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101XE2WWW2006XESO HP ALL (R)300,8464742739.6  
102AD1DX2009W1SO HP ALL (R)297,47050230228.5 [Cert]
103RK9QWZ2003RA9SO HP ALL (R)291,35740324312.3UA9QFF 
104IW0HOU2007ISO HP ALL (R)291,24743031921.8  
105K4JET2006W4SO HP ALL (R)281,18440130328.3  
106RW4HD2015UA-4SO HP ALL (R)267,95354537911.9 [Cert]
107IU4FIT2017ISO HP ALL (R)255,78039931515.0 [Cert]
108N4YQ2001W4SO HP ALL (R)254,90736624317.0  
109SA3CAT2014SMSO HP ALL (R)224,40032626422.7 [Cert]
110A61EK2016A6SO HP ALL (R)223,1102392015.3 [Cert]
111DD5ZZ2014DLSO HP ALL (R)218,86839429915.0 [Cert]
112DN1CS2010DLSO HP ALL (R)215,74539428514.6SWL HENDRIK[Cert]
113VK3DOG2011VKSO HP ALL (R)212,93029321422.2 [Cert]
114WT6H2012W6SO HP ALL (R)212,05235824619.3 [Cert]
115IZ0VXF2013ISO HP ALL (R)208,20835128614.8 [Cert]
116KB2RAS1997W2SO HP ALL (R)204,472330244  
117W9TVX/62014W6SO HP ALL (R)199,16633124211.4 [Cert]
118KM5AV1997W5SO HP ALL (R)198,882381254  
119M0KPD2017GSO HP ALL (R)190,92029122226.7 [Cert]
120WO4MW2011W4SO HP ALL (R)189,77230722722.2 [Cert]
121DJ5TD2009DLSO HP ALL (R)189,22236328212.7 [Cert]
122KK4DZP2013W4SO HP ALL (R)175,90434623919.5 [Cert]
123W0DET2001W0SO HP ALL (R)171,40229823115.9  
124IU5BLZ2016ISO HP ALL (R)171,00032025015.7 [Cert]
125VE1RJ1996VE1SO HP ALL (R)170,317283203  
126KB2FMH2017W2SO HP ALL (R)168,00030321022.1 [Cert]
127K4CME2013W4SO HP ALL (R)165,58546324918.6  
128KI6QDH2010W6SO HP ALL (R)164,64035522427.7 [Cert]
129BD3APX2007BYSO HP ALL (R)157,61737421118.4  
130W7UG2006W7SO HP ALL (R)144,53431521816.8  
131W6SJ2003W6SO HP ALL (R)144,22834720419.7  
132K7DSL2009W7SO HP ALL (R)138,51631920416.8 [Cert]
133KQ9L2003W9SO HP ALL (R)137,79535421713.0  
134DB5TPF2015DLSO HP ALL (R)135,8262692269.6 [Cert]
135N1AGE2012W1SO HP ALL (R)131,65226020718.5 [Cert]
136K4XZ2004W4SO HP ALL (R)131,62624819317.4  
137DL7DS2009DLSO HP ALL (R)126,2182912238.0 [Cert]
1386Y1X20106YSO HP ALL (R)121,63826919414.7KD8MJR[Cert]
139KJ6HBY2012W6SO HP ALL (R)121,29028719518.5 [Cert]
140VE7KET2003VE7SO HP ALL (R)114,95022519017.5  
141DL1WM2012DLSO HP ALL (R)112,55425322210.4 [Cert]
142KB1ODO2008W1SO HP ALL (R)109,61030819426.3 [Cert]
143BW6/XX9LT2009BVSO HP ALL (R)107,16034518817.1 [Cert]
144IZ2ODM2009ISO HP ALL (R)105,64623720223.3 [Cert]
145PE2SVN2004PASO HP ALL (R)103,74025321011.5  
146VY1CQ2005VE8SO HP ALL (R)103,17924716316.5  
147DL5SDK2005DLSO HP ALL (R)102,83424819710.1  
148OE3KNC2017OESO HP ALL (R)101,72223918124.2 [Cert]
149N9LIS2015W9SO HP ALL (R)100,80019919214.2 [Cert]
150NU6Y2015W6SO HP ALL (R)91,63222618415.8 [Cert]
