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101ES6PA2017ESSA LP 40M76,81218917321.6 [Cert]
102YO9AGI2014YOSA LP 40M75,69618816610.0 [Cert]
103SN1I2009SPSA LP 40M74,4242141682.6 [Cert]
104ES4RX2010ESSA LP 40M68,52618916210.5 [Cert]
105S58MU1997S5SA LP 40M65,296193154  
106S51JS2013S5SA LP 40M63,75619915416.2 [Cert]
107YU2FG2016YUSA LP 40M (T)63,2321621528.2 [Cert]
108JH9URT2011JA9SA LP 40M61,77612410810.4 [Cert]
109JA2PFO2017JA2SA LP 40M (T)59,85012511413.1 [Cert]
110DD9WG2012DLSA LP 40M (T)59,7321461378.6 [Cert]
111YU1SMA2015YUSA LP 40M (R)59,18916315711.6 [Cert]
112DJ2MX2009DLSA LP 40M58,85516514912.2 [Cert]
1139A3MBM20159ASA LP 40M (T)58,2011561436.6 [Cert]
114YY4TSS2015YVSA LP 40M57,98911210314.7 [Cert]
115DL3BPC2015DLSA LP 40M57,6291541434.6 [Cert]
116RA1AIZ2016UA-1SA LP 40M56,62516615116.8 [Cert]
117IZ1NBX2011ISA LP 40M56,2591671417.6 [Cert]
118PY2SPW2016PYSA LP 40M54,10811610810.9 [Cert]
119F8CGL2007FSA LP 40M54,10215614219.5  
120S55M2005S5SA LP 40M53,01616014119.2S55M 
121YO9RIJ2017YOSA LP 40M51,8701451338.8 [Cert]
122DJ2MX2010DLSA LP 40M51,0381571516.5 [Cert]
123DL7URH2013DLSA LP 40M51,0131561399.9 [Cert]
124JA1KVT2005JA1SA LP 40M50,79611410212.6  
125SD6N2012SMSA LP 40M49,3921701442.0SM6VAO[Cert]
126OV0V2013OZSA LP 40M (T)48,1621531389.1OZ3ABE[Cert]
1279A2GA20179ASA LP 40M (T)47,1241381266.8 [Cert]
1289A6TT20179ASA LP 40M (R)45,06413813111.7 [Cert]
129DK0IU1996DLSA LP 40M43,420147130DJ6TK 
130UR8IDX2009URSA LP 40M (T)42,7801351249.5 [Cert]
131W6RKC/11999W1SA LP 40M40,92010693  
132SY1BFI2016SVSA LP 40M (R)40,76611710912.2 [Cert]
133YD2YIZ2017YBSA LP 40M40,6411449318.8 [Cert]
134KK4AND2017W4SA LP 40M40,39212710824.2 [Cert]
135JI3CWI2015JA3SA LP 40M (T)37,4421159712.9 [Cert]
136OM7KW2013OMSA LP 40M36,6541501235.9 [Cert]
137YV4NR2017YVSA LP 40M36,49881798.6 [Cert]
1389A3MBM20139ASA LP 40M (T)35,33212912114.9 [Cert]
139IK2ULV2013ISA LP 40M34,8451241156.3 [Cert]
140UA2FT2011UA2SA LP 40M33,6961121047.0 [Cert]
141YC8UM2017YBSA LP 40M33,4401519511.9 [Cert]
142EA3HAQ2011EASA LP 40M33,15010710211.5 [Cert]
143JO7GVC2013JA7SA LP 40M32,422918612.9 [Cert]
144N8BV2017W8SA LP 40M31,71395932.9 [Cert]
145Z39A2017Z3SA LP 40M31,1361161126.7 [Cert]
146DS5TOS2013HLSA LP 40M30,530103864.2 [Cert]
147JM1NKT2009JA1SA LP 40M (T)29,25099787.7 [Cert]
148YC2NDX2016YBSA LP 40M (T)28,200947511.9 [Cert]
149JA2PFO2014JA2SA LP 40M (T)27,14289825.7 [Cert]
150DL7URH2014DLSA LP 40M (T)25,9081071023.0 [Cert]
