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101YL3GIR2014YLSO LP 10M (T)52,32615915320.8 [Cert]
102K2PF2015W2SO LP 10M (T)51,2211431315.3 [Cert]
103ES6CO2001ESSO LP 10M (T)49,5361451287.8  
104KI9DX2003W9SO LP 10M (T)49,34317113313.9  
105G8HGN2014GSO LP 10M (T)46,87513512518.9 [Cert]
106OZ4NA2015OZSO LP 10M (T)40,2001361207.9 [Cert]
107YB1UUN2012YBSO LP 10M (T)40,0021221136.1 [Cert]
108KD6PQF2000W6SO LP 10M (T)38,586139118  
109RA9SF2012RA9SO LP 10M (T)35,42413412311.5 [Cert]
110R6CW2012UA-6SO LP 10M (T)34,60813311213.0 [Cert]
111K9OMW2015W9SO LP 10M (T)31,45812310711.0 [Cert]
112WE6EZ/52016W5SO LP 10M (T)30,616121899.1 [Cert]
113OK1BJ2014OKSO LP 10M (T)29,43211710412.1 [Cert]
114PU2PSP2017PYSO LP 10M (T)29,29014110119.1 [Cert]
115CE3LQH2011CESO LP 10M (T)28,84012710315.1 [Cert]
116JA0RYN/71998JA7SO LP 10M (T)28,30112791  
117YB7SKM2015YBSO LP 10M (T)28,213128897.3 [Cert]
118PU8MRS2016PYSO LP 10M (T)27,45614410419.6 [Cert]
119K0FA2003W0SO LP 10M (T)26,9861311037.9  
120JJ1KZZ2014JA1SO LP 10M (T)26,631101994.6 [Cert]
121TE2M2012TISO LP 10M (T)25,730124832.3TI2KAC[Cert]
122JA4AQR1999JA4SO LP 10M (T)24,4409494  
123IZ7UIT2013ISO LP 10M (T)24,225102859.6 [Cert]
124EE1B2011EASO LP 10M (T)23,715104938.0EA1YB[Cert]
125DO7OM2015DLSO LP 10M (T)23,577103878.9 [Cert]
126OH2BEN2012OHSO LP 10M (T)23,328110965.9 [Cert]
127I5JKI/32011ISO LP 10M (T)23,120106807.1 [Cert]
128OE5D2011OESO LP 10M (T)22,320102806.3OE2UKL[Cert]
1297N2UQC2004JA1SO LP 10M (T)22,2271219311.6  
130JA3LKE2002JA3SO LP 10M (T)22,08891886.7  
131PA3ATZ2015PASO LP 10M (T)22,01595857.5 [Cert]
132EA3DJL2015EASO LP 10M (T)21,93194919.3 [Cert]
1339W8DEN20169M6SO LP 10M (T)21,8881087614.8 [Cert]
134IZ4AIF2015ISO LP 10M (T)21,38496885.2 [Cert]
135SP5ETS2014SPSO LP 10M (T)20,61097904.8 [Cert]
136WA5SWN/02002W0SO LP 10M (T)20,3208880  
137OZ4NA2014OZSO LP 10M (T)20,20295914.1 [Cert]
138AM5DIT2000EASO LP 10M (T)20,094107102EA5DIT 
139CX3ABD2015CXSO LP 10M (T)19,465988510.6 [Cert]
140G3YOG2001GSO LP 10M (T)18,4508882  
141KA2DIV/42003W4SO LP 10M (T)17,974105866.1N4GM 
142EC7AKV2008EASO LP 10M (T)17,8211027111.6 [Cert]
143G6A2014GSO LP 10M (T)17,71695866.1G4NXG[Cert]
144UN9PQ2012UNSO LP 10M (T)16,892868219.4 [Cert]
145KE5SNJ2012W5SO LP 10M (T)16,344857216.3 [Cert]
146EA7GV2010EASO LP 10M (T)16,17086703.1 [Cert]
147UR5EIH2014URSO LP 10M (T)15,840888013.9 [Cert]
148WE6EZ/52015W5SO LP 10M (T)14,47579755.2 [Cert]
149RV3LZ2014UA-3SO LP 10M (T)14,27687834.3 [Cert]
150WH6DBI2000KH6SO LP 10M (T)13,9367267  
