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101HS0ZCWHSSO HP ALL1,600,3561,22857927.5 [Cert]
102WQ7XW7SO HP ALL1,596,5401,22361523.8 [Cert]
103WB2REM/4W4SO HP ALL1,544,4001,39862426.7 [Cert]
104W5WZW5SO HP ALL1,544,1301,49760221.6 [Cert]
105KM2OW2SO HP ALL1,496,82092957023.7 [Cert]
1064B1KKXESO HP ALL1,493,7011,17954113.1XE1KK[Cert]
107KH2JUKH2SO HP ALL (T)1,493,1631,16341124.5 [Cert]
108VO1KVTVEOSO HP ALL (T)1,490,01687954424.6 [Cert]
109ZS6BRZZSSO HP ALL1,475,7601,01352027.2 [Cert]
110NT2AW2SO HP ALL (T)1,461,83493562127.5 [Cert]
111VE3RZVE3SO HP ALL1,452,54081951614.2 [Cert]
112LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL1,447,8231,29465930.3 [Cert]
113YB4IRYBSO HP ALL1,419,91287848122.0 [Cert]
114JA7BMEJA7SO HP ALL1,404,83091249027.5 [Cert]
115EA4ETWEASO HP ALL (R)1,396,2001,08160028.5 [Cert]
116N3UMW3SO HP ALL (T)1,376,20484653824.7 [Cert]
117A71EMA7SO HP ALL1,364,57495146711.1 [Cert]
118I4AUMISO HP ALL1,338,58299560931.0 [Cert]
119WS7XW7SO HP ALL1,327,0881,48457430.3 [Cert]
120OE6MDFOESO HP ALL (T)1,324,20398157329.5 [Cert]
121JF2QNMJA2SO HP ALL1,321,17396346928.1 [Cert]
122UA0DCRA0SO HP ALL1,320,56499547429.4 [Cert]
123OQ7TONSO HP ALL1,286,8311,08655318.6 [Cert]
124EW8DDEUSO HP ALL1,283,6041,18058831.4 [Cert]
125M0WLFGSO HP ALL (T)1,263,02496053729.0 [Cert]
126AB4GGW4SO HP ALL1,257,3421,06957118.2 [Cert]
127DL9GWDDLSO HP ALL (T)1,212,15289155432.9 [Cert]
128F6DZUFSO HP ALL1,190,29894656621.7 [Cert]
129LY4CWLYSO HP ALL1,189,4381,05755434.8 [Cert]
130K5ERW5SO HP ALL1,179,4861,14450630.0 [Cert]
131F4DSKFSO HP ALL (T)1,171,24294955830.3 [Cert]
132SM6BGGSMSO HP ALL1,158,06694454632.8 [Cert]
133UW1GURSO HP ALL1,153,8661,11458126.6UY5HF[Cert]
134EW4MMEUSO HP ALL1,131,03297953229.0 [Cert]
135RA3DWUA-3SO HP ALL1,117,4701,09557934.7 [Cert]
136F5BBDFSO HP ALL1,098,69089853028.6 [Cert]
137W4KWW4SO HP ALL1,094,94082949529.8 [Cert]
138LY2TSLYSO HP ALL (T)1,069,20094054036.0 [Cert]
139WA6KHKW6SO HP ALL1,058,9041,01850435.7 [Cert]
140UZ0UURSO HP ALL1,039,80692554912.4UY5ZZ[Cert]
141AD5XDW5SO HP ALL1,023,3501,15148534.3 [Cert]
142RK3DHUA-3SO HP ALL1,003,52086356023.7 [Cert]
143K2BQ/4W4SO HP ALL998,84478448325.9 [Cert]
144SP80MVGSPSO HP ALL992,50598752126.7SP1MVG[Cert]
145EX8MATEXSO HP ALL991,85971540734.2 [Cert]
146DF9OODLSO HP ALL942,90083152533.1 [Cert]
147EW8DXEUSO HP ALL922,3081,03750931.8 [Cert]
148UW8SMURSO HP ALL (T)917,18884049121.3 [Cert]
149NK5OW5SO HP ALL (T)879,9801,00746029.6 [Cert]
