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2301JN1TEN1985JA1SO HP 10M7652017  
2302JA1EEG1997JA1SO LP 15M7651917  
2303JL1MWI2014JA1SO LP ALL (T)76518172.6 [Cert]
2304JH1OEL1977JA1SO HP ALL7602120  
2305JA1PTO2005JA1SO LP ALL760201926.1  
2306JG1GCO2008JA1SO LP 20M75622182.8 [Cert]
23077K3XGV2015JA1SA LP ALL75217162.1 [Cert]
2308JH0DBD/11983JA1SO HP 15M7521716  
2309JJ1NUI1996JA1SO LP 20M7482017  
2310JH1TUX2004JA1SO LP 15M73119171.4  
2311JE1SPY2001JA1SO LP 80M7201816  
2312JI1DSU2011JA1SO HP ALL71414141.1 [Cert]
23137L1AVS2016JA1SA QRP 15M70218182.0 [Cert]
2314JA1LPQ2010JA1SO LP ALL69719173.6 [Cert]
2315JA1LPQ2017JA1SO LP ALL68821162.6 [Cert]
2316JR1OYL1979JA1SO HP 10M6861714  
2317JG1TIX1975JA1SO HP 20M6842518  
23187K1EQG2007JA1SO LP 15M6802017  
2319JK1OXU1995JA1SO QRP 20M6805250  
2320JG1OWV2003JA1SO LP 20M (T)67515151.7  
2321JA1KEB2009JA1SA LP ALL65618161.0 [Cert]
2322JG1TUC2016JA1SO HP 15M65618165.6  
2323JQ1AHZ1995JA1SO LP 15M6561716  
2324JI1XNP2017JA1SO LP 40M (T)65014133.4 [Cert]
2325JE1TTO2001JA1SO LP 15M6461817  
2326JG1GCO2000JA1SO LP 15M6451515  
23277M4OAQ2017JA1SO LP ALL64018161.4 [Cert]
2328JL1DRX1991JA1SO HP ALL6301715  
2329JM1NZJ2015JA1SO HP ALL629171716.6 [Cert]
2330JA1EIS1999JA1SO LP ALL6241413  
2331JA1ANA2001JA1SO HP 40M6201110  
2332JF1PEQ2017JA1SO LP ALL61615142.4 [Cert]
2333JM1IMF2009JA1SA LP 15M61516152.2 [Cert]
2334JA1WYQ1990JA1SO HP ALL6151715  
2335JO1NLN2010JA1SO HP ALL (T)61218173.2 [Cert]
2336JG1GCO1997JA1SO LP 15M6121817  
2337JN1TEO1986JA1SO HP ALL6081816  
2338JQ1AJH1985JA1SO HP ALL6021714  
2339JA1HOI2006JA1SO HP 15M576181625.7  
2340JA1EIS1997JA1SO LP ALL5761212  
2341JG1NCL2014JA1SO LP 15M57415144.5 [Cert]
2342JA1HOM2017JA1SO LP 40M57211111.4 [Cert]
2343JA1AAT1977JA1SO HP 20M5701615  
2344JH1APK2010JA1SO HP 80M (T)56010101.5 [Cert]
23457K2PBB2000JA1SO LP 10M5601716  
23467L3DGP2013JA1SO LP ALL56018162.4 [Cert]
2347JA1AAT2002JA1SO LP 10M5511919  
2348JA1AAV1985JA1SO HP ALL5461413  
23497N4JXR2016JA1SO LP ALL54420163.7 [Cert]
2350JJ1LRD1996JA1SO LP ALL5441616  
2351JF1HJX2011JA1SO LP 15M53214140.7 [Cert]
2352JG1XAJ2017JA1SO LP ALL52722174.5 [Cert]
2353JA1PYP2003JA1SA LP 40M52010101.7  
2354JJ1YED2011JA1SO LP 40M52010100.8JK1BII[Cert]
23557N4JXR2017JA1SO LP ALL51320194.7 [Cert]
2356JN1DNV2007JA1SO LP ALL51216165.2  
2357JA1GHR2017JA1SO HP 20M51015151.1 [Cert]
2358JA1HGY2009JA1SO HP 40M51010100.5 [Cert]
2359JA1LBZ2015JA1SO LP ALL50414141.4 [Cert]
2360JJ1KZZ2016JA1SO LP ALL (T)49512111.6 [Cert]
23617N4CPT2011JA1SO LP ALL (T)49511110.9 [Cert]
2362JA1EIS1995JA1SO LP ALL4951311  
2363JQ1VDJ2015JA1SO QRP 20M47614144.4 [Cert]
2364JR1MRG2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)46815131.8 [Cert]
2365JE1TTO1984JA1SO HP ALL4641615  
2366JR1IJV2015JA1SO HP ALL46215142.7 [Cert]
2367JI1DSU2012JA1SO LP ALL46216142.4 [Cert]
2368JE1TTO1985JA1SO HP ALL4591917  
2369JA1PUK1991JA1SO HP 10M4551313  
2370JG1LZY2013JA1SO LP ALL44819161.9 [Cert]
2371JA1AAT1990JA1SO HP 10M4421413  
2372JH1NXU1992JA1SO LP 10M4351515  
2373JH1EYM2013JA1SO LP ALL43515151.3 [Cert]
2374JF1TEU2015JA1SO LP 15M43212121.8 [Cert]
2375JM1MOM2014JA1SO LP 15M42913131.1 [Cert]
2376JO1MCC1994JA1SO LP ALL4291313  
2377JH1OVY2009JA1SO HP ALL42016153.9 [Cert]
2378JH1TUX2001JA1SO LP 10M420131224.6  
23797N1HFK1993JA1SO LP 10M4201614  
2380JE1HTV2016JA1SO LP 15M42015141.3 [Cert]
2381JF1WCK2013JA1SO LP ALL42017151.8 [Cert]
2382JK1GKG2017JA1SA LP ALL41013103.1 [Cert]
2383JH1FJK1980JA1SO HP 10M40866  
2384JG1TUC2017JA1SO HP 15M40615142.3 [Cert]
2385JR1WJM2017JA1SO HP ALL40615140.8 [Cert]
2386JN1BBO2011JA1SO LP 15M40313132.0 [Cert]
2387JH1HRJ1994JA1SO QRP 80M3961111  
2388JG1GPY2013JA1SO QRP 15M39216141.8 [Cert]
2389JA1MXY1999JA1SO LP 20M (T)3901413  
2390JM1DSC2010JA1SO LP ALL39016152.1 [Cert]
2391JL1MWI1997JA1SO LP 15M3851311  
2392JF1NNK2013JA1SO LP ALL38415122.9 [Cert]
2393JA1BNW1984JA1SO HP 10M378149  
2394JQ1AHZ1994JA1SO LP 10M3771513  
23957K2PBB1993JA1SO LP 10M3771413  
2396JG1VSW2015JA1SO LP 15M37713131.8 [Cert]
2397JA1XZF2015JA1SO HP ALL37413112.5 [Cert]
23987J1ABD2014JA1SO LP ALL37213120.7  
2399JG1GPY2016JA1SO QRP 15M37213122.6 [Cert]
2400JA1VVH1995JA1SO LP 10M3641313  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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