [Cert]
2809N6ML2009W6SA HP ALL61515153.1 [Cert]
2810WB6KDH2017W6SO LP ALL60819193.1 [Cert]
2811N2ALE/61997W6SO HP 20M6001515  
2812W6YVK1988W6SO QRP 20M5892019  
2813KK6GGC2014W6SO LP 10M (R)58516151.1 [Cert]
2814KJ6FNK2014W6SA LP ALL57818174.4 [Cert]
2815WB6GFJ1976W6SO HP ALL5761518  
2816N6AN2012W6SO HP ALL55516150.7@W6UE[Cert]
2817KD6OH1983W6SO HP 40M5522923  
2818K6BBQ2009W6SO LP 20M54624212.7 [Cert]
2819KJ6UVQ2013W6SO LP ALL54615141.9 [Cert]
2820W8QZA/61993W6SO QRP 80M5401918  
2821WK6CM2011W6SO LP ALL52218184.4 [Cert]
2822NO6E2012W6SO LP 10M51815140.7 [Cert]
2823W6PK2014W6SA HP ALL50713132.2 [Cert]
2824WT6/SA3ANZ2014W6SO HP 15M50020200.3 [Cert]
2825K6MSM2014W6SO LP ALL49414131.2 [Cert]
2826KK6VZE2017W6SO LP ALL (R)47519193.0 [Cert]
2827NC6PT2016W6SO LP ALL46215142.2 [Cert]
2828N6BY2009W6SO HP 20M (R)45619190.8 [Cert]
2829W6EMD1977W6SO HP 40M4481614  
2830N6WR2011W6SO LP 20M44814140.5 [Cert]
2831AG6HE2012W6SO LP ALL44121214.0 [Cert]
2832NY6Y2002W6SO HP 15M38412123.1  
2833K6TT2009W6SO LP ALL (T)38416161.4 [Cert]
2834N6OU2009W6SO LP ALL37815140.7 [Cert]
2835KB5MU/62011W6SO LP ALL37212120.6 [Cert]
2836KE6GFF2008W6SO LP 20M36416143.2 [Cert]
2837N6TPT1997W6SO LP 80M3602120  
2838N5KO/62009W6SO LP ALL36012120.2 [Cert]
2839KN6DV1996W6SO HP 160M3521716  
2840KG6YPH2013W6SO LP ALL35015142.5 [Cert]
2841NT6ET2008W6SO LP ALL (R)33612122.6 [Cert]
2842KD6NOF2012W6SO LP ALL32412121.9 [Cert]
2843KI6LAV2011W6SO LP ALL32215142.5 [Cert]
2844AG6YM2014W6SO LP ALL (R)31213132.2 [Cert]
2845WB6KDH2007W6SO LP ALL31213132.3  
2846KK6L2012W6SO LP 20M30811111.7 [Cert]
2847AF6PZ2015W6SO LP ALL30012121.5 [Cert]
2848W6TEK2015W6SO LP ALL (R)29913134.7 [Cert]
2849AG6RS2013W6SO LP ALL28614132.5 [Cert]
2850NC6P2007W6SO LP ALL285151526.2  
2851AA6EE1998W6SO LP ALL2851715  
2852KE6PPE2014W6SO LP ALL28014141.9 [Cert]
2853KK6BJ2012W6SO LP 15M (R)27612122.6 [Cert]
2854AC6OJW1976W6SO HP 20M2731913  
2855KG6HUM2008W6SO LP 20M27313132.1 [Cert]
2856AA6EE1991W6SO HP ALL2701010  
2857W0YK2017W6SA HP ALL2521361.3  
2858WB6MLI2002W6SO LP ALL (R)242111124.8  
2859N6ZET1991W6SO HP 10M24054  
2860KD6GWQ2015W6SO LP ALL23010100.5 [Cert]
2861NS6T2009W6SO LP ALL (R)20012103.0 [Cert]
2862N6NF1990W6SO HP 10M1961414  
2863N6RNO2008W6SA LP ALL19011101.4 [Cert]
2864AD6GE2016W6SO LP ALL189990.7 [Cert]
2865KF6ZYD2017W6SO QRP ALL (T)18712111.9 [Cert]
2866NY6Y2004W6SO HP ALL1768826.4  
2867KF4MDV/62015W6SO LP 15M17612111.4 [Cert]
2868K6MI2007W6SO QRP ALL1711497.0  
2869KE6TIM2016W6SA LP ALL17010101.2 [Cert]
2870N6AJA1979W6SO HP 20M16887  
2871AI6CN2015W6SO LP ALL (R)162991.5 [Cert]
2872N6AN2013W6SA LP ALL160880.8@W6UE[Cert]
2873KK6TV2007W6SO QRP 15M1608826.6  
2874K6MEC2014W6SO QRP ALL15411111.1  
2875W5NYV/62011W6SO LP 40M153990.8 [Cert]
2876KM6REK2017W6SO LP ALL (R)153992.0 [Cert]
2877N6HE1978W6SO HP 10M14498  
2878KB0EVM1996W6SO QRP 20M1431311  
2879N6JMS2013W6SO LP 15M (R)13211111.6 [Cert]
2880AG6TS2017W6SA LP 20M13010101.4  
2881KJ6FPJ2013W6SO HP 10M126991.4 [Cert]
2882AA6EE1997W6SO LP ALL1211111  
2883K6LRN1992W6SO HP ALL120109  
2884KA6ING1987W6SO HP 10M1172313  
2885AF6GQ2012W6SO LP 10M11010103.1 [Cert]
2886WR6WR2011W6SO LP 40M108861.0N6WR[Cert]
2887KJ6FPJ2014W6SO HP 10M105770.7 [Cert]
2888KJ6JNC2011W6SO QRP 10M105771.1 [Cert]
2889WO1NDR/62009W6SO LP ALL102660.9 [Cert]
2890KK6ONL2016W6SO LP 40M (R)100550.5 [Cert]
2891AK6DC2013W6SO QRP 20M (R)991092.1 [Cert]
2892K6TA2015W6SO LP 10M84660.6 [Cert]
2893W6MZ2017W6SO QRP 20M84771.7 [Cert]
2894AF6MH2014W6SO LP 15M80881.4 [Cert]
2895NB0O/62015W6SO LP 20M75550.4 [Cert]
2896W6RGS2010W6SO LP ALL70870.8 [Cert]
2897NC6P2003W6SO LP ALL666624.8  
2898KZ2V/62009W6SO QRP 20M66661.9 [Cert]
2899KC6ZZT2007W6SO LP 20M637725.4  
2900K6NA1993W6SO LP 10M6055  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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