151RA0WMJ2014RA0SA LP 40M (T)24,726867811.3 [Cert]
152PS8ET2013PYSA LP 40M24,50565657.4 [Cert]
153SP7FDV2008SPSA LP 40M23,265105999.7 [Cert]
154EW8K2016EUSA LP 40M22,14085824.5 [Cert]
155N7MAL2009W7SA LP 40M21,93099866.0 [Cert]
156M0VWK2012GSA LP 40M (T)21,9021009411.6 [Cert]
157YO4RDW2017YOSA LP 40M (T)21,57689876.9 [Cert]
158YD9SBP2016YBSA LP 40M (R)21,0801186210.0 [Cert]
159CG3HEU2017VE3SA LP 40M20,59282668.0 [Cert]
160DP4X2009DLSA LP 40M20,176108974.0DJ2MX[Cert]
161ZM3T2016ZLSA LP 40M (T)19,4311105122.7W3SE[Cert]
162N7MAL2011W7SA LP 40M19,17380776.6 [Cert]
163K2TZY2015W2SA LP 40M18,55070704.6 [Cert]
164JL6IPK2000JA6SA LP 40M18,0568774  
165DB1VQ2015DLSA LP 40M17,513888310.6 [Cert]
166EW4RFC2013EUSA LP 40M (R)17,052898417.4 [Cert]
167KD2JA/42015W4SA LP 40M17,03066654.3 [Cert]
168JA2PFO2013JA2SA LP 40M (T)16,32067602.9 [Cert]
169YD1MRI2014YBSA LP 40M14,905615515.6 [Cert]
170YD2NDX2015YBSA LP 40M (T)14,732705810.6 [Cert]
171SO2E2016SPSA LP 40M14,56072702.4SQ2KLZ 
172VK6IR2015VKSA LP 40M14,35263522.1 [Cert]
173CT1FSC2017CTSA LP 40M12,784736810.8 [Cert]
174YD2NDX2014YBSA LP 40M (T)12,636695412.2 [Cert]
175OK1JAR2017OKSA LP 40M (R)12,60672669.7 [Cert]
176IK1YED2013ISA LP 40M (T)12,43279746.1 [Cert]
177YG3CYT2016YBSA LP 40M (R)11,968514413.4 [Cert]
178W7TR2017W6SA LP 40M (T)11,83271685.1KH2TJ[Cert]
179SQ3RX2006SPSA LP 40M (R)11,80876724.0  
180DL1SWT2016DLSA LP 40M10,96264631.7 [Cert]
181DF7RG2017DLSA LP 40M10,50070704.1 [Cert]
182RL6M2013UA-6SA LP 40M10,05070671.1 [Cert]
183YD9YSS2017YBSA LP 40M (R)9,744614811.2 [Cert]
184UA9SUX2011RA9SA LP 40M9,04040401.7 [Cert]
185YV6BXN2014YVSA LP 40M8,88041402.0  
186YG3CYS2016YBSA LP 40M (R)8,816453812.3 [Cert]
187OF10TA2017OHSA LP 40M8,64060541.4OH1MN[Cert]
188LB3RE2015LASA LP 40M (T)7,94658584.0 [Cert]
189LZ7D2017LZSA LP 40M (T)7,54852512.3LZ3RN[Cert]
190YC2FAJ2013YBSA LP 40M7,05944394.8 [Cert]
191DJ3WE2012DLSA LP 40M6,76250491.6 [Cert]
192BD6AHU2012BYSA LP 40M6,52559453.4 [Cert]
193EA3FF2016EASA LP 40M6,45050502.4 [Cert]
194BD6AHU2014BYSA LP 40M6,364544324.9 [Cert]
195YB8ACM2017YBSA LP 40M6,164674611.2 [Cert]
196ON4VDV2017ONSA LP 40M6,13653522.8 [Cert]
197YC9GWR2015YBSA LP 40M (T)6,00651424.4 [Cert]
198IT9DSZ2016IT9SA LP 40M5,79646461.6 [Cert]
199KK9V2013W9SA LP 40M (T)5,32838371.5 [Cert]
200UX7UN2011URSA LP 40M4,50848461.7 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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