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101YO6LA2015SA LP 20M142,88136529128.2 [Cert]
102M/YO4RDW2011SA LP 20M141,62534427522.2 [Cert]
103RX3DBG2013SA LP 20M135,94231127817.5 [Cert]
104SV1CER2007SA LP 20M134,64035727210.6 [Cert]
105SJ0WPX2007SA LP 20M117,92534326524.8SM0OGQ[Cert]
106XE2ST2013SA LP 20M116,76529019310.9 [Cert]
107DL5GAC2014SA LP 20M (T)114,7893012498.3 [Cert]
108EA5ET2013SA LP 20M114,10827625714.1 [Cert]
109SJ0WPX2006SA LP 20M111,75031525022.5SM0OGQ 
110OK2BPU2006SA LP 20M106,42426021223.3  
111IK3SCB2014SA LP 20M105,72834625613.1 [Cert]
112VE2JDR1995SA LP 20M102,289211187  
113IK8DNJ2015SA LP 20M99,59224023615.8 [Cert]
114EI8IU2014SA LP 20M98,35527824910.9 [Cert]
115DL5GAC2013SA LP 20M (T)95,01329224313.2 [Cert]
116IT9DBF2014SA LP 20M (R)94,84429026215.7 [Cert]
1179A6DJX2013SA LP 20M90,28029024431.6 [Cert]
118ES5TF2009SA LP 20M (R)89,45223520921.4 [Cert]
119EW4DX2007SA LP 20M89,16226921814.6 [Cert]
120YO5OAG2010SA LP 20M86,73528120920.2 [Cert]
121RN0CT2006SA LP 20M83,30421817810.8  
122AM3FF2002SA LP 20M75,888267204EA3FF 
123S58L2007SA LP 20M74,23922318713.4 [Cert]
124IT9LTA1995SA LP 20M74,005240205  
125WR3L1997SA LP 20M73,650177150  
126SP4XQN2003SA LP 20M72,70524518517.8  
127OK1AY2011SA LP 20M71,19620420411.6 [Cert]
128SM0Q2010SA LP 20M70,35026221013.5SM0OGQ[Cert]
129SP4PBI2009SA LP 20M67,2982021617.6KAROL[Cert]
130YO5OAG2008SA LP 20M65,63723418718.5 [Cert]
131OM4O2013SA LP 20M65,47124019919.6OM3NI[Cert]
132JH1UUT2004SA LP 20M65,37618014420.0  
133NS3T2015SA LP 20M64,29618717114.2 [Cert]
134SJ0WPX2008SA LP 20M60,61022519012.2SM0OGQ[Cert]
135YO9CWY2013SA LP 20M (T)60,38424420410.7 [Cert]
136EW4RF2014SA LP 20M (R)59,97421519117.3 [Cert]
137II7U2012SA LP 20M57,19523920517.3IK7XNF[Cert]
138SP7SZK2013SA LP 20M56,70019918020.7 [Cert]
139SM6NJK2015SA LP 20M56,64022919219.7 [Cert]
140YO9CWY2008SA LP 20M56,16021415614.3 [Cert]
141US0YW2010SA LP 20M55,4441901675.5 [Cert]
142HZ1OS2014SA LP 20M (T)54,67514713515.1 [Cert]
143YT1TU2015SA LP 20M54,1262251945.9YT1TU[Cert]
144NW4V2015SA LP 20M (T)53,6501521458.5 [Cert]
145IZ2LTW2015SA LP 20M52,9691711616.7 [Cert]
146DL5GAC2015SA LP 20M (T)51,6201971786.5 [Cert]
147N8HP2013SA LP 20M51,1891521518.9 [Cert]
148PY2PAH1996SA LP 20M50,806148133  
149ES2BH2009SA LP 20M50,21316514911.1 [Cert]
150UA9OKM2010SA LP 20M50,08515413514.9 [Cert]
