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20201UA9XDG1987RA9SO HP ALL12676  
20202LA7EO1978LASO HP ALL12677  
20203OH2DN1979OHSO HP ALL1211111  
20204K6LRN1992W6SO HP ALL120109  
20205LA6XI1977LASO HP ALL11977  
20206LA7YW1982LASO HP ALL11288  
20207OH3ZH/11975OHSO HP ALL11288  
20208KE8UM2017W8SO HP ALL108990.4 
20209JE1HRC2016JA1SO HP ALL (T)108660.8 
20210AG3S1981W3SO HP ALL10876  
20211SP8HXN2012SPSO HP ALL105751.2 
20212SP6HRK1980SPSO HP ALL10577  
20213OH6PA1978OHSO HP ALL10575  
20214Y26LG1988DMSO HP ALL10286  
20215DJ0EX1977DLSO HP ALL1002120  
20216UA6BJZ1983UA-6SO HP ALL9887  
20217DL8UIL2014DLSO HP ALL96860.9  
20218LA1ML1983LASO HP ALL9666  
20219W0GW1983W0SO HP ALL9666  
20220YO2BEH1982YOSO HP ALL9666  
20221AX5NPN1977VKSO HP ALL9688  
20222DJ5IW2016DLSO HP ALL90660.9 
20223K0HYD2015W0SO HP ALL90660.8 
20224SM1TDE2004SMSO HP ALL906525.1SM1TDE 
20225Y24HJ1983DMSO HP ALL8476  
20226OH3FT1978OHSO HP ALL8466  
20227KI7LS2003W7SO HP ALL808826.3  
20228YO3KWJ1989YOSO HP ALL8088  
20229Y23ZF1983DMSO HP ALL8065  
20230CX2VC1984CXSO HP ALL7866  
20231BH4RZI2012BYSO HP ALL77872.6 
20232OK3TCK1979OKOMSO HP ALL7777  
20233VK2AOI1978VKSO HP ALL7555  
20234Y65TN1982DMSO HP ALL7266  
20235UA0SFN1979RA0SO HP ALL722624  
20236AI9T2014W9SO HP ALL70950.3 
20237IU8CEZ2014ISO HP ALL (T)7010104.0 
20238BG5DOD2011BYSO HP ALL70770.9 
20239KU7A1984W7SO HP ALL7077  
20240SP1II1976SPSO HP ALL7055  
20241RV1AC2010UA-1SO HP ALL66660.1 
20242OH1PU1980OHSO HP ALL6555  
20243DL8VKO2014DLSO HP ALL63991.9 
20244JA6CDC2015JA6SO HP ALL60540.5  
20245SP8HXN2014SPSO HP ALL60550.4 
20246DL7BA2012DLSO HP ALL60440.3 
20247VU2HOT2012VUSO HP ALL60550.7 
20248RA3UT2010UA-3SO HP ALL60540.4 
20249UY2UF2002URSO HP ALL (T)6054  
20250JE1TTO1986JA1SO HP ALL6076  
20251Y32ZN1984DMSO HP ALL6076  
20252OK2SWD1983OKOMSO HP ALL6066  
20253OZ1LO1977OZSO HP ALL5763  
20254AC0B2017W0SO HP ALL56440.6 
20255W2BSN2010W2SO HP ALL56540.7 
20256DL9GFB2010DLSO HP ALL55750.2 
20257SD3A2014SMSO HP ALL54660.4SM3FJF
20258UA3DKF1979UA-3SO HP ALL5466  
20259Y25TO1982DMSO HP ALL5055  
20260WB4WHE1977W4SO HP ALL4977  
20261KB1JTB/52015W5SO HP ALL48440.9 
20262R3FN2011UA-3SO HP ALL48440.5 
20263SP8HXN2011SPSO HP ALL4844 
20264OH2BSS1978OHSO HP ALL4844  
20265Y57YL1980DMSO HP ALL4555  
20266Y41YM1984DMSO HP ALL4277  
20267SP5ELA2009SPSO HP ALL40440.1 
20268JH1ADR1985JA1SO HP ALL4044  
20269EA2OJ1984EASO HP ALL4044  
20270JK1LRH1984JA1SO HP ALL4044  
20271AK7J1980W7SO HP ALL401010  
20272JR3STC1976JA3SO HP ALL4055  
20273DJ6YX2014DLSO HP ALL36431.0 
20274N8OOU/92013W9SO HP ALL (T)36440.8 
20275VK3SM1991VKSO HP ALL3633  
20276YO2BXG1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20277YO2CDX1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20278YO2DDI1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20279YO2DGR1989YOSO HP ALL3644  
20280KD7EJ1983W7SO HP ALL341717  
20281AC4UW1976W4SO HP ALL3244  
20282IZ1DLY2016ISO HP ALL (T)30550.6 
20283Y23TL1984DMSO HP ALL3055  
20284OH3ZH1977OHSO HP ALL3053  
20285YT6T2007YUSO HP ALL2844  
20286YO2AQB1989YOSO HP ALL2854  
20287YO2AIX1989YOSO HP ALL2733  
20288OH3BU1984OHSO HP ALL2733  
20289N4VAN2016W4SO HP ALL21330.6 
20290OH1AB1995OHSO HP ALL2143OH1NSJ 
20291YO2BYE1989YOSO HP ALL2044  
20292SA3CAT2017SMSO HP ALL1822 
20293W7VS2013W7SO HP ALL1822 
20294W7VS2012W7SO HP ALL1822 
20295YO2AGY1989YOSO HP ALL1833  
20296JF3PHY1981JA3SO HP ALL1832  
20297JH1VRQ/61980JA6SO HP ALL1833  
20298JA0XWE1977JA0SO HP ALL1855  
20299KE5YTA2015W5SO HP ALL16440.4 
20300LX3PR2012LXSO HP ALL15330.1 

Page 203 of 204

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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