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2101KF2YX1996W2SO LP ALL2,6044542  
2102N2MBM1997W2SO LP 20M2,5804343  
2103KC2RKU2009W2SO LP 160M (R)2,556453611.8 [Cert]
2104KC2JKU2013W2SA LP ALL2,54135336.2 [Cert]
2105K2DL1998W2SO LP ALL2,5283832  
2106WN2IHJ2015W2SO LP 10M2,49031303.6  
2107KA2FHN2007W2SO LP ALL2,4823734  
2108KC2VUP2010W2SO LP ALL (R)2,47939373.6 [Cert]
2109W2GTR2016W2SO LP 10M (R)2,46531297.0 [Cert]
2110AB2NM2004W2SO LP 10M2,4423733  
2111K2MFR2014W2SO LP 10M2,43629283.1 [Cert]
2112W2EZ1996W2SO HP ALL2,4004240  
2113NV2K2014W2SO LP ALL (R)2,37829294.0 [Cert]
2114N2TAW1994W2SO LP 15M2,3683332  
2115K2CYE2017W2SA HP ALL2,35229281.0 [Cert]
2116KF2O2009W2SA HP ALL2,35224243.5 [Cert]
2117KC2QJB2008W2SO LP ALL2,31036338.3 [Cert]
2118KC2JRQ2011W2SO LP ALL2,29431313.5 [Cert]
2119KG2AF2009W2SO LP 20M2,26245398.1 [Cert]
2120WA3AFS/22010W2SA HP ALL2,25030302.7 [Cert]
2121KT2G2015W2SO LP ALL2,24030284.1 [Cert]
2122AB2IO2016W2SO LP ALL2,23330292.6 [Cert]
2123W2JEK2011W2SO QRP ALL2,22037305.7 [Cert]
2124AB2CST1976W2SO HP 10M2,2094047  
2125N2PSL1995W2SO LP ALL2,2053635  
2126K2BQO1977W2SO HP 160M2,1847842  
2127N2KYP1991W2SO HP ALL2,1763232  
2128W2JEK2015W2SO QRP ALL2,16028271.7 [Cert]
2129AB2LOF1976W2SO HP ALL2,0703446  
2130KA2BXH2011W2SO HP 15M (T)2,05227271.2 [Cert]
2131N2RS1983W2SO HP ALL2,0503125  
2132WB2DIN1985W2SO HP ALL2,0483232  
2133WB2DND1985W2SO HP ALL2,048130112  
2134AC2IK2017W2SO LP ALL (T)2,04036346.5 [Cert]
2135NA2P2006W2SO HP ALL (T)1,92026244.1  
2136W2EZ1993W2SO LP 20M1,9172727  
2137W2GFF1981W2SO HP ALL1,9002925  
2138WB2DVU1987W2SO HP ALL1,8902927  
2139AA2AUB1976W2SO HP ALL1,8903545  
2140W2QAC2011W2SO LP ALL1,89030302.6 [Cert]
2141KC2LST2014W2SA HP 10M1,87226261.5 [Cert]
2142WB2OQQ1998W2SO LP ALL1,8624038  
2143W2MNK1977W2SO HP ALL1,8482824  
2144AD2J1980W2SO HP 20M1,8363227  
2145WA0KIR1996W2SO LP ALL1,8023834  
2146WF2B2005W2SA HP ALL1,792292826.2  
2147KA2RVO1984W2SO HP 15M1,7853635  
2148N2TEW2008W2SO LP ALL1,77033303.6 [Cert]
2149W2NC1983W2SO HP ALL1,7432621  
2150WA2AOG2008W2SO HP 160M1,71629262.4 [Cert]
2151AC2KDI1976W2SO HP 10M1,7154349  
2152N2ZUL2009W2SO LP ALL1,71131293.7 [Cert]
2153W2VU1997W2SO HP ALL1,6833733  
2154W2MRD2016W2SO LP ALL1,68229291.1 [Cert]
2155K2HPV1980W2SO HP 20M1,6802928  
21564U1WB/22013W2SO HP ALL (T)1,68029280.6AJ3M[Cert]
2157KA2WLH1985W2SO HP 20M1,6763232  
2158W2TF2015W2SO LP ALL1,66636341.4 [Cert]
2159K2JF2012W2SO LP ALL1,65228282.6 [Cert]
2160W2GKZ1977W2SO HP 20M1,6252525  
2161KD2MU2008W2SO LP 20M1,60824241.1 [Cert]
2162KC2KZJ2013W2SO HP ALL1,58424224.0 [Cert]
2163KC2TFI2015W2SO LP ALL1,54123234.0 [Cert]
2164KD2SJM2015W2SO LP ALL (R)1,54023221.8 [Cert]
2165KC2SYF2015W2SO LP ALL1,53928272.2 [Cert]
2166WB2CKQ1993W2SO HP ALL1,5373029  
2167AD2BQO1976W2SO HP 160M1,5366064  
2168W2DFC2016W2SO LP ALL1,53624242.7 [Cert]
2169KC2FYJ2004W2SO LP 20M1,500333029.6  
2170N2JJ2016W2SO LP 10M1,49523230.6 [Cert]
2171W2UL1982W2SO HP 15M1,4912421  
2172W2PIP2017W2SO LP 20M1,48429281.2 [Cert]
2173W2XQ1980W2SO HP 160M1,4766541  
2174KB2URI2016W2SA LP ALL1,47526251.3 [Cert]
2175WB2MCB1980W2SO HP ALL1,4642524  
2176KD2JPV2017W2SA LP 20M1,41033302.6 [Cert]
2177W2JAT2008W2SO LP ALL1,41031303.5 [Cert]
2178W2UL1981W2SO HP 15M1,4082322  
2179NP3D/22011W2SA LP ALL1,35016150.6 [Cert]
2180W2CJX1979W2SO HP ALL1,3503325  
2181N2AET2010W2SO LP 80M (T)1,34425243.1 [Cert]
2182W2DW1982W2SO QRP ALL1,3442624  
2183K2JF2016W2SO LP ALL1,32026241.7 [Cert]
2184KB2HSH2016W2SA QRP 20M1,29822222.6 [Cert]
2185WB2PXA1978W2SO HP ALL1,2962524  
2186WB2AIV2009W2SO LP 15M1,29629272.2 [Cert]
2187W2FGY1994W2SO LP 40M1,2921919  
21889K2HN/W21998W2SO HP 15M1,2095039  
2189K2XA2009W2SO HP ALL1,20026250.6 [Cert]
2190KC2JRQ2010W2SO LP 15M1,20024241.5 [Cert]
2191W2JEK1989W2SO QRP ALL1,1972321  
2192WD2AEZ1983W2SO HP 15M1,1962926  
2193KC2JRQ2014W2SO LP 10M1,18021200.8 [Cert]
2194K2IZ2017W2SO LP ALL1,17626241.3 [Cert]
2195KE2N1987W2SO HP 10M1,1132421  
2196KA2GSL1997W2SO LP 20M1,1002015  
2197W7BAK2017W2SO QRP ALL (R)1,10027253.2 [Cert]
2198W2KMK2016W2SO LP 10M (T)1,07121213.2 [Cert]
2199WB2TLD1975W2SO HP 10M1,0583123  
2200KD2CFH2013W2SA LP ALL (R)1,05021211.3 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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