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101AD2KA2016W2SO LP ALL (R)391,80048430024.0 [Cert]
102YY5EAH2005YVSO LP ALL (R)390,52842928824.0  
103IZ0PMV2011ISO LP ALL (R)388,01549835522.6 [Cert]
104DQ0T2006DLSO LP ALL (R)387,35354536126.2DC7NF 
105EH2R2009EASO LP ALL (R)377,50843832629.0EA2AOO[Cert]
106PF4T2009PASO LP ALL (R)369,40853038422.0 [Cert]
107RA1AKE1999UA-1SO LP ALL (R)368,854553   
108R0000O2014UA-0SO LP ALL (R)365,7906874116.5 [Cert]
109F5BMK1998FSO LP ALL (R)356,728530344  
110IZ3KKE2007ISO LP ALL (R)353,88644033829.5  
111IS0BSR2011ISSO LP ALL (R)352,07866840127.0 [Cert]
112EA5ASF1999EASO LP ALL (R)342,144517352  
113NA4EA2012W4SO LP ALL (R)334,64135633722.7 [Cert]
114LA1DSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)327,47450133929.0 [Cert]
115VO1KVT2006VEOSO LP ALL (R)326,25038526129.0  
116YT2AAA2009YUSO LP ALL (R)324,99549831127.2 [Cert]
117IV3DDN2015ISO LP ALL (R)324,69649832625.9 [Cert]
118EA5HRB2012EASO LP ALL (R)320,11244232415.4 [Cert]
119EF2F2011EASO LP ALL (R)320,04060338116.9EA2DNR[Cert]
120KD8NOH2012W8SO LP ALL (R)314,03241330426.4 [Cert]
121DL5LB2016DLSO LP ALL (R)313,61444734222.6 [Cert]
122KK4HEG2014W4SO LP ALL (R)312,81639830425.9 [Cert]
123PD0HM2010PASO LP ALL (R)311,25948134726.8 [Cert]
124K8KHZ2002W8SO LP ALL (R)310,18542530514.1  
125IZ2JPN2009ISO LP ALL (R)308,84041928033.0 [Cert]
126AC4TT2007W4SO LP ALL (R)307,69549528120.5W4TAA 
127OK1SMU2003OKSO LP ALL (R)306,94048429827.8  
128M3VZT2005GSO LP ALL (R)305,91547930520.4  
129KG8PE1996W8SO LP ALL (R)303,222415291  
130WP4BH2006KP4SO LP ALL (R)302,43047825517.2  
131OK1CID2006OKSO LP ALL (R)302,30249030221.6  
132IS0DCR2014ISSO LP ALL (R)301,29048733019.2 [Cert]
133IU4FJI2016ISO LP ALL (R)296,91645132727.1 [Cert]
134IT9FRX2015IT9SO LP ALL (R)296,20850136320.5 [Cert]
135DM2SR2005DLSO LP ALL (R)291,09645431124.4  
136AD2AM2011W2SO LP ALL (R)286,87838627421.6 [Cert]
137RN3AHL2008UA-3SO LP ALL (R)282,65340427118.4 [Cert]
138TF3XEN2005TFSO LP ALL (R)282,36059036228.6  
139R4FAN2015UA-4SO LP ALL (R)282,07042333526.2 [Cert]
140OE6U2011OESO LP ALL (R)281,01942033119.3OE6HLF[Cert]
141RU3DVR2000UA-3SO LP ALL (R)280,640456320  
142IZ8TXX2011ISO LP ALL (R)278,04044733122.6 [Cert]
143F8BCZ1998FSO LP ALL (R)274,392415296  
144EA2COD2008EASO LP ALL (R)274,20546231725.8 [Cert]
145RU4IT2013UA-4SO LP ALL (R)274,02648232725.2 [Cert]
146W2RDS2001W2SO LP ALL (R)273,40842626720.4  
147F4FFH2008FSO LP ALL (R)268,73643830425.4 [Cert]
148VE7KET2004VE7SO LP ALL (R)268,39836427922.1  
149YC5JAU2006YBSO LP ALL (R)265,30736125115.7  
150SQ5AAG2014SPSO LP ALL (R)260,49643232427.9  
