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1901K0FG2016W0SA HP ALL2,76032300.8 [Cert]
1902KS9J/01987W0SO QRP 15M2,7593531  
1903N0ADR2015W0SO LP ALL2,72040404.1 [Cert]
1904W0JEC2012W0SO LP ALL2,72034342.0 [Cert]
1905KF0IQ2010W0SA LP 15M2,67334337.4 [Cert]
1906K0LD1979W0SO HP ALL2,6663231  
1907K0FA2009W0SA HP ALL2,65633325.1 [Cert]
1908KD0FZT2016W0SO LP ALL2,64046446.5 [Cert]
1909WA0OTV2001W0SO HP 15M2,6353731  
1910KI0F2010W0SO LP ALL2,62536350.8 [Cert]
1911K0CS1996W0SO HP 160M2,6226857  
1912KD0CVZ2012W0SO LP ALL2,61340393.2 [Cert]
1913W0CC2014W0SO LP ALL2,58439385.5 [Cert]
1914AD0RW2017W0SA LP ALL2,58032305.3 [Cert]
1915KC0NXB2008W0SO HP ALL (R)2,57442394.6 [Cert]
1916KA0LDG2005W0SO LP ALL2,52833323.5  
1917N0BAK2016W0SA LP ALL2,51636342.5 [Cert]
1918K0PFZ2011W0SO HP ALL2,49635324.7 [Cert]
1919KD0EPN2009W0SO LP ALL (R)2,47043387.5 [Cert]
1920K0KR2015W0SO HP 15M (T)2,46030300.7 [Cert]
1921N0WY2012W0SO LP ALL2,43240382.5 [Cert]
1922AB0OX2003W0SO LP ALL2,41546354.3  
1923W0DHB2010W0SO LP ALL2,40731293.2 [Cert]
1924KC0FUD2000W0SO LP ALL2,4073129  
1925W0RSG1984W0SO HP ALL2,4033027  
1926N6BXO/02009W0SO HP ALL2,40030301.6 [Cert]
1927KD0OYR2012W0SO LP ALL (R)2,40033323.1 [Cert]
1928N9HDE/02007W0SO LP 40M (T)2,3804135  
1929K0LD1978W0SO HP 20M2,3783029  
1930AD0HL2015W0SO LP ALL (R)2,37847416.4 [Cert]
1931KD0KIM2013W0SO LP ALL2,35640382.9 [Cert]
1932N0ZTO2014W0SO LP 40M2,27536354.1 [Cert]
1933NI0S1994W0SO HP 20M2,2684442  
1934WW0WB2006W0SO QRP 10M2,22533257.0  
1935N1SZ/02004W0SO QRP ALL2,20539352.7  
1936N0JMN2017W0SO LP ALL (R)2,20042405.8 [Cert]
1937K0BJ1985W0SO HP 40M2,1602120  
1938NO0Y1993W0SO LP 160M2,1608672  
1939N6BXO/02005W0SO HP ALL2,14629291.9  
1940KC0VEU2009W0SO HP ALL (T)2,14433322.4 [Cert]
1941K0HAY2014W0SO LP ALL2,13932313.6  
1942N0LZ2001W0SO LP ALL2,117312925.5  
1943KC0RET2006W0SA HP ALL (R)2,100373525.0  
1944N0DOW2017W0SA HP ALL2,09143417.5 [Cert]
1945KC0GLA2010W0SO LP ALL2,07935332.0 [Cert]
1946K0YLE2017W0SO LP ALL2,04634336.4 [Cert]
1947W7RIR/01979W0SO HP ALL2,0303029  
1948K0TC2016W0SO LP ALL (T)2,03031291.9 [Cert]
1949K4IU/02005W0SA HP ALL2,010303024.9K4IU 
1950KI0EO2014W0SO LP 15M1,98828282.3 [Cert]
1951KD0NPT2017W0SO HP ALL (R)1,97130279.1 [Cert]
1952KB0NJJ2013W0SO QRP 20M1,94443366.2 [Cert]
1953K0TC2017W0SO LP ALL1,92034323.4 [Cert]
1954N2SRK/02015W0SA LP ALL1,90925233.6 [Cert]
1955K0HAX2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,89133311.9 [Cert]
1956N0FY2017W0SA HP ALL1,89030302.9 [Cert]
1957K0NEB2011W0SO LP ALL1,87226261.1 [Cert]
1958K0MIS2009W0SO LP ALL1,872423610.3 [Cert]
1959NE0DA2015W0SO LP ALL1,79829292.1  
1960KB5AEB2017W0SO LP ALL1,79229282.1 [Cert]
1961KC0UUT2015W0SO HP ALL1,77627241.5 [Cert]
1962W9RXJ/01988W0SO HP 160M1,7646949  
1963K0ANS2011W0SO LP ALL1,76430281.5 [Cert]
1964W0AO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)1,73631311.5 [Cert]
1965K0UD2006W0SO LP ALL (T)1,736342825.2  
1966KD0FW1992W0SO LP 10M1,7282424  
1967N0BIW1992W0SO LP ALL1,7042424  
1968AD0MJ2015W0SO LP ALL (R)1,69636326.4 [Cert]
1969W2DLH2017W0SA LP ALL1,67433313.3 [Cert]
1970N0AT2004W0SO LP ALL1,66428260.6  
1971K0UK2017W0SO LP ALL1,65625240.7 [Cert]
1972KB0NHW2011W0SO LP ALL1,64729272.2 [Cert]
1973KD0OAE2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,64341317.7 [Cert]
1974WD0BGZ2004W0SO LP ALL (R)1,625292525.6  
1975N1SWK/02008W0SO LP ALL1,62430292.6 [Cert]
1976K2BBJ2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,62034306.7 [Cert]
1977W0GUY2010W0SO LP ALL1,62031304.0 [Cert]
1978N6MUF/02015W0SO LP 15M1,60035324.0 [Cert]
1979K0ANS2013W0SO LP ALL1,58433332.9 [Cert]
1980KD0BKH2012W0SO LP 20M1,56631292.0 [Cert]
1981WB0GFV1995W0SO HP 10M1,5642323  
1982N0ADJ1979W0SO HP ALL1,5642423  
1983K0HAX2014W0SO LP ALL1,53927272.1 [Cert]
1984N0STN2014W0SO LP ALL1,51228286.2 [Cert]
1985K0BDU2016W0SO HP 40M1,47931295.0 [Cert]
1986KC0RQH2011W0SO LP 10M1,47423221.6 [Cert]
1987K0EZW1992W0SO HP ALL1,4722423  
1988K0ANS2014W0SO LP ALL1,45025251.6 [Cert]
1989N0QQQ2016W0SO LP ALL (R)1,43132276.5 [Cert]
1990KJ0P2013W0SO HP ALL1,42130291.6 [Cert]
1991N0ZC2011W0SO HP 20M1,40025251.7 [Cert]
1992KE0BRZ2017W0SA LP ALL1,37632322.6 [Cert]
1993KA0BAT1997W0SO HP ALL1,3694137  
1994K0ANS2009W0SO LP ALL (R)1,36434312.2 [Cert]
1995AC0HK2008W0SO LP ALL1,36331292.9 [Cert]
1996KD0KQS2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,35029274.0 [Cert]
1997N0ZTO2016W0SO LP ALL1,33024192.9 [Cert]
1998K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
1999KC0SZU2007W0SO LP 20M1,276332927.5  
2000KF0IQ2016W0SA HP ALL1,26021215.5 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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