150WN8RW8SO HP ALL879,11282542829.1 [Cert]
151SV1JGXSVSO HP ALL867,6801,01554436.0 [Cert]
152JM1UTTJA1SO HP ALL (T)846,94574043519.1 [Cert]
153SV2GJVSVSO HP ALL829,19279947616.3 [Cert]
154K7EDXW7SO HP ALL816,04088246024.6 [Cert]
155RU1ABUA-1SO HP ALL810,76272748933.7 [Cert]
156W1BYHW1SO HP ALL (T)794,31369040323.8 [Cert]
157JF1SEKJA1SO HP ALL790,48272840621.2 [Cert]
1583Z80PZKSPSO HP ALL786,69574245516.7SP4Z[Cert]
159K8FLW8SO HP ALL763,55264442824.7 [Cert]
160WK1Q/2W2SO HP ALL763,00065243612.9K2WR @WB2ZKX[Cert]
161KV7DXW7SO HP ALL (T)757,8091,10845915.7KN5H[Cert]
162YO4DWYOSO HP ALL755,72576747524.9 [Cert]
163EW4AAEUSO HP ALL (T)748,96069849622.8 [Cert]
164LA9TJALASO HP ALL723,66781146922.0 [Cert]
165RW0UMRA0SO HP ALL721,19084341026.4 [Cert]
166UT6EEURSO HP ALL717,99170843735.7 [Cert]
167NB7VW7SO HP ALL706,23694545824.2 [Cert]
168N1BCLW1SO HP ALL (T)698,40063240025.0 [Cert]
169JA7COIJA7SO HP ALL (T)695,97665737623.5 [Cert]
170WA7LTW7SO HP ALL693,53289743414.6 [Cert]
171VE3TAVE3SO HP ALL686,4485203788.0 [Cert]
172UA9TFRA9SO HP ALL680,02862936610.4 [Cert]
173K8KYW8SO HP ALL (T)666,00067940024.1 [Cert]
174DM5JBNDLSO HP ALL665,45773345322.8 [Cert]
175K5LADW5SO HP ALL663,98465642431.4 [Cert]
176RN3ZCUA-3SO HP ALL653,79074946514.2 [Cert]
177NC6X/7W7SO HP ALL (T)644,24567239519.1 [Cert]
178US3IZURSO HP ALL642,18069242026.0 [Cert]
179AL1GKLSO HP ALL641,13084835515.0 [Cert]
180NR7DXW7SO HP ALL637,82475545313.1K7ABV [Cert]
181YL3DRYLSO HP ALL637,55166345930.8 [Cert]
182VA7IRVE7SO HP ALL (T)630,76376735928.4 [Cert]
183K1ARW1SO HP ALL626,8685983969.5 [Cert]
184JR8OXTJA8SO HP ALL626,47056439517.2 [Cert]
185IK8SEUISO HP ALL619,93074347021.4 [Cert]
186SP8HXNSPSO HP ALL608,18860340626.1 [Cert]
187JA8ECSJA8SO HP ALL605,36456936625.9 [Cert]
188TF8GXTFSO HP ALL (T)601,86987445717.8 [Cert]
189VO2NSVEOSO HP ALL597,37058441011.3 [Cert]
190K1DGW1SO HP ALL596,7125273765.4 [Cert]
191OZ5EVOZSO HP ALL594,86457545933.6 [Cert]
192VK3IOVKSO HP ALL589,35646130629.6 [Cert]
193KW3AW3SO HP ALL (T)585,32772539131.8 [Cert]
194W9OPW9SO HP ALL567,34257738723.7 [Cert]
195RA0AARA0SO HP ALL565,6166183689.2 [Cert]
196KG9GW9SO HP ALL560,79073940221.4NP2I[Cert]
197IK4DCXISO HP ALL560,44158041313.8 [Cert]
198VA6UKVE6SO HP ALL560,05857234716.3 [Cert]
1999M2NNM9M2SO HP ALL556,00667539823.4 [Cert]
200SE6YSMSO HP ALL547,87267441626.5SM6DED[Cert]

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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