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101N4NXW4SA HP ALL1,601,57289165825.5 [Cert]
102UA0SRRA0SA HP ALL (T)1,574,32190662320.0 [Cert]
103RA22ALUA2SA HP ALL1,481,8721,11670724.5RA1AGL[Cert]
104N3QEW3SA HP ALL (T)1,451,08489856226.0 [Cert]
105RM0FRA0SA HP ALL1,421,21291760416.0 [Cert]
106KA4SFDW4SA HP ALL (R)1,409,2821,11960230.0 [Cert]
107W4KWW4SA HP ALL1,404,74192054332.4 [Cert]
108DM5TIDLSA HP ALL (T)1,398,1251,06162519.0 [Cert]
109DL/SP3LPGDLSA HP ALL1,388,9261,11062229.0 [Cert]
110DK2ATDLSA HP ALL1,378,7911,07364123.5 [Cert]
111LY3BLYSA HP ALL1,368,1141,08362721.2 [Cert]
112LZ1QNLZSA HP ALL1,301,9201,11563220.6 [Cert]
113VR2XMTVRSA HP ALL1,289,4901,23353022.1 [Cert]
114NK3YW3SA HP ALL1,277,06884453333.2 [Cert]
115DL4LAMDLSA HP ALL (T)1,272,14584666519.1 [Cert]
116NB3RW3SA HP ALL (T)1,244,04387051924.8 [Cert]
117WP4SKKP4SA HP ALL1,220,19285254415.1  
118BD5FFKBYSA HP ALL (T)1,219,8101,02454732.5 [Cert]
119IZ8FWNISA HP ALL (T)1,188,0681,07360410.3 [Cert]
120DR800BIDLSA HP ALL1,174,34390162921.3DK1QH[Cert]
121HZ1TLHZSA HP ALL1,166,88078751020.3 [Cert]
122JF9JTSJA9SA HP ALL (T)1,127,49178849313.3 [Cert]
123YP5AYOSA HP ALL1,127,16091560613.6YO5AM[Cert]
124XE2CQXESA HP ALL1,125,48086049816.4 [Cert]
125RT80KEDRRA9SA HP ALL1,118,40095660024.1RU3DNN[Cert]
126EI8GXBEISA HP ALL1,113,94894663829.6 [Cert]
127DL7ONDLSA HP ALL1,102,80682862212.3 [Cert]
128N0FCD/9W9SA HP ALL (T)1,085,14877251619.4 [Cert]
129DK0RXDLSA HP ALL1,083,62498055434.7DL1GWS[Cert]
130N6QQW6SA HP ALL1,080,00070960015.8 [Cert]
131ND8LW8SA HP ALL1,041,76867454612.8 [Cert]
132N0KEW0SA HP ALL1,041,26479550428.8 [Cert]
133K5OA/6W6SA HP ALL1,036,56982650129.3 [Cert]
134W0JMW0SA HP ALL1,011,14275745121.2 [Cert]
135W1KQW1SA HP ALL1,005,28070448819.2  
136EA7JWEASA HP ALL999,01696660424.3 [Cert]
137RS80KEDRRA9SA HP ALL994,87399360733.3RG5A[Cert]
138LU5VVLUSA HP ALL977,91979040915.5 [Cert]
139W1MAW1SA HP ALL964,78269449416.7 [Cert]
140YO3APJYOSA HP ALL958,44778450914.6 [Cert]
141W4JAMW4SA HP ALL956,04471245714.3 [Cert]
142N2MUNW2SA HP ALL (T)949,80871646426.3 [Cert]
143ES5MGESSA HP ALL940,55584053932.7 [Cert]
144UA9YERA9SA HP ALL936,26962456319.4 [Cert]
145IK0XBXISA HP ALL936,02474951615.5 [Cert]
146EN0UURSA HP ALL923,7127745449.5UT5UDX[Cert]
147VE3ZZVE3SA HP ALL (T)923,50567643525.8 [Cert]
148WA2OAXW2SA HP ALL922,15265649912.3 [Cert]
149DB2BDLSA HP ALL906,15079752521.6DL8OBF[Cert]
