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101OK4NN2015OKSO LP 20M (T)93,29526523519.6 [Cert]
102VE3IAE2012VE3SO LP 20M (T)89,85818917911.4 [Cert]
103G1FON2010GSO LP 20M (T)88,47625821925.3 [Cert]
104W8GOC2014W8SO LP 20M (T)87,14219918714.0 [Cert]
105N8ILU2005W8SO LP 20M (T)86,95522318723.0  
106DU1JI2010DUSO LP 20M (T)86,3602291365.5 [Cert]
107K0WHV2011W0SO LP 20M (T)85,93219218617.6 [Cert]
108YO9IPF2015YOSO LP 20M (T)82,66928422922.1 [Cert]
109N8WAV2011W8SO LP 20M (T)82,59319018912.5 [Cert]
110G1FON2009GSO LP 20M (T)80,89225721422.8 [Cert]
111VA3GUY2013VE3SO LP 20M (T)80,8281751677.5 [Cert]
112OG3P2013OHSO LP 20M (T)80,59824520216.2OH3P[Cert]
113EE4A2017EASO LP 20M (T)80,0402712327.9EA4IE[Cert]
114IT9LED2009IT9SO LP 20M (T)79,49728121916.7 [Cert]
115VE1SQ2015VE1SO LP 20M (T)79,4641771688.9 [Cert]
116M0AQM2006GSO LP 20M (T)78,96723920319.6  
117NN5Z2008W5SO LP 20M (T)78,1203211809.2K5PX[Cert]
118IZ1DGG2009ISO LP 20M (T)77,64424718823.3 [Cert]
119AM3CS2008EASO LP 20M (T)73,48524621313.5EA3CS[Cert]
120K7ACZ2007W7SO LP 20M (T)71,00017014224.5  
121N7FLT2013W7SO LP 20M (T)70,86419417215.2 [Cert]
122DL9ZP2017DLSO LP 20M (T)70,44621817718.8 [Cert]
123RV6ACC2010UA-6SO LP 20M (T)69,71522919117.9 [Cert]
124R3LC2017UA-3SO LP 20M (T)68,7802251908.4 [Cert]
125WR6WR2000W6SO LP 20M (T)68,747184161  
126AD6G/52006W5SO LP 20M (T)68,29719016315.4  
127AE6YB2009W6SO LP 20M (T)67,03224017122.2 [Cert]
128R3AAA2017UA-3SO LP 20M (T)64,20023820015.2 [Cert]
129YO5OLD2011YOSO LP 20M (T)63,68023719916.9 [Cert]
130WB2VVV/12006W1SO LP 20M (T)61,3801671555.8  
131VU3DJQ2001VUSO LP 20M (T)59,45817413724.1  
132PI4AML2008PASO LP 20M (T)59,34021117220.1PG2AA[Cert]
133EE1X2014EASO LP 20M (T)59,22024521016.4EB1EVX[Cert]
134EB1EVX2011EASO LP 20M (T)58,54822320416.4 [Cert]
135S57YK2014S5SO LP 20M (T)57,60022720022.5 [Cert]
136HA8YU2013HASO LP 20M (T)56,8482131879.6 [Cert]
137EC7WR2015EASO LP 20M (T)56,20618717920.6 [Cert]
138JH1UUT2002JA1SO LP 20M (T)54,536149136  
139N1DC2001W1SO LP 20M (T)54,4581641469.0  
140VU2HFR2009VUSO LP 20M (T)52,08017814026.0 [Cert]
141OM8JP2016OMSO LP 20M (T)51,98220315820.4 [Cert]
142VA3GUY2012VE3SO LP 20M (T)50,6971421296.0 [Cert]
143YC8RBI2017YBSO LP 20M (T)50,0501421308.2 [Cert]
144IZ4JUK2015ISO LP 20M (T)49,2261771636.1 [Cert]
145DL4JYT2010DLSO LP 20M (T)46,97118515315.1 [Cert]
146LY4OO2009LYSO LP 20M (T)46,5651671399.8 [Cert]
147JF3IYW2009JA3SO LP 20M (T)46,28417113316.0 [Cert]
148N9LOH2011W9SO LP 20M (T)45,10813912618.3 [Cert]
149NN5Z2015W5SO LP 20M (T)44,9822031536.4K5PX[Cert]
150M0YTT2017GSO LP 20M (T)43,35015915011.4 [Cert]
