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101AD2KA2016W2SO LP ALL (R)391,80048430024.0 
102YY5EAH2005YVSO LP ALL (R)390,52842928824.0  
103IZ0PMV2011ISO LP ALL (R)388,01549835522.6 
104DQ0T2006DLSO LP ALL (R)387,35354536126.2DC7NF 
105EH2R2009EASO LP ALL (R)377,50843832629.0EA2AOO
106PF4T2009PASO LP ALL (R)369,40853038422.0 
107RA1AKE1999UA-1SO LP ALL (R)368,854553   
108R0000O2014UA-0SO LP ALL (R)365,7906874116.5 
109F5BMK1998FSO LP ALL (R)356,728530344  
110IZ3KKE2007ISO LP ALL (R)353,88644033829.5  
111IS0BSR2011ISSO LP ALL (R)352,07866840127.0 
112EA5ASF1999EASO LP ALL (R)342,144517352  
113NA4EA2012W4SO LP ALL (R)334,64135633722.7 
114LA1DSA2012LASO LP ALL (R)327,47450133929.0 
115VO1KVT2006VEOSO LP ALL (R)326,25038526129.0  
116YT2AAA2009YUSO LP ALL (R)324,99549831127.2 
117IV3DDN2015ISO LP ALL (R)324,69649832625.9 
118EA5HRB2012EASO LP ALL (R)320,11244232415.4 
119EF2F2011EASO LP ALL (R)320,04060338116.9EA2DNR
120KD8NOH2012W8SO LP ALL (R)314,03241330426.4 
121DL5LB2016DLSO LP ALL (R)313,61444734222.6 
122KK4HEG2014W4SO LP ALL (R)312,81639830425.9 
123PD0HM2010PASO LP ALL (R)311,25948134726.8 
124K8KHZ2002W8SO LP ALL (R)310,18542530514.1  
125IZ2JPN2009ISO LP ALL (R)308,84041928033.0 
126AC4TT2007W4SO LP ALL (R)307,69549528120.5W4TAA 
127OK1SMU2003OKSO LP ALL (R)306,94048429827.8  
128M3VZT2005GSO LP ALL (R)305,91547930520.4  
129KG8PE1996W8SO LP ALL (R)303,222415291  
130WP4BH2006KP4SO LP ALL (R)302,43047825517.2  
131OK1CID2006OKSO LP ALL (R)302,30249030221.6  
132IS0DCR2014ISSO LP ALL (R)301,29048733019.2 
133IU4FJI2016ISO LP ALL (R)296,91645132727.1 
134IT9FRX2015IT9SO LP ALL (R)296,20850136320.5 
135DM2SR2005DLSO LP ALL (R)291,09645431124.4  
136AD2AM2011W2SO LP ALL (R)286,87838627421.6 
137RN3AHL2008UA-3SO LP ALL (R)282,65340427118.4 
138TF3XEN2005TFSO LP ALL (R)282,36059036228.6  
139R4FAN2015UA-4SO LP ALL (R)282,07042333526.2 
140OE6U2011OESO LP ALL (R)281,01942033119.3OE6HLF
141RU3DVR2000UA-3SO LP ALL (R)280,640456320  
142IZ8TXX2011ISO LP ALL (R)278,04044733122.6 
143F8BCZ1998FSO LP ALL (R)274,392415296  
144EA2COD2008EASO LP ALL (R)274,20546231725.8 
145RU4IT2013UA-4SO LP ALL (R)274,02648232725.2 
146W2RDS2001W2SO LP ALL (R)273,40842626720.4  
147F4FFH2008FSO LP ALL (R)268,73643830425.4 
148VE7KET2004VE7SO LP ALL (R)268,39836427922.1  
149YC5JAU2006YBSO LP ALL (R)265,30736125115.7  
150SQ5AAG2014SPSO LP ALL (R)260,49643232427.9  
151US1GFW2016URSO LP ALL (R)258,96238229826.4 
152J69EN2002J6SO LP ALL (R)254,54637227427.3  
153RV9WND2012RA9SO LP ALL (R)253,18434625622.0 
154IZ7ATC1997ISO LP ALL (R)248,442431282  
155RU9CD2008RA9SO LP ALL (R)247,69632622620.7 
156IV3DDN2014ISO LP ALL (R)246,49042831417.7 
157R0AEE2015RA0SO LP ALL (R)242,27438427116.8 
158OH4JLV1997OHSO LP ALL (R)239,499571267  
159KC8HWV2000W8SO LP ALL (R)239,400340266  
160UR6LEY2012URSO LP ALL (R)239,00839630823.2 
161KE4ZQZ1998W4SO LP ALL (R)238,032407261  
162IZ4WNA2014ISO LP ALL (R)235,79040732317.9 
163CT2KFA2012CTSO LP ALL (R)230,29838129327.4 
164RA3VLD2009UA-3SO LP ALL (R)229,82442330428.8 
165TF2MSN2015TFSO LP ALL (R)228,38149728328.6 
166PD1KSA2009PASO LP ALL (R)228,13745329922.9 
167KP4LE2015KP4SO LP ALL (R)226,70634026312.9 
168LB5BG2017LASO LP ALL (R)226,13441030625.0 
169LB5BG2016LASO LP ALL (R)225,72241032226.2 
170VE4TTH2012VE4SO LP ALL (R)221,96132824117.0 
171ON4CAS1996ONSO LP ALL (R)220,206414294  
172IZ1JLF2009ISO LP ALL (R)220,15037225921.0 
173KK4HEG2013W4SO LP ALL (R)219,87637625130.4 
174NW5Q2012W5SO LP ALL (R)218,07840325930.8 
175YU3MMM2009YUSO LP ALL (R)217,85439826624.6 
176IT9CLX2015IT9SO LP ALL (R)217,69935729316.8  
177OH2CV2000OHSO LP ALL (R)216,734365274  
178PD1TV2011PASO LP ALL (R)214,11840330218.2 
179AK6DV2003W6SO LP ALL (R)212,71541126125.1  
180ES6KW2001ESSO LP ALL (R)211,86234625929.9  
181KF5IXE2012W5SO LP ALL (R)210,62745626127.5 
182ER1JA2013ERSO LP ALL (R)208,57239527316.4 
183SV1CIB1996SVSO LP ALL (R)208,296399263  
184UR3AHF2012URSO LP ALL (R)208,08038328928.0 
185SP6KK2017SPSO LP ALL (R)207,65634725726.8 
186F4FFH2009FSO LP ALL (R)207,43238426824.2 
187WX7JM2016W7SO LP ALL (R)206,25738723923.8 
188ES8DH2004ESSO LP ALL (R)203,05039826229.2  
189DL7DET2012DLSO LP ALL (R)201,77241229221.9 
190VE2QIP2004VE2SO LP ALL (R)201,41129920712.0  
191DL5LB2017DLSO LP ALL (R)198,85237129222.0 
192DL2VV2013DLSO LP ALL (R)198,38339128326.0 
193ON4CAS1997ONSO LP ALL (R)197,200439272  
194KL2SX2011KLSO LP ALL (R)196,96830323225.0 
195UA9QCZ2009RA9SO LP ALL (R)196,21229419725.3 
1966K2CLF2004HLSO LP ALL (R)193,43450620629.3  
197SQ5AAG2015SPSO LP ALL (R)193,14038626125.2 
198RU1AB2002UA-1SO LP ALL (R)189,7203572558.0  
199KB3LIX2007W3SO LP ALL (R)189,05435824329.2  
200SQ8LSC2007SPSO LP ALL (R)188,73030227032.8  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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