151US1GFW2016URSO LP ALL (R)258,96238229826.4 [Cert]
152J69EN2002J6SO LP ALL (R)254,54637227427.3  
153RV9WND2012RA9SO LP ALL (R)253,18434625622.0 [Cert]
154IZ7ATC1997ISO LP ALL (R)248,442431282  
155RU9CD2008RA9SO LP ALL (R)247,69632622620.7 [Cert]
156IV3DDN2014ISO LP ALL (R)246,49042831417.7 [Cert]
157R0AEE2015RA0SO LP ALL (R)242,27438427116.8 [Cert]
158OH4JLV1997OHSO LP ALL (R)239,499571267  
159KC8HWV2000W8SO LP ALL (R)239,400340266  
160UR6LEY2012URSO LP ALL (R)239,00839630823.2 [Cert]
161KE4ZQZ1998W4SO LP ALL (R)238,032407261  
162IZ4WNA2014ISO LP ALL (R)235,79040732317.9 [Cert]
163CT2KFA2012CTSO LP ALL (R)230,29838129327.4 [Cert]
164RA3VLD2009UA-3SO LP ALL (R)229,82442330428.8 [Cert]
165TF2MSN2015TFSO LP ALL (R)228,38149728328.6 [Cert]
166PD1KSA2009PASO LP ALL (R)228,13745329922.9 [Cert]
167KP4LE2015KP4SO LP ALL (R)226,70634026312.9 [Cert]
168LB5BG2017LASO LP ALL (R)226,13441030625.0 [Cert]
169LB5BG2016LASO LP ALL (R)225,72241032226.2 [Cert]
170VE4TTH2012VE4SO LP ALL (R)221,96132824117.0 [Cert]
171ON4CAS1996ONSO LP ALL (R)220,206414294  
172IZ1JLF2009ISO LP ALL (R)220,15037225921.0 [Cert]
173KK4HEG2013W4SO LP ALL (R)219,87637625130.4 [Cert]
174NW5Q2012W5SO LP ALL (R)218,07840325930.8 [Cert]
175YU3MMM2009YUSO LP ALL (R)217,85439826624.6 [Cert]
176IT9CLX2015IT9SO LP ALL (R)217,69935729316.8  
177OH2CV2000OHSO LP ALL (R)216,734365274  
178PD1TV2011PASO LP ALL (R)214,11840330218.2 [Cert]
179AK6DV2003W6SO LP ALL (R)212,71541126125.1  
180ES6KW2001ESSO LP ALL (R)211,86234625929.9  
181KF5IXE2012W5SO LP ALL (R)210,62745626127.5 [Cert]
182ER1JA2013ERSO LP ALL (R)208,57239527316.4 [Cert]
183SV1CIB1996SVSO LP ALL (R)208,296399263  
184UR3AHF2012URSO LP ALL (R)208,08038328928.0 [Cert]
185SP6KK2017SPSO LP ALL (R)207,65634725726.8 [Cert]
186F4FFH2009FSO LP ALL (R)207,43238426824.2 [Cert]
187WX7JM2016W7SO LP ALL (R)206,25738723923.8 [Cert]
188ES8DH2004ESSO LP ALL (R)203,05039826229.2  
189DL7DET2012DLSO LP ALL (R)201,77241229221.9 [Cert]
190VE2QIP2004VE2SO LP ALL (R)201,41129920712.0  
191DL5LB2017DLSO LP ALL (R)198,85237129222.0 [Cert]
192DL2VV2013DLSO LP ALL (R)198,38339128326.0 [Cert]
193ON4CAS1997ONSO LP ALL (R)197,200439272  
194KL2SX2011KLSO LP ALL (R)196,96830323225.0 [Cert]
195UA9QCZ2009RA9SO LP ALL (R)196,21229419725.3 [Cert]
1966K2CLF2004HLSO LP ALL (R)193,43450620629.3  
197SQ5AAG2015SPSO LP ALL (R)193,14038626125.2 [Cert]
198RU1AB2002UA-1SO LP ALL (R)189,7203572558.0  
199KB3LIX2007W3SO LP ALL (R)189,05435824329.2  
200SQ8LSC2007SPSO LP ALL (R)188,73030227032.8  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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