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20201UA9XDG1987RA9SO HP ALL12676  
20202LA7EO1978LASO HP ALL12677  
20203OH2DN1979OHSO HP ALL1211111  
20204K6LRN1992W6SO HP ALL120109  
20205LA6XI1977LASO HP ALL11977  
20206LA7YW1982LASO HP ALL11288  
20207OH3ZH/11975OHSO HP ALL11288  
20208KE8UM2017W8SO HP ALL108990.4 [Cert]
20209JE1HRC2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)108660.8 [Cert]
20210AG3S1981W3SO HP ALL10876  
20211SP8HXN2012SPSO HP ALL105751.2 [Cert]
20212SP6HRK1980SPSO HP ALL10577  
20213OH6PA1978OHSO HP ALL10575  
20214Y26LG1988DMSO HP ALL10286  
20215DJ0EX1977DLSO HP ALL1002120  
20216UA6BJZ1983UA-6SO HP ALL9887  
20217DL8UIL2014DLSO HP ALL96860.9  
20218LA1ML1983LASO HP ALL9666  
20219W0GW1983W0SO HP ALL9666  
20220YO2BEH1982YOSO HP ALL9666  
20221AX5NPN1977VKSO HP ALL9688  
20222DJ5IW2016DLSO HP ALL90660.9 [Cert]
20223K0HYD2015W0SO HP ALL90660.8 [Cert]
20224SM1TDE2004SMSO HP ALL906525.1SM1TDE 
20225Y24HJ1983DMSO HP ALL8476  
20226OH3FT1978OHSO HP ALL8466  
20227KI7LS2003W7SO HP ALL808826.3  
20228YO3KWJ1989YOSO HP ALL8088  
20229Y23ZF1983DMSO HP ALL8065  
20230CX2VC1984CXSO HP ALL7866  
20231BH4RZI2012BYSO HP ALL77872.6 [Cert]
20232OK3TCK1979OKOMSO HP ALL7777  
20233VK2AOI1978VKSO HP ALL7555  
20234Y65TN1982DMSO HP ALL7266  
20235UA0SFN1979RA0SO HP ALL722624  
20236AI9T2014W9SO HP ALL70950.3 [Cert]
20237IU8CEZ2014ISO HP ALL (T)7010104.0 [Cert]
20238BG5DOD2011BYSO HP ALL70770.9 [Cert]
20239KU7A1984W7SO HP ALL7077  
20240SP1II1976SPSO HP ALL7055  
20241RV1AC2010UA-1SO HP ALL66660.1 [Cert]
20242OH1PU1980OHSO HP ALL6555  
20243DL8VKO2014DLSO HP ALL63991.9 [Cert]
20244JA6CDC2015JA6SO HP ALL60540.5  
20245SP8HXN2014SPSO HP ALL60550.4 [Cert]
20246DL7BA2012DLSO HP ALL60440.3 [Cert]
20247VU2HOT2012VUSO HP ALL60550.7 [Cert]
20248RA3UT2010UA-3SO HP ALL60540.4 [Cert]
20249UY2UF2002URSO HP ALL (T)6054  
20250JE1TTO1986JA1SO HP ALL6076  
20251Y32ZN1984DMSO HP ALL6076  
20252OK2SWD1983OKOMSO HP ALL6066  
20253OZ1LO1977OZSO HP ALL5763  
20254AC0B2017W0SO HP ALL56440.6 [Cert]
20255W2BSN2010W2SO HP ALL56540.7 [Cert]
20256DL9GFB2010DLSO HP ALL55750.2 [Cert]
20257SD3A2014SMSO HP ALL54660.4SM3FJF[Cert]
20258UA3DKF1979UA-3SO HP ALL5466  
20259Y25TO1982DMSO HP ALL5055  
20260WB4WHE1977W4SO HP ALL4977  
20261KB1JTB/52015W5SO HP ALL48440.9 [Cert]
20262R3FN2011UA-3SO HP ALL48440.5 [Cert]
20263SP8HXN2011SPSO HP ALL4844 [Cert]
20264OH2BSS1978OHSO HP ALL4844  
20265Y57YL1980DMSO HP ALL4555  
20266Y41YM1984DMSO HP ALL4277  
20267SP5ELA2009SPSO HP ALL40440.1 [Cert]
20268JH1ADR1985JA1SO HP ALL4044  
20269EA2OJ1984EASO HP ALL4044  
20270JK1LRH1984JA1SO HP ALL4044  
20271AK7J1980W7SO HP ALL401010  
20272JR3STC1976JA3SO HP ALL4055  
20273DJ6YX2014DLSO HP ALL36431.0 [Cert]
20274N8OOU/92013W9SO HP ALL (T)36440.8 [Cert]
20275VK3SM1991VKSO HP ALL3633  
20276YO2BXG1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20277YO2CDX1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20278YO2DDI1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20279YO2DGR1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20280KD7EJ1983W7SO HP ALL341717  
20281AC4UW1976W4SO HP ALL3244  
20282IZ1DLY2016ISO HP ALL (T)30550.6 [Cert]
20283Y23TL1984DMSO HP ALL3055  
20284OH3ZH1977OHSO HP ALL3053  
20285YT6T2007YUSO HP ALL2844  
20286YO2AQB1989YOSO HP ALL2854  
20287YO2AIX1989YOSO HP ALL2733  
20288OH3BU1984OHSO HP ALL2733  
20289N4VAN2016W4SO HP ALL21330.6 [Cert]
20290OH1AB1995OHSO HP ALL2143OH1NSJ 
20291YO2BYE1989YOSO HP ALL2044  
20292SA3CAT2017SMSO HP ALL1822 [Cert]
20293W7VS2013W7SO HP ALL1822 [Cert]
20294W7VS2012W7SO HP ALL1822 [Cert]
20295YO2AGY1989YOSO HP ALL1833  
20296JF3PHY1981JA3SO HP ALL1832  
20297JH1VRQ/61980JA6SO HP ALL1833  
20298JA0XWE1977JA0SO HP ALL1855  
20299KE5YTA2015W5SO HP ALL16440.4 [Cert]
20300LX3PR2012LXSO HP ALL15330.1 [Cert]

Page 203 of 204

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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