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101RT4W2015UA-4SA LP 15M341,13054141525.8 [Cert]
102KC0DEB2015W0SA LP 15M (T)327,29540933522.5 [Cert]
103HA3OV2004HASA LP 15M324,61541532316.8  
104RA3SAE2014UA-3SA LP 15M (R)320,53648941215.0 [Cert]
105YL3AGV2012YLSA LP 15M (R)318,76345336125.5 [Cert]
106AN5YJ2000EASA LP 15M317,349560333EA5YJ 
107RA4HPI2012UA-4SA LP 15M306,00045537523.9 [Cert]
108KK1H2003W1SA LP 15M304,94253133428.1  
109OK6AB2014OKSA LP 15M295,89341435124.0 [Cert]
110OM0A2014OMSA LP 15M294,00043335022.8OM0AAO[Cert]
111RU0BB2005RA0SA LP 15M289,85047627521.3  
112BD5FFK2013BYSA LP 15M289,50152130724.7 [Cert]
113EI4CF2010EISA LP 15M282,55548331523.8 [Cert]
114IQ5JA2015ISA LP 15M281,73640534416.7 [Cert]
115WR3L1998W3SA LP 15M279,300380285  
116CT3FW2015CT3SA LP 15M278,40032030019.2 [Cert]
117UW2L2013URSA LP 15M277,03542334527.1UT5LO[Cert]
118IZ1ESM2016ISA LP 15M (T)274,42837029719.7 [Cert]
119YB1JYL2016YBSA LP 15M273,71037427128.2 [Cert]
120IZ5CML2010ISA LP 15M (T)269,34837328912.6 [Cert]
121MU0GSY2011GUSA LP 15M (T)265,33044631430.6 [Cert]
122RD4HD2015UA-4SA LP 15M259,92041736022.1 [Cert]
123LU9VD2015LUSA LP 15M259,17336126113.3LU9VEA[Cert]
124EE5C2013EASA LP 15M258,06049634016.6EA5EJ[Cert]
125BD7MFB2010BYSA LP 15M257,82639229114.7 [Cert]
126PY8WW2016PYSA LP 15M (T)257,79636627915.7 [Cert]
127RG5A2016UA-3SA LP 15M247,76039430420.3 [Cert]
128DL4VAI2015DLSA LP 15M247,74636231424.1 [Cert]
129E74AA2012E7SA LP 15M240,3964062687.7 [Cert]
130OH8KVY2014OHSA LP 15M (T)239,04048736012.4 [Cert]
1312E1FVS2014GSA LP 15M236,80640833428.2 [Cert]
132YY5LI2008YVSA LP 15M (R)233,16036126824.1 [Cert]
133UA3BS2007UA-3SA LP 15M231,25636427419.2  
134RN4SN2011UA-4SA LP 15M229,42939331323.2 [Cert]
135N3ZA2012W3SA LP 15M228,22230327911.8 [Cert]
136VE6FI2012VE6SA LP 15M227,10635327915.2 [Cert]
137RL6K2016UA-6SA LP 15M225,45836227822.0 [Cert]
138IZ8GNR2011ISA LP 15M221,67635227311.2 [Cert]
139IZ8EYP2017ISA LP 15M218,99435522625.1 [Cert]
140LZ2HA2013LZSA LP 15M217,77641531218.7 [Cert]
141EA8/DL2MRE2016EA8SA LP 15M (T)216,05632822614.8 [Cert]
142YC6GV2016YBSA LP 15M212,29832024618.0 [Cert]
143RA1ABR2013UA-1SA LP 15M (R)211,60335330124.4 [Cert]
144EA8KR2017EA8SA LP 15M (T)210,6303112389.0  
145OE5JSL2015OESA LP 15M (T)209,52632628219.2 [Cert]
146UR6IJ2016URSA LP 15M208,02634527324.8 [Cert]
147IT9IQQ2002IT9SA LP 15M207,32038828416.4  
148WJ5DX2010W5SA LP 15M204,35141026311.6W5AJ[Cert]
149N3ZA2014W3SA LP 15M203,49028726616.4 [Cert]
150UN8PT2016UNSA LP 15M200,14331226317.2 [Cert]