150CT3HFCT3SA HP ALL876,6226834379.6 [Cert]
151IK4VETISA HP ALL855,20777750111.0  
152SM6BZVSMSA HP ALL845,85277947622.6 [Cert]
153DK6AHDLSA HP ALL845,25674449220.9 [Cert]
154W8GNMW8SA HP ALL (T)819,19867142624.5 [Cert]
155RU9CKRA9SA HP ALL810,4325823787.9RY9C[Cert]
156M5BFLGSA HP ALL799,27376443717.4 [Cert]
157S57DXS5SA HP ALL799,00070447010.2 [Cert]
158S53MMS5SA HP ALL757,1326664287.8 [Cert]
159N6ETOW6SA HP ALL749,37361443925.5 [Cert]
160R9AMRA9SA HP ALL749,21060338520.2 [Cert]
161PY5VCPYSA HP ALL747,84057848017.9 [Cert]
162OZ2PBSOZSA HP ALL745,80367647916.5 [Cert]
163KF7DXW7SA HP ALL732,06863446123.1 [Cert]
164K1FJ/8W8SA HP ALL (T)719,79354347724.4 [Cert]
165K5MVW5SA HP ALL (T)710,79069343012.8 [Cert]
166K7RB/5W5SA HP ALL (T)699,40866143221.4 [Cert]
167TC2CTASA HP ALL689,01052135721.2TA1HZ[Cert]
168K5GKCW5SA HP ALL684,20470344414.6 [Cert]
169AI4WUW4SA HP ALL676,99262138415.1  
170W2YE/4W4SA HP ALL672,91559139716.3 [Cert]
171UN7RLUNSA HP ALL672,07859337433.4 [Cert]
172LI3CLASA HP ALL (T)671,83089152913.5LA9DFA[Cert]
1739L1A9LSA HP ALL665,00163733314.0 [Cert]
174KV7DXW7SA HP ALL663,37967546112.0AA7V[Cert]
175KB0EOW0SA HP ALL662,8786074317.5 [Cert]
176RY22RZUA9SA HP ALL659,18654541812.8  
177ZP9MCEZPSA HP ALL654,1926193968.5 [Cert]
178KD3TBW3SA HP ALL651,65159040316.5 [Cert]
179W1MD/4W4SA HP ALL646,15249549414.6  
180WR5G/7W7SA HP ALL (T)642,12556446719.6 [Cert]
181AB2EW2SA HP ALL (T)633,97570139511.4 [Cert]
182YO2DFAYOSA HP ALL (T)633,82472646419.9 [Cert]
183WC3W/4W4SA HP ALL633,29057241522.0  
184RA22FFUA2SA HP ALL629,35671453216.3R7FF[Cert]
185GM8SBHGMSA HP ALL (T)613,48070249018.5GM0FGI[Cert]
186WR1TCW1SA HP ALL599,8725704126.2 [Cert]
187JH1EAQJA1SA HP ALL599,67852436715.8 [Cert]
188TA3IWTASA HP ALL585,75057537517.8 [Cert]
189WA1DRQW1SA HP ALL582,98156135723.0 [Cert]
190N6AR/4W4SA HP ALL577,1505303506.8 [Cert]
191VE7XFVE7SA HP ALL (T)576,18052138814.0 [Cert]
192NQ5KW5SA HP ALL567,0406044439.0W5ASP[Cert]
193DL5LYMDLSA HP ALL (T)557,27054541911.9 [Cert]
194NW0MW0SA HP ALL (T)551,75464740611.0 [Cert]
1953G3OCESA HP ALL (T)531,76054836821.8CE3OP[Cert]
196VA2WAVE2SA HP ALL529,4275323374.3 [Cert]
197KB1WW1SA HP ALL524,9655233719.9 [Cert]
198KJ4RAQW4SA HP ALL522,76749539123.2 [Cert]
199ED4AEASA HP ALL (T)503,93758242113.0EA4TV[Cert]
200DF2RGDLSA HP ALL501,29651038812.4 [Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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