151SM7TKR2002SMSO LP 10M (T)13,72076703.5  
1527N2UQC2005JA1SO LP 10M (T)13,266946712.5  
153OK1BJ2015OKSO LP 10M (T)12,851887111.6 [Cert]
154JA2MOG2014JA2SO LP 10M (T)12,53076703.6 [Cert]
155IZ5WTV2012ISO LP 10M (T)12,34272667.3 [Cert]
156JL3MCM2016JA3SO LP 10M (T)12,154905930.9 [Cert]
157R6CW2013UA-6SO LP 10M (T)12,144756610.5 [Cert]
158PY2HH2012PYSO LP 10M (T)11,70081788.1 [Cert]
159IW5ECP2012ISO LP 10M (T)11,65869678.1 [Cert]
160KE6WC2015W6SO LP 10M (T)10,856695910.2 [Cert]
161EA5TN2011EASO LP 10M (T)10,63867544.9 [Cert]
162K7RF2014W7SO LP 10M (T)10,38469591.7 [Cert]
163UN3Z2013UNSO LP 10M (T)9,76875668.6 [Cert]
164EA4CU2015EASO LP 10M (T)9,36264624.5 [Cert]
165YB8EL2013YBSO LP 10M (T)9,34862576.0 [Cert]
166JE8KGH2014JA8SO LP 10M (T)8,96056563.2 [Cert]
167IW9FI2014IT9SO LP 10M (T)8,90680732.8 [Cert]
168IZ4AIF2016ISO LP 10M (T)8,82362518.1 [Cert]
169LW6EEA2016LUSO LP 10M (T)8,77287687.8  
170YO4AH2015YOSO LP 10M (T)7,97568559.4 [Cert]
171OK2BUT2013OKSO LP 10M (T)7,912594610.1 [Cert]
172LY2BAA2014LYSO LP 10M (T)7,48264586.6 [Cert]
173PY5KC2011PYSO LP 10M (T)7,31670624.8 [Cert]
174JA1EEG2002JA1SO LP 10M (T)6,6005550  
175AI5AA2013W5SO LP 10M (T)6,45054433.4 [Cert]
176N8PJ2011W8SO LP 10M (T)6,33652488.4 [Cert]
177N6BHX2015W6SO LP 10M (T)6,19255483.2 [Cert]
178JA3LKE2012JA3SO LP 10M (T)6,18855524.8 [Cert]
179P29NO2014P2SO LP 10M (T)6,15756474.9  
180PU2KLM2009PYSO LP 10M (T)6,10264545.5 [Cert]
181I1GXV2013ISO LP 10M (T)5,58048453.1 [Cert]
182IZ8CCW2008ISO LP 10M (T)5,50068555.0 [Cert]
183JL3MCM2017JA3SO LP 10M (T)5,328643713.0 [Cert]
184SP9EWM2014SPSO LP 10M (T)5,031474310.0 [Cert]
1857N2UQC2010JA1SO LP 10M (T)5,016584412.6 [Cert]
186DM3F2012DLSO LP 10M (T)4,87941413.4DH5FS[Cert]
187IZ1MLS2014ISO LP 10M (T)4,63344415.0 [Cert]
1887N2UQC2008JA1SO LP 10M (T)4,480614011.6 [Cert]
189PT9PA2008PYSO LP 10M (T)4,18247414.3 [Cert]
190WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP 10M (T)4,10741373.3 [Cert]
1917N2UQC2016JA1SO LP 10M (T)3,968503210.2 [Cert]
192YV1SW2017YVSO LP 10M (T)3,936684817.4 [Cert]
193R6CW2011UA-6SO LP 10M (T)3,861443914.0 [Cert]
194JL3MCM2008JA3SO LP 10M (T)3,432483315.0 [Cert]
195IZ3NVR2011ISO LP 10M (T)3,40036342.3 [Cert]
196JA4AQR2015JA4SO LP 10M (T)3,34836362.5 [Cert]
197KB3JQQ2015W3SO LP 10M (T)3,32142416.3 [Cert]
1984F3BZ2017DUSO LP 10M (T)3,312462411.5 [Cert]
199VA7IR2013VE7SO LP 10M (T)3,16235314.1 [Cert]
200LY2TA2014LYSO LP 10M (T)2,94034300.2 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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