151WP4I2012KP4SO HP ALL (R)89,6581901539.6 [Cert]
152YP6Z2013YOSO HP ALL (R)87,4822081667.9YO6SZ[Cert]
153RX9JD2005RA9SO HP ALL (R)84,62419216420.8  
154IZ0RCP2012ISO HP ALL (R)83,26520518312.4 [Cert]
155DO5DC2017DLSO HP ALL (R)82,58423218613.7 [Cert]
156RV9XE2006RA9SO HP ALL (R)80,06817914814.4  
157KM4AHP2017W4SO HP ALL (R)79,8462011666.8 [Cert]
158IZ8LMA2015ISO HP ALL (R)78,18619816614.9 [Cert]
159UA3LG2015UA-3SO HP ALL (R)76,65021217515.3 [Cert]
160K8DC2016W8SO HP ALL (R)74,4481951449.3 [Cert]
161KK4EIR2013W4SO HP ALL (R)73,89918415311.4 [Cert]
162W5YAA2008W5SO HP ALL (R)73,5382041669.6 [Cert]
163IZ7SLU2012ISO HP ALL (R)72,98220818210.3 [Cert]
164N8GX2003W8SO HP ALL (R)70,41621616311.3  
165PY7DJ2013PYSO HP ALL (R)69,1581921518.8 [Cert]
166SA3CAT2013SMSO HP ALL (R)67,59216414220.9 [Cert]
167AF2O2011W2SO HP ALL (R)66,56016313012.6 [Cert]
168IZ1XBB2013ISO HP ALL (R)63,4121951669.2 [Cert]
169OV3T2016OZSO HP ALL (R)61,9181911668.6 [Cert]
170WA6KEK2012W6SO HP ALL (R)61,11619213213.0 [Cert]
171BY4IB2013BYSO HP ALL (R)59,30530714514.6 [Cert]
172VU2ZMK2017VUSO HP ALL (R)56,87017611025.0 [Cert]
173KM4CPA2016W4SO HP ALL (R)51,2401531228.6 [Cert]
174K7AEK2004W7SO HP ALL (R)49,23217713613.8  
175KM4CPA2015W4SO HP ALL (R)48,80014212210.7 [Cert]
176DJ6TB2009DLSO HP ALL (R)48,76416914611.3 [Cert]
177VK5HRT2009VKSO HP ALL (R)48,3121679925.3 [Cert]
178KC5CMX/42014W4SO HP ALL (R)48,2791401218.6 [Cert]
179SP7IFM2017SPSO HP ALL (R)47,8401651304.1 [Cert]
180K0STP/42012W4SO HP ALL (R)45,9241671296.6 [Cert]
181K7DNH2010W7SO HP ALL (R)45,26015012410.3 [Cert]
182N9AFU2015W9SO HP ALL (R)45,21215312713.8 [Cert]
183LY1CM2006LYSO HP ALL (R)43,40016212410.0  
184RV9LM2007RA9SO HP ALL (R)41,1061211023.4  
185IU5BKR2015ISO HP ALL (R)41,0311601416.0 [Cert]
186WT6H2011W6SO HP ALL (R)38,0411381099.2 [Cert]
187BI4VIP2017BYSO HP ALL (R)37,7441921126.3 [Cert]
188AD7SI2008W7SO HP ALL (R)37,44017312016.6 [Cert]
189KG6ZHC2006W6SO HP ALL (R)36,12017312021.2  
190KC2MDQ2005W2SO HP ALL (R)34,8881138912.7  
191PY2EYE2005PYSO HP ALL (R)34,1381241016.4  
192KG6ZHC2007W6SO HP ALL (R)32,68614911818.9  
193DC7DX2014DLSO HP ALL (R)31,60511510516.3 [Cert]
194K6JDC2017W4SO HP ALL (R)31,284116995.6 [Cert]
195OE6HWF2017OESO HP ALL (R)30,25012611010.6 [Cert]
196N4RVM2008W4SO HP ALL (R)30,1921311117.5 [Cert]
197VA3MTT2014VE3SO HP ALL (R)30,096112994.9 [Cert]
198DJ9AO2001DLSO HP ALL (R)29,312156128  
199F1PYN2012FSO HP ALL (R)28,70212511311.7 [Cert]
200DJ6TB2008DLSO HP ALL (R)27,8201251078.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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