151IW9FI2011IT9SO LP 20M (T)43,1721931727.2 [Cert]
152G3YRZ2014GSO LP 20M (T)42,72017816018.3 [Cert]
153DL4JYT2009DLSO LP 20M (T)41,89017014216.4 [Cert]
154PP2RON2001PYSO LP 20M (T)40,9461311185.3  
155ON7SS2001ONSO LP 20M (T)40,6102001556.5  
156LY3IV2014LYSO LP 20M (T)39,71518316913.2 [Cert]
157VE3RCN2006VE3SO LP 20M (T)38,6101241175.5  
158S57YK2016S5SO LP 20M (T)38,44216814916.8 [Cert]
159IT9NAN2017IT9SO LP 20M (T)38,08018516018.3 [Cert]
160KD2MU2007W2SO LP 20M (T)37,5721441247.2  
161K7ACZ2008W7SO LP 20M (T)37,37512211510.2 [Cert]
162DL9LR2008DLSO LP 20M (T)37,1251591356.7 [Cert]
163VE3TU2015VE3SO LP 20M (T)36,8381481135.2 [Cert]
164DL4JYT2011DLSO LP 20M (T)35,56815914411.4 [Cert]
165S57YK2015S5SO LP 20M (T)34,45417616118.2 [Cert]
166KC8NLP2015W8SO LP 20M (T)31,35612711713.5 [Cert]
167SV2YC2011SVSO LP 20M (T)31,23213312814.3 [Cert]
168CT1EEK2010CTSO LP 20M (T)31,0201371325.7 [Cert]
169IZ4AIF2017ISO LP 20M (T)30,8101401309.7 [Cert]
170WA4VJC2006W4SO LP 20M (T)29,6181351189.5  
171JK8PBO2016JA8SO LP 20M (T)29,60612111314.1 [Cert]
172OM4TX2002OMSO LP 20M (T)29,1251391256.0  
173WA6NOL2004W6SO LP 20M (T)27,73012511810.2  
174PR7AYE2005PYSO LP 20M (T)27,260104947.8  
175IZ5RKC2013ISO LP 20M (T)27,0131311197.4 [Cert]
176EB1EVX2009EASO LP 20M (T)26,79614813210.8 [Cert]
177S57YK2017S5SO LP 20M (T)26,78413812417.2 [Cert]
178JA3DAY2011JA3SO LP 20M (T)26,5501039013.7 [Cert]
179DM6DL2010DLSO LP 20M (T)26,4321331129.0 [Cert]
180DL4JYT2006DLSO LP 20M (T)26,32513311714.1  
181W0PPF2012W0SO LP 20M (T)26,10012911616.1 [Cert]
182PG2AA2007PASO LP 20M (T)24,07512010716.7  
183VE3RCN2004VE3SO LP 20M (T)24,01098985.9  
184DU1AVC2017DUSO LP 20M (T)23,2051138512.5 [Cert]
185SP5DRE2012SPSO LP 20M (T)22,6201281167.8 [Cert]
186IZ8RSO2013ISO LP 20M (T)22,3861271235.8 [Cert]
187CT3FJ2011CT3SO LP 20M (T)21,93091859.8 [Cert]
188CT1DZY2011CTSO LP 20M (T)21,8421431349.4 [Cert]
189PA0CGB2010PASO LP 20M (T)21,3121171115.3 [Cert]
190IZ2NXF2016ISO LP 20M (T)21,2181091038.2 [Cert]
191IZ4ORF2013ISO LP 20M (T)21,0631261196.6 [Cert]
192KC2MBN2010W2SO LP 20M (T)20,7581029716.8 [Cert]
193K7MY2007W7SO LP 20M (T)20,304110947.6  
194RV6ACC2011UA-6SO LP 20M (T)20,1601281208.4 [Cert]
195NZ5A2009W5SO LP 20M (T)19,69014811010.0 [Cert]
196JA8IJI2008JA8SO LP 20M (T)19,3501088610.4 [Cert]
197S57YK2013S5SO LP 20M (T)19,20512711518.0 [Cert]
198R2GM2011UA-3SO LP 20M (T)19,00888884.1 [Cert]
199UA6ABE2016UA-6SO LP 20M (T)18,894108949.4 [Cert]
200JA3DAY2012JA3SO LP 20M (T)18,860888211.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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