151TA4ED2016TASA LP 15M198,54332822912.3 [Cert]
152LU1BJW2006LUSA LP 15M197,96430623415.4  
153BA1SN2011BYSA LP 15M (T)196,17632326820.1 [Cert]
154NH7FY2007KH6SA LP 15M193,84236119813.7  
155PA0MIR2011PASA LP 15M (T)192,76829825627.7 [Cert]
156S57T2013S5SA LP 15M192,65532026522.3 [Cert]
157IT9AUH2012IT9SA LP 15M192,07244531813.3 [Cert]
158KC0DEB2011W0SA LP 15M (T)190,25830425122.0 [Cert]
159RA9MX2010RA9SA LP 15M187,98429424816.5 [Cert]
160YO3ZA2011YOSA LP 15M186,49331725119.3 [Cert]
161TG7I2006TGSA LP 15M183,111432201EA1APV TG9ANF 
162N3ZA2013W3SA LP 15M182,51727724914.3 [Cert]
163LZ3RN2013LZSA LP 15M182,00035428019.4 [Cert]
164N7FLT2011W7SA LP 15M (T)179,03128724920.1 [Cert]
165PP2CC2017PYSA LP 15M178,50030323815.8 [Cert]
166R2SA2011UA-3SA LP 15M178,43234827227.8 [Cert]
167UR6IJ2011URSA LP 15M172,18630325117.4 [Cert]
168UN4PG2016UNSA LP 15M (T)172,00030325012.8 [Cert]
169JL3VUL/32010JA3SA LP 15M171,60230023911.4 [Cert]
170JA0BMS/11998JA1SA LP 15M169,510279230  
171UR6IJ2012URSA LP 15M167,89531027315.2 [Cert]
172IZ1JLN2012ISA LP 15M166,32029827018.2 [Cert]
173R5ACQ2014UA-3SA LP 15M (T)164,74934129913.5 [Cert]
174OH2FTA2014OHSA LP 15M (T)164,10433029222.7 [Cert]
175SP2QG2013SPSA LP 15M163,45230725716.6 [Cert]
176YB8RXA2015YBSA LP 15M162,53430520624.9 [Cert]
177W9HV1998W9SA LP 15M162,426275214  
178PY2P2000PYSA LP 15M156,699260207PY2RIK 
179YC8UTI2016YBSA LP 15M153,72528521521.9 [Cert]
180PY5ZW2013PYSA LP 15M (T)151,98028420410.4 [Cert]
181JL3VUL2014JA3SA LP 15M151,86626123413.2 [Cert]
182HA7VK2010HASA LP 15M150,09626721215.5 [Cert]
183JI1ALP2016JA1SA LP 15M149,8562442249.9  
184DL4VAI2014DLSA LP 15M148,17629125218.3 [Cert]
185RU4SO2016UA-4SA LP 15M146,2803902769.1 [Cert]
186UW2L2015URSA LP 15M146,00431727614.8UT5LO 
187IK0EIE2008ISA LP 15M (T)145,65628823810.8 [Cert]
188RA0CHK2013RA0SA LP 15M145,42026422011.5 [Cert]
189XE2ST2014XESA LP 15M145,40630121812.9  
190VE5KS2013VE5SA LP 15M141,45429021417.0 [Cert]
1917L1FPU/11995JA1SA LP 15M141,040271215  
192PY4XX2013PYSA LP 15M (T)140,3902592027.8 [Cert]
193YB8UTI2017YBSA LP 15M135,40530917725.2 [Cert]
194HF6T2015SPSA LP 15M (R)133,86429623222.4 [Cert]
195N3ZA2016W3SA LP 15M131,63423520612.5 [Cert]
196VR2PX2009VRSA LP 15M131,44043621215.6 [Cert]
197ED7D2011EASA LP 15M131,41228323320.2EA7KJ[Cert]
198IZ0EYP/82009ISA LP 15M129,48228220221.8 [Cert]
199SE5S2011SMSA LP 15M (T)129,07825420210.2 [Cert]
200BG8GAM2015BYSA LP 15M128,98225222216.8 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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