151W9HV1997SA LP 20M49,410166135  
152OH4KZM2011SA LP 20M (T)48,8401891858.4 [Cert]
153YB2ECG2009SA LP 20M (T)47,1211481138.5 [Cert]
154WU8R2013SA LP 20M (R)46,5761581424.0 [Cert]
155SP9KRT2011SA LP 20M45,42419016721.2SP9ADU[Cert]
156EA5ET2009SA LP 20M44,68816214713.3 [Cert]
157PA5AD2014SA LP 20M44,5062141878.1 [Cert]
158JR4FLW2009SA LP 20M41,62515712515.6 [Cert]
159EA1CS2006SA LP 20M39,5781911545.9EA1CS 
160II3HRT2011SA LP 20M (R)38,00119715910.6IZ8OJG[Cert]
161K8BL2007SA LP 20M37,7521211213.2 [Cert]
162IN3XUG2013SA LP 20M37,3921751648.0 [Cert]
163VE2YA2014SA LP 20M37,26011611510.6 [Cert]
164UT2AB2011SA LP 20M36,77212211627.1 [Cert]
165UA8AA2010SA LP 20M36,5401331165.4 [Cert]
166VY1EI2013SA LP 20M (T)36,51913711116.7 [Cert]
167DL6EAQ2008SA LP 20M (T)36,37814514111.3 [Cert]
168MU0FAL2009SA LP 20M35,89315914311.4 [Cert]
169PY1TR2013SA LP 20M (T)35,56814111715.0 [Cert]
170NR9Q2015SA LP 20M34,4381511345.7 [Cert]
171UT7GX2006SA LP 20M34,06016213012.4  
172LA8NRA2010SA LP 20M (R)32,5681491388.7 [Cert]
173UT1ML2008SA LP 20M31,8241631443.2 [Cert]
174E72MM2011SA LP 20M31,29712511917.2 [Cert]
175BG1TPD2010SA LP 20M31,00517511720.1 [Cert]
176UN9PQ2009SA LP 20M30,45611610817.3 [Cert]
177EA8AJO2005SA LP 20M (T)28,51899984.0  
178E74A2012SA LP 20M27,5601501301.7 [Cert]
179KA9O2013SA LP 20M26,41812811113.1 [Cert]
180JH7QXJ1996SA LP 20M25,74511295  
181KL2R2009SA LP 20M25,568117943.5N1TX[Cert]
182IV3CTS2012SA LP 20M (R)25,4521261267.4 [Cert]
183OR2F2011SA LP 20M25,19214613413.5ON8LDS[Cert]
184WR2G2015SA LP 20M25,088100982.1 [Cert]
185OM8HG2009SA LP 20M (T)24,6421371119.8 [Cert]
186IR3Z2011SA LP 20M23,5001281255.7IN3XUG[Cert]
187TA2LG2015SA LP 20M23,40794895.1 [Cert]
188K5MSO2010SA LP 20M (T)23,2101751105.9 [Cert]
189VA3PL2009SA LP 20M22,76197811.6 [Cert]
190EA1IIP2013SA LP 20M22,62014113012.8 [Cert]
191OM8HG2010SA LP 20M21,8301351186.5 [Cert]
192BD4CQ2011SA LP 20M21,7141069414.9 [Cert]
193SP5XSL2007SA LP 20M21,09012511431.3SP5XSL MARIUSZ W[Cert]
194KE1J2013SA LP 20M (T)20,962102943.7 [Cert]
195VE3TL2012SA LP 20M20,740858518.2 [Cert]
196SQ3LMY2011SA LP 20M19,7291161095.7 [Cert]
197VY2MGY/32013SA LP 20M (T)19,264106864.4VE3MGY[Cert]
198HZ1DG2010SA LP 20M19,096948814.9 [Cert]
199SP5XSD2007SA LP 20M18,286858217.2 [Cert]
200RX3DBG2010SA LP 20M17,